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Frag to Colony

yell tort 1024x680 Frag to Colony
Growing a coral from a seed fragment to a colony brings a sense of achievement.  Instant gratification does not provide the same sense of accomplishment, however I see many new aquarists go this route.  A captive grown animal that has realized all of its growth and mass in ones care lends to this feeling of achievement.  A colony from the wild can be placed in the system without these factors involved, but the joy of growing a coral from seed fragments will not be known.  This coral was grown from a small fragment over several years and the rewards are many.  The color and resilience of this specimen are quite evident but the pride in growing it can be hard to visualize and explain.  This coral is believed to be an Acropora florida  and is commonly named Yellow Tort.

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Reef Threads Podcast #176

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #176

We return from the big Jubilee podcast to talk about the reef-aquarium hobby once again. This week’s subjects include the Marine Breeders Institute workshop, ich and aiptasia, euthanizing and disposing of fish, light-dark cycles, and stupid mistakes. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary Reef Threads Podcast #176

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Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC Seawater Refractometer

IMG 6336 300x200 Review: Red Sea REEF SPEC Seawater RefractometerWhen it comes to measuring Salinity, refractometers are one of the most accurate tools available to reefkeepers. Thankfully, they are also relatively inexpensive and straightforward to use. What many hobbyists may not be aware of though is that not all refractometers are created equal, indeed, some are actually calibrated to measure a saltwater ‘brine’ solution rather than true seawater. Although still useable, this can mean that the reading obtained from such units can be slightly misleading to the unsuspecting hobbyist. To-date, refractometers calibrated for true seawater have been few and far between but a new option has recently become available from Red Sea. More: Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC Seawater Refractometer

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6 Ways to Prevent Photoshock in Aquarium Corals

photoshock coral 300x169 6 Ways to Prevent Photoshock in Aquarium CoralsMany of the corals and other sessile invertebrates we keep in reef aquariums are considered “photosynthetic,” meaning much of their nutrition is produced by photosynthetic algae (zooxanthellae) residing in their tissues. Thus, there is a direct link between the type and intensity of a reef aquarium’s lighting and the health—or even survival—of the corals and other invertebrates it contains. However, it’s very important to understand that corals acclimated to a certain level of lighting can be severely stressed if they’re suddenly exposed to higher-intensity lighting. This commonly happens when: A specimen kept under subpar (no pun intended) lighting during shipping or in a dealer’s tank is newly introduced to a brightly lit aquarium. The reef system’s lighting has just been upgraded, for example from fluorescents to metal halides or LEDs. The hobbyist waits too long to replace aging bulbs or tubes. Dissolved organic compounds that cause yellowing of the water are suddenly removed (e.g., via chemical filtration with activated carbon). So how can you avoid photoshocking your invertebrates? Here are six ways: 1) Research your inverts’ lighting requirements Photosynthetic invertebrates vary widely with respect to their lighting needs More: 6 Ways to Prevent Photoshock in Aquarium Corals

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Swarming Mysids

Scoop Swarming Mysids

A bucket of saltwater mysids, Neomysis americana

 Springtime in New York brings the return of migratory birds and fishes, hibernating reptiles and amphibians, and if you know where to look, massive swarms of the mysid shrimp, Neomysis americana.  These mysids provide great opportunities for hungry marine life and thrifty aquarists. MORE

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Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium Industry

We all love a good joke right? Especially in the case of a $30,000 fish being offered for $20 plus shipping?! And Electric Pink Frogspawns for $8 million dollars?! Here are just a couple of the antics you might have fell for on this years April Fools: Screen shot 2014 04 01 at 4.47.42 PM1 Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium Industryphoto 1 Aprils Fools Antics in the Aquarium Industry

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Fish Tank Kings New Season Premieres April 28

  FTK Fish Tank Kings New Season Premieres April 28NAT GEO WILD’S FISH TANK KINGS PLUNGE INTO UNCHARTERED WATERS FOR AN ALL-NEW SEASON OF MIND-BLOWING AQUARIUMS  The wait is over! The highly anticipated new episodes of Fish Tank Kings begin airing on  Monday, April, 28 at 9pm ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD. Having spent months filming the new episodes, I can say that the wait will be worth it. Bigger tanks, cooler builds and awesome animals!

FTKd Fish Tank Kings New Season Premieres April 28Click to play video

Fish Tank Kings Premieres Monday, April 28, at 9 PM ET/PT on Nat Geo WILDVia Press Release (WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 1, 2014) The dynamic “school” of aquarium specialists at Living Color in southern Florida are experts at fulfilling the wild aquatic requests of their fish-loving clientele. Last season they made a “splash” transforming a Volkswagen Minibus into an aquarium and building a fireplace around a fish tank. This spring, Nat Geo WILD “hooks up” once again with the Fish Tank Kings for an all-new season of custom-built tanks that seem to defy imagination. The new season of Fish Tank Kings premieres Monday, April 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD. Each episode follows the dedicated team as they work to create some of the most impressive fish tanks ever developed: Mat Roy is the president and is responsible for overseeing all projects and running operations at Living Color. MORE

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Largest Aquarium On Earth Opens In China

article 2594168 1CBD76E000000578 850 964x641 Largest Aquarium On Earth Opens In China

The world’s largest underwater viewing dome


Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, a new aquatic theme park in China that opened last week, is breaking Guinness records left and right. The park is part of the Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel, which is touted to be the “largest ocean ecological-themed hotel” in China. MORE

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