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ORA’s Beautiful Posters

oracoralposter - reefsOceans Reefs and Aquariums (ORA), located in Fort Pierce, FL, is a well-respected and well-known company; it’s considered by many to be an industry leader in the sale of marine fish and invertebrates, as well as aquacultured coral. For the average consumer, buying and maintaining a full collection of their offerings would be an overwhelming investment, both in terms of money and in time and dedication to keep everything happy and thriving. Thankfully, the company has come up with a way to enjoy a gorgeous selection of their animals that requires no long-term care commitments, huge investments, or aquarium upgrades. Now any aquarist, from newbie to seasoned veteran, can enjoy the beauty of the company’s full line of coral and captive-bred clownfish with their newly released posters. These full-color, 18×24” poster are available for just $9.95; they make a perfect gift for the reefer in your life (or for your own, discerning self), without the need for an exhaustive investigation into aquarium inhabitants, aquarium size, and equipment. They provide a splash of color and life to any interior decorating scheme, and can be easily mounted or framed. MORE

Microsoft Co-Founder’s Yacht Destroys Coral Reefs In Cayman Islands

Screen-Shot-2016-01-28-at-1.55.37-PMThe mega-yacht owned by Microsoft’s co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen, has destroyed nearly 14,000 square feet of coral reefs in the Cayman Islands said officials there. The heavy anchor chain of the 300 foot mega yacht named ‘MV Tatoosh’  has been identified as causing the devastating damage in the West Bay replenishment zone. The Department of Environment performed a survey of the area using local divers and ascertained that nearly 80 percent of the coral in the affected areas was damaged. The findings of the Department of Environment are expected to be published next week. Officials say the billionaire’s yacht was anchored near the Doc Poulson wreck and The Knife dive site. MORE

Evolution & Diversity of Mirolabrichthys Basslets: Part 5

The Immaculate Clade: smithvanizi, parvirostris, unimarginatus, bimarginatus & cf bimarginatus “Africa”parvirostris map This clade can be recognized by the thick lavender margins of the caudal fin and the usual presence of a thin red stripe along the base of the dorsal fin. Four of the five species are allopatrically distributed. The West Pacific P. parvirostris is a somewhat common aquarium export, as is its sister species in the Maldives and Andaman Sea, P. bimarginatus. These two are best told apart by the coloration of the caudal fin, which is centrally yellow in parvirostris, though this can be somewhat variable. MORE

Corals and Sunscreens

RCA_3010 Every reefkeeper knows to wash their hands before placing them into their tank. It’s widely accepted that our hands and arms can collect a range of household chemicals, cosmetics, and general gunk that in the relatively caustic aquarium water can be quickly washed off and potentially cause problems for sensitive corals.  MORE

Three Spotted Drums

Good morning all, so what’s better than finding one Spotted Drum?? That’s right, finding two, and what’s better than finding two Spotted Drums, the answer would be finding THREE!!! Some of my underwater photo friends out there know not only how cool it is to find these fish in numbers but to have the chance to get them all in one photo, it just plain doesn’t happen every day!! These are for sure some of the coolest fish in the sea and for sure the most graceful and gentle. These odd shaped fish are normally found by themselves and tend to pick an area of the reef and stay there for an extended amount of time, they don’t seem to move around much. These cool fish are  frequently observed during the day under ledges or near the opening of small caves, at depths between 3 and 30 meters (98 ft), where it swims in repetitive patterns. A nocturnal feeder, it leaves the protection of its daily shelter at night to feed mainly on small crustaceans and Polychaete worms. MORE

Incredible Tank With Hidden DSB

2015_10 acquario marino crystal reef petsfestival 04-2 Today we would like show you a very interesting marine aquarium; it is a very well made cabinet-tank system with a special feature: the hidden deep sand bed (DSB) beneath it. This system was designed and built by Italian company Crystal Reef, and we first saw it during the annual PetsFestival fair, held at the Piacenza Expo.  MORE

Know the policy.

packed-corals-smlOne of my goals when writing about the aquarium hobby, is to help people become educated consumers. The world of retail (retail on anything, not just aquarium livestock) is often designed to encourage people to make fast decisions, build-up excitement and enact a knee-jerk buyer reaction. Reef aquariums often don’t react well to knee jerk reactions, impulse purchases or quickly made decisions. When setting out to get new livestock, it’s best to be methodical, smart and skeptical. It’s also important to understand the guarantee policy the livestock you buy is covered under. MORE

Evolution & Diversity of Mirolabrichthys Basslets: Part 4

The Red-banded Clade: lori, flavoguttatus, privitera, aurulentus & cf aurulentus “Coral Sea”
miro tree2The last clades to discuss are best recognized by lacking the stripe running posteroventrally from the eye, a character otherwise seen in most (all?) other Pseudanthias. Also unique are the purple markings on the yellow iris of the eye. Additionally, these species show some consistency to their patterning which allows us to designate them into two sister lineages. This unusual red striping and barring is not seen anywhere else in the genus, but there are enough similarities with P. ventralis and P. fucinus to suggest with confidence that the two form a single lineage. In the CO1 phylogeny used in this review, these two often (but inconsistently) formed a pair basal to their remaining congeners, indicating this is a highly divergent group of fishes which is likely in need of its own generic distinction.MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.