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Georgia Aquarium Welcomes Baby Beluga Whale On Mothers Day!

beluga Georgia Aquarium resident Beluga Whale, Maris, gave birth early Sunday morning to a female calf. What a special Mothers Day for the Aquarium! The calf was born coming in at almost 60 inches long and 126 pounds and successfully swam to the surface to take her first breath of air. The Georgia Aquarium has temporarily closed the Beluga Exhibit to allow mom and baby some private time to bond and to ensure that all of their needs are properly met. Both mom and baby will receive 24 hour monitoring and care in this crucial period after birth. MORE

The war on fish

GEARNETVesselPhoto05-21002Not long ago I spoke about filmmaker Rob Stewart’s newly released documentary Revolution and how important this film was. After reading a New York Times editorial, When Humans Declared a War on Fish, I was happy to see that Boris Worm, a marine biology and conservation professor at Dalhouise University co-authored the piece. Worm is featured in both Stewart’s films, (Sharkwater and Revolution) as a consultant on oceanic biology and ecology. After reading the article, I had to ask, is there really a war on fish and are aquarists contributing to it.  MORE

Dietary Supplements May Save Coral Reefs

Everyone love’s the idea of a perfect diet. There are so many diet trends and vitamin supplements on the market right now. It is a huge and booming industry, one that I don’t think is going anywhere anytime soon. The low-carb diet, the low-fat diet, the zone diet, the paleo diet, the vegan diet, the juice diet, etc etc. They all tout certain benefits and rewards. If the desire and the ability is there, it is very easy to eat or live a certain way, to get precisely the right nutrient balance that may be needed to achieve the ideal health. Additionally, there are plenty of nutrient supplements available at our disposal. One can walk through any pharmacy or grocery store or vitamin shop and get whatever essential nutrients that your body may not be getting through actual caloric nutrients. On the other hand, our coral reefs, are literally starving to death. Between the stress of global warming, coral bleaching, dredging and over fishing, our corals are under attack from many different elements. MORE

CMAS Frag Swap 2015

I take a trip to the CMAS, Chicago Marine Aquarium Society Frag Swap. There were a lot of vendors and plenty of people to meet. Marc Levenson was the guest speaker and it was overall a very cool event. MORE

Friday Rewind

For today’s Friday Rewind, we take a look back at the demonstration video for the CRM-2000 Coral Fragging Robot. These handy dandy robots make propagating Goniopora stutchburyi a breeze!   

Insane Hyper Yellow Hammer

reefs.comCherryHammerIt’s no secret among my reefing peers that I’m a Euphyllia nut. I just love them. The variety of colors, the movement, fairly quick growth… what’s not to love! So yesterday when I stopped by Cherry Corals it was no surprise that they led me straight to check out this stunning yellow wall hammer (Euphyllia ancora). My jaw dropped, my hands started to shake and drool was dosed into the raceway. While it’s not likely to entice all collectors, this piece is certainly unique.    MORE

Help Support The Texas State Aquarium ‘Recovery Fund’

TSARecoveryFundLogoThe Texas Aquarium has launched a Recovery Fund, to help replenish the fish which were lost through the recent chemical mislabeling disaster.  As most of you are aware, since I have followed this sad story since it occurred, a mislabeling error of a chemical, which was thought to be a commonly used drug for the treatment of a pesky parasite, led to the massive fish deaths. As of April 14, the count for the total fish lost at the aquarium was 389. This was a devastating loss, which included male tiger sharks and multiple species of fish. The recovery fund was created due to the outcry of supporters trying to help the Aquarium. Now you too can help support the Texas Aquarium by clicking here. MORE

The end of the Thomas Brown mercury disclosure

article-2279059-17997DA7000005DC-879_634x639It would seem as the great Thomas Brown mercury disclosure chapter, sub-chapter, anecdotal quote, foot-note, has come to a close. Larry DuPont, owner of Reef Frenzy foods submitted several different frozen foods, including his own, to an accredited lab for testing. For those out there that believe science doesn’t provide accurate predictions, this is one case where they would be mystified. Richard Ross, biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium along with many others, were very skeptical of the results Thomas Brown reported, which were 22,000 times in excess of the FDA’s safe mercury consumption limit. It was journalist Ret Talbot that took severe suspicion, especially after being forwarded Brown’s report. Before Larry DuPont’s test results came back, Ret had essentially debunked the claim.  MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.