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Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): Nuisance Algae Control Method Kills Corals?

Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): 3 days of darkness will harm your corals The rest of the story: 3 days of darkness is a method used to control nuisance algae. The idea behind it is simple: without light, algae dies. Also simple is how you perform 3 days of darkness: just turn your lights off for 3 days. Once you turn the lights back on, you’ll be amazed to find that your corals are perfectly fine! Think about it: out on the reefs in the ocean is it a perfectly sunny day 365 days a year? No. There are plenty of MORE: Terrible Advice Tuesdays (T.A.Tues): Nuisance Algae Control Method Kills Corals?

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Rare Yellow Lobster Saved From Being Dinner

 Thanks to some caring and concerned individuals, and the wonders of social media, a rare lobster has been saved from a Florida Publix Supermarket tank. The lobster was in fact a yellow lobster. Yellow lobsters are very rare, about every one in 30 million lobsters is yellow. The woman responsible for this is Marybeth Jeitner, a Palm Coast Florida resident who named the lobster ‘Libby’, short for liberation, and bought and brought Libby home with hopes of finding her a stable home. After many attempts by Jeitner to secure a new home, Libby will now live at the Seacoast Science Center in Rhode Island. However, no matter what color her carpace, I bet you it tastes just as good with butter and lemon.  MORE

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Aquatic Terrorist?

 We are all passionate about the aquarium hobby. Sadly, misinformed groups are placing undue pressure on it. A Hawaiian fish collector, who was involved in the underwater brawl, was just charged with a misdemeanor charge from the incident. Specifically, the collector was charged with terrorist threatening for pulling an air regulator out of an anti-aquarium activists mouth. Hawaii is at the center of the fight between activists and fish collectors, and this shows how heated and violent the debate has become. MORE

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Ha! Now This is My Kind of Prank!

 What do you get when you combine a fake shark, some blood, ice, a fish market and some unsuspecting patrons? Hilariousness, that’s what. This had me laughing so damn hard! I’d love to get fooled by the adorable little bloody mess, enjoy!

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Reef Threads Podcast #192

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #192

Maybe this was the butterfly Gary “imported” from Hawaii.This is the podcast in which we play 20 questions, but actually only get to seven before we run out of time. It doesn’t matter because we uncovered some fun memories along the way. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary More: Reef Threads Podcast #192

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5 Reasons to Understock Your Marine Aquarium

understock aquarium1 5 Reasons to Understock Your Marine AquariumOver the many years I’ve kept marine aquariums, guests in my home have more than occasionally noted the relatively low number of specimens, particularly fish, in my tanks. You could say it’s been a hallmark of my fishkeeping career to understock my aquariums, sometimes to the point that they look rather sparse. But there’s a method to the madness of my modest stocking levels. Here are five benefits that I derive from stocking sparingly—and you can too: 1) Fewer compatibility issues While I’ve seen my share of piscine pugilism, most of my aquariums have been fairly tranquil. This is due in part to careful specimen selection and introducing species in the proper order (least aggressive to most aggressive), but I’m convinced that giving the fish plenty of elbow (fin?) room so they can stay out of each other’s business has played a big role in promoting the peace as well. 2) Decreased demand on filtration In a lightly stocked aquarium, the biofilter (if well established), protein skimmer, and any chemical filtrants used can easily keep pace with the nitrogenous wastes and dissolved organic compounds, providing a good margin of error against ammonia spikes and other water-quality issues. 3) Reduced maintenance Having a lower level of dissolved pollutants translates into slower algal growth, slower accumulation of nitrate, etc. As a result, it generally takes less “elbow grease” to keep a lightly stocked aquarium in good health and looking its best More: 5 Reasons to Understock Your Marine Aquarium

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Profiling A Reef Junkie

Remodeling a house for a tank, drilling holes through walls…all normal behavior for a reef junkie. This behavior may seem odd to non-aquarists, but to reef junkies, they wouldn’t have it any other way. My friend Mike fits the reef junkie description perfectly and here’s how he lives the reef junkie life. 
MORE: Profiling A Reef Junkie

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The Pantsdropper Mushroom Coral is an Astounding Discosoma

5d5cPantsdropper Mushroom Coral The Pantsdropper Mushroom Coral is an Astounding Discosoma
We have been saying this over and over again, but our point keeps getting proven. Mushroom corals are really coming into their own, and with corals like this Pantsdropper Discosoma from Legendary Corals, it’s hard to focus on other coral types. The ‘shrooms are showing up in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and we’ve grown quite fond of the latest the hobby has to offer. The Pantsdropper, which was shared by Legendary on their Reef2Reef page, was hilariously named because its colors are enough to knock your trousers right off. This approach was taken because apparently when the Jawbreaker mushrooms were first gazed upon, the person’s jaw fell right to the floor. For the Pantsdropper, the situation goes like this…”our pants dropped after changing them when we first laid on this phenomenal shroom.” The colors are astounding to say the least, and any mushroom collector would be in heaven if their got their hands on one. Speaking of that, there will only be one of the PD mushrooms available, but Legendary Corals hasn’t put a price tag on it. Instead, they are fielding offers, accepting the highest one after one week’s time. This approach hasn’t sat well with many Reef2Reefers, but that’s just how the market works MORE: The Pantsdropper Mushroom Coral is an Astounding Discosoma

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