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Now Just Imagine That Camera as Your Head…

 PM me if I owe you a new pair of pants.This video shows a Great White attacking a REMUS (Remote Environmental Monitoring Units) SharkCam after, I’m assuming, he got sick of having his picture taken. Terrifying footage captures the sharks lurking below and ambushing their torpedo-shaped prey, fully equipped with six GoPro Cameras. Researchers target Basking Sharks near Cape Cod as well as Great Whites off the coast of Mexico. I don’t know, I can’t really blame them – I get that way when I don’t feel like having a camera in my face, too. More here.

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Fossil Corals, Fossil Star Corals, Coral Fossils

6c96Fossil Corals 457x305 Fossil Corals, Fossil Star Corals, Coral Fossils
Good morning friends, we are getting ready to take the submersible out to the reef and should be underway at around 11:00. For those of you asking, YES our live underwater camera is broken and I have no idea when we will be back online. A few months ago we had such rough seas that the floating platform smashed the cables that run the unit and we still have not gotten it fixed.  Ever since we have been in Curacao we have been collecting these small fossil corals that are thousands of years old. They range in size from a half inch to an inch and can be easily found on just about any beach in Curacao. These particular ones you see here are mostly baby star corals MORE

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Picture of the Week, Pakistan Butterflyfish

ebf3Pakistan Butterflyfish Picture of the Week, Pakistan Butterflyfish
Gracing the AquaNerd Picture of the Week this time around is the beautiful, yet not so reef friendly, Pakistan butterflyfish (Chaetodon collare). While we don’t have any personal experience with this fish, we have crossed its path several times at public aquariums all over the globe. It is a beautiful fish, no doubt, but its diet of SPS polyps and notoriously finicky nature make it a surprising choice for most public exhibits. In all of the displays we’ve seen the fish, none were in Acropora-ridden tanks, which means the caretakers must be providing them with superb attention and the perfect diet. The butterfly is known for its dark body that is highlighted with lighter colored scales. It’s boldly colored red tail and stand out sharply against the darker background, as does the fish’s vertical white stripes on its face. MORE: Picture of the Week, Pakistan Butterflyfish

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Jellyfish and Octopus Murals Spotted in Tunisia.

Screen Shot 2014 08 01 at 1.53.25 PM Jellyfish and Octopus Murals Spotted in Tunisia.Colossal never seems to fail at offering me a healthy dose of “Reefs in Art” (recall those incredible “Changing Seas” displays at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY?) and today was no different. Check out these insanely cool murals in Djerba, Tunisia by Dutch street artist ROA, who took advantage of the buildings’ domed architecture in the best way possible! While not all are ocean-themed, they’re all pretty damn stunning. I’d love to be able to see these in person, I get the feeling these photos don’t quite do the murals justice. More of his work can be seen at Djerbahood. Screen Shot 2014 08 01 at 1.53.29 PM Jellyfish and Octopus Murals Spotted in Tunisia.

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New WiFi Capable Dosing Pump on the Way from GHL

59b1ghlsadosing lg New WiFi Capable Dosing Pump on the Way from GHL
GHL has a nifty new dower hitting the market next month, and while we don’t know all of the juicy details, we do know that it will feature some very useful wireless communication features that could lead to some serious mobile friendly aquarium supplementation. The new GHL Doser 2 will use WiFi technology, which will allow for options like cloud based controls and compatibility with smartphones and apps. In addition to the WiFi, the new dower will also have ports for connecting magnetic stirrers that will help mix up supplements before they’re added to the tank, as well as a port for connecting the new GHL Control Pad. Rounding out the feature list, the doser will have 24v stepper motors, the ability to measure temperatures and respond with an alarm when they’re out of range, auto top-off and auto water change modes with a pair of water level sensors, and expandability up to 16 pumps with slave units. More details are said to be available next week, along with pricing for North America. That said, prices for Europe are as follows: GHL Doser 2 unit with: -2 pumps: 285 € + tax -3 pumps: 336 € + tax -4 pumps: 386 € + tax Preorders will start later this month and the units will land the last week of September. Please note that the dosing pump pictured above is the previous model of the GHL Doser. MORE: New WiFi Capable Dosing Pump on the Way from GHL

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Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never Anticipated

harmful algal bloom1 Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never AnticipatedIf you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have heard about the massive Microcystis algae outbreak that is currently affecting the western basin of Lake Erie and, from this past Friday until around 9:30 this morning, rendered the tap water in Toledo, Ohio and many surrounding communities unsafe to drink. Toledo just happens to be home to yours truly, and “Caribbean Chris” just happens to live in one of those surrounding communities. My wife and I first learned of this most unusual water emergency at the tail end of our vacation in Florida. Our teenage son and daughter, who are now way too old and cool to travel with Mom and Dad, broke the news via text message. My first thought was, “Thank heaven we’ve stockpiled plenty of clean drinking water that the kids can use (I guess you could say we’re preppers of a sort—though not the wild-eyed, catapult-building, planning-for-Armageddon type). My second thought was, “Hmm, I wonder what this means for my aquariums.” The same question occurred to Chris. So many questions, so few answers Is microcystin (the toxin produced by Microcystis) harmful to marine fish and/or invertebrates? More: Marine Aquarium Contingencies I Never Anticipated

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The Biorock Project of Pemuteran: A Hauntingly Beautiful Reef Restoration Project

Screen Shot 2014 08 01 at 2.43.44 PM 201x300 The Biorock Project of Pemuteran: A Hauntingly Beautiful Reef Restoration ProjectOn my search for a new and improved “Octopus Bicycle“, I happened upon this wonderful Award Winning Reef Restoration Project in Indonesia. Many factors such as pollution, cyanide fishing, and coastal erosion have contributed to the deterioration of modern day Indonesian reefs and surrounding Indo-Pacific countries over the past twenty years. Enter the Biorock Project – the brainchild of two scientists who discovered “Electrical Mineral Accretion”, a technology that uses low-voltage currents in seawater that causes MORE

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Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For

85f8Mini Scoly Collage Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For
Recently, Exotic Reef Creations shared a nice batch of fresh Aussie Mini Scolys over on their Reef2Reef page, and for us it served as a beautiful reminder about just how cute these little corals are. About the size of a quarter, the mini Scolymia is packed full of colors that are right on par with their larger cousins. But the fact that they’re essentially miniatures means there is so my more appeal. Seriously, outside of the current trends in smartphones, everyone loves making normal things smaller. The Mini Scolys are priced at $90 a pop, which is pretty much their normal going rate for colors and quality such as this. The tiny corals, like the larger Scolymia, benefit from regular feeding, which is always fun to watch since they extend their feeding tentacles and gobble up all they can within reach. Pictured below is our very own mini scoly, which we picked up months ago at the local Reef Currents event MORE: Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For

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