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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: Don’t Assume This Part Of Your Tank Is Consistent

I’ve said that saltwater tanks don’t like variability and here’s one place you need to check for consistency  MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: Don’t Assume This Part Of Your Tank Is Consistent

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MACNA Speaker Schedule Posted

MACNA 2014 logo 500x310 MACNA Speaker Schedule Posted
Fresh off the press from the MACNA BOD, the hits keep coming.  This update relates to the incredible lineup that Jake Adams has put together for our reefing pleasure this Fall in Denver.  Obviously we know about the featured speakers such as Martin Moe, Luiz Rocha, Julian Spring, Sanjay Joshi, and a slew of other rock stars, but the new schedule lists our friends at Reefgen Laura Birenbaum and Justin Credable, monkey-boy Rich Ross, Rufus Kimura, and Kevin Kohen, just to name a few.  Check out the whole schedule HERE and start planning your weekend.

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Grumpy Seahorses Growl When Goaded

giantbrazilian 300x225 Grumpy Seahorses Growl When GoadedAlthough they usually exude peacefulness and elegance, research recently published in the Journal of Zoology has revealed that Seahorses possess a distinctly more assertive side to their character, and can even emit a deep and angry ‘growl’ in certain situations.  Examining the acoustic behaviour of Hippocampus reidi (Long-snouted seahorses), the researchers used a specially sound-proofed aquarium, equipped with a hydrophone and video camera, to document the clicking sounds that the seahorses make during reproductive behaviour and when feeding. They were also surprised to discover however, the previously un-described growling noises which were made when the seahorses were under stress, such as when they were being handled. Interestingly, the relatively low frequency growl was also accompanied by a vibration of the seahorse’s body and it is thought that the reaction may be an escape mechanism produced to startle predators. More: Grumpy Seahorses Growl When Goaded

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5 Ways Hobbyists Misuse Grazing Marine Snails

astrea snail 300x169 5 Ways Hobbyists Misuse Grazing Marine SnailsOf all the fascinating invertebrates available to marine aquarists, grazing snails are perhaps the most misused. Too often we treat them like expendable little lawnmowers, plopping them in our tanks with the express purpose of preventing or eradicating algae and then replenishing them as their populations inevitably wane. But if treated properly, snails can be long-lived tank denizens that not only perform a useful purpose but also provide interest in their own right. So what do I mean by “misusing marine snails”? Here are some of the more common improper practices when stocking grazing gastropods: 1) Stocking in excessive numbers I implore you to ignore any advice along the lines of “To control algae X, add Y number of snails per every Z gallons of aquarium volume.” There is no correlation between the volume of water an aquarium can hold and the number of grazing snails the system can support long term. It all comes down to food supply. Simply put, the system must contain adequate, ongoing growths of the appropriate algae to sustain the type/number of snails you introduce. Otherwise, your grazing gastropods will quickly eat themselves out of house and home and begin starve to death. It’s always best to start with just a few specimens, observe how they perform when it comes to keeping algae in check, and then add more only if necessary. 2) Stocking cold-water species in tropical tanks Some marine snails sold to unwitting hobbyists for the purpose of algae control—often as part of a “cleanup crew”—are actually from temperate waters and won’t survive long in tropical aquariums More: 5 Ways Hobbyists Misuse Grazing Marine Snails

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New Project Aims to Value Coral Reef’s ‘Natural Blue Capitol’

download New Project Aims to Value Coral Reefs Natural Blue CapitolThe governments of the Philippines and Australia collectively have launched a new project, The Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES), that aims to quantify the market value of the Country’s coral reef and mangroves, also known as ‘natural blue capital’. The study will be research based, focused on the effects of services provided by healthy coral reef and mangrove ecosystems. The director of the Biodiversity Management Bureau, Theresa Mundita Lim, said “The project will help us convince stakeholders that the environment is a good investment as it benefits the communities,” Lim said. The project will start in the El Nido region of the Philippines, a protected area which covers over 140 square miles. Hopefully this project will be succesful in leading the way for sustainable enterprises that can lesson climate change effects and protect our reefs. MORE

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Innovative Marine to Offer Mesh Screen Lids for NUVO Nano Aquariums

fa63NUVO Nano Mesh Screen Lids Innovative Marine to Offer Mesh Screen Lids for NUVO Nano Aquariums
When Innovative Marine launched their NUVO Shallow Reef and Fusion series aquariums, they thought out the designs through eyes of aquarium keepers, adding specific accessories that would yield massive benefits. One of these features was the mesh screen that covered the tops of these aquariums, keeping jumpy fish from doing a little carpet surfing. While this screen comes stock with the two higher end systems, IM has decided to release a line of screens to fit many of their popular NUVO Nano aquariums. This upgrade consists of a lightweight mesh screen with a durable powder coated aluminum frame and will fit nicely over the NUVO Nano16, Micro30, and Mini38 aquariums. There are no tools required for the install, and since the screen comes preassembled, all you have to do is tear open the box and set it on your tank, simple as that. Here is a full model breakdown, which includes dimensions and suggested retail prices. -16 Gallon Screen Dims: 22.85” x 8” x 0.35” ($40 MSRP) -30 Gallon Screen Dims: 19” x 13.25” x 0.35” ($50 MSRP) -38 Gallon Screen Dims: 22.75” x 13.25” x 0.35” ($60 MSRP) MORE: Innovative Marine to Offer Mesh Screen Lids for NUVO Nano Aquariums

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Seahorses for all

Seahorse aquarium 300x234 Seahorses for allWhat was once the domain of public aquarists only is now widely available for all hobbyists.  Captive-bred seahorses and systems designed specifically for keeping and breeding seahorses will now be available form Reef Eden as from August. The SYNGNA system employs a Tunze circulation pump and baffles to convert high velocity water flow into a smooth mass volume water motion.  A Tunze skimmer and Cree XH-G and ML-E series 16k LEDs also come standard with the system. Whether you’d like to display them or breed them, as long as you have £1000, you can try your hand at it. Here are some more specs: MORE

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Google Street View Goes Underwater

catlin Google Street View Goes UnderwaterGoogle street view is now underwater with Oceans-Street View. It’s now possible to view the current health of coral reefs of the world all in one click. The website, called Global Reef Record, is brought to us by Catlin Seaview Survey. MORE

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