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SmartReef – Aquarium Touchscreen Controller – PetsFestival 2013

2013 09 petsfestival 150 SmartReef – Aquarium Touchscreen Controller   PetsFestival 2013Smart Reef has presented itself to the PetsFestival Exhibition in Piacenza, Italy, in 2013 after having a media hype of several months with targeted advertising aimed at the presentation during the exhibition. And judging from what we have talked with the people, Smart Reef has done very well.


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Citizen scientists for seahorses

Pygmy seahorse by Jenny Huang 300x203 Citizen scientists for seahorsesSeahorses are not just beautiful creatures that fascinate young and old; they are flagship species, symbols of the sea grasses, mangroves, coral reefs, estuaries and seaweeds. Their use in traditional medicine, aquarium displays and as curios makes them a valuable commodity, but this unfortunately also means that their long-term survival is under threat.  Not only are individuals removed from the sea but their habitats are also being destroyed.  Seahorse conservation is important, for seahorses as well as for other marine animals that will directly benefit from marine protected areas and improved governance. Researchers have been looking for a way to get more data on these tiny, charismatic and, at times, elusive animals to help them aid governmental bodies with their decisions regarding such things as marine protected areas.  Enter the new online tool for seahorse science and conservation…iSeahorse ( iSeahorse is where ‘citizen scientists’ — ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world who sees a seahorse in the wild — can contribute to the protection and understanding of these animals.  All you need to do is send in your observations via the app and the information will be collected for scientists from Project Seahorse and seahorse experts around the world to use.  This vital information will be used to better understand seahorse behaviour, species ranges, and the threats seahorses face to improve seahorse conservation across the globe.  So get onto that smart phone, laptop or desktop and sign up to help save seahorses.

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Reef Conservation UK Conference Coming Soon At ZSL

RCUK Logo Reef Conservation UK Conference Coming Soon At ZSLScheduled to be held at the Zoological Society of London on 7th December, this years’ Reef Conservation UK meeting looks set to be another fascinating event. Aiming to promote the mission of RCUK by opening lines of communication through a series of presentations, posters and networking opportunities the conference will also continue to highlight the need for multidisciplinary studies of coral reefs and adjacent environments. An excellent opportunity to meet fellow UK reef workers and enthusiasts to discuss ideas and activities on an informal basis, contributions are encouraged from all disciplines – research students, university lecturers, aquarists, field conservation workers, consultants and those involved with ecotourism. Online registrations are available at a cost of around £30 – 35. For more information, or to make contact, visit More: Reef Conservation UK Conference Coming Soon At ZSL

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AVAST Marine Works Vibe Reactor Really Shakes Up the Zeolites

c754AVAST Marine Works Vibe Reactor1 AVAST Marine Works Vibe Reactor Really Shakes Up the Zeolites AVAST Marine Works is looking to shake things up a bit in the world of zeolite use with the release of their new Vibe media reactor. Because zeolites have to be agitated daily, many hobbyists simply avoid the nutrient control system altogether, favoring less time intensive methods instead. That attitude might change for some with this new reactor, which automatically agitates the media throgh the use of “Amplitude Resonance Reactor” technology. The Vibe works by using a special vibration-inducing assembly to agitate the media gently and for short periods of time. The media jumps around and rotates, knocking off layers of bacterial film (called mulm) that often accumulate on the surface of the zeolite stones. In addition to agitating zeolites, the Vibe also works well for other media like carbon, GFO, and calcium carbonate. The “correctly calibrated vibration frequency and amplitude” agitate the media enough to break up channeling and to knock of any buildup, while at the same time being gentle enough to not grind up any friable media. Priced at $379.99, the Vibe has a footprint of 9.5″ around, with an overall height of 15.5″. It can house roughly 10 cups (2.5L) of various media MORE: AVAST Marine Works Vibe Reactor Really Shakes Up the Zeolites

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Gomphosus varius: This Wrasse is for the Birds!

bird wrasse male 300x169 Gomphosus varius: This Wrasse is for the Birds!The male bird wrasse (Gomphosus varius) has a bright blue-green colorationIt always seems that the more exotic looking a saltwater fish is, the more challenging it is for hobbyists to keep. Fortunately, such is not the case with Gomphosus varius, the aptly named bird wrasse. This hardy, intelligent, attractive species has much to recommend it to fishkeepers who have sufficient aquarium capacity to accommodate its large adult size and demand for copious swimming space. Banana with fins and a beak If the typical wrasse body shape is like a banana with fins, G. varius is like a banana with fins and a beak—well, a beak-like snout, anyway. That feature, combined with the fact that this fish propels itself by flapping its pectoral fins in somewhat wing-like fashion, gave rise to this species’ common name. G. varius also exhibits pronounced sexual dichromatism (differences in coloration between the genders). Males are a stunning bluish green while females tend to be more subdued in color, with a creamy-tan anterior giving way to a dark-brown posterior More: Gomphosus varius: This Wrasse is for the Birds!

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Don’t Fear The Robusta – Acropora Robusta

abro3 1024x680 Dont Fear The Robusta   Acropora Robusta
The unique rasp like coralites and striking contrasting colors of the Acropora robusta catch the eye of coral reef enthusiasts without exception.  It’s interesting that this stoney coral is not often seen.  This coral is very hardy and grows nicely in a captive environment if some simple rules are followed.  The species naturally resides at the tops of the natural reef crests and is subject to very strong random flow and intense light.  The failure rate of this species is high when speaking about survival in a captive environment and the closed systems that most employ when attempting this beautiful animal.  This colony was grown from a small Bali cultured specimen and after some research, I placed it at the very top of one of my reefs where it would receive strong metal halide lighting and very strong random flow.  After a few months of slow or no growth, I began to see some promise.  Many small active growth tips began to form and to my surprise, the pigments then became very vivid and bright.  I misidentified this specimen when it was small and believed it to be A. abrotanoides.  As the colony grew and matured over a 4 year period, I began to see I was wrong.  The A. robusta is that acropora you hear very little about.  But I will do my part in introducing this beautifully rare and unique coral to the masses and try to raise awareness on the environmental necessities this animal deserves and needs to thrive.

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ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clowns Finally Available at Retailers

d701ORA Gold Nugget Clownfish1 ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clowns Finally Available at Retailers A little more than a year ago, ORA announced the availability of the Goldflake Maroon Clownfish, while at the same time teasing us with their tiny Gold Nugget Maroon Clowns. At the time, ORA wouldn’t give us a release date for the Gold Nuggets, instead only teasing us further by showing the fish off at MACNA 2012 and other trade shows. Well, we’re happy to report that the day has finally come for the clownfish to be commercially available, and the timing is perfect. Since traditional goldstripe maroon clowns take about a year to develop their characteristic gold coloration, their gold nugget offspring were expected to follow the same time frame. The fish start out with a large portion of their body being white, but as they mature, the yellowish gold really starts to set in. And by judging from the images we have seen, that gold coloration is going to be fantastic. MORE: ORA Gold Nugget Maroon Clowns Finally Available at Retailers

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Update On Wet Work’s 6500 Gallon Outdoor Saltwater Pond

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank Tv, I check in on the progress on the 6500 gallon outdoor saltwater pond. You’ll get a personal tour of the pond’s overflow box, the clever trick to keeping the drain lines flooded as well as a look at how the Neptune System’s Apex will be kept dry despite being located outside.  MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Update On Wet Work’s 6500 Gallon Outdoor Saltwater Pond

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