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House of Fins Splash – October 19-20

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Our friends at House of Fins are putting on their annual reef event ‘Splash” this coming October 19th-20th in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Their 56th anniversary event includes a huge sale on livestock, several dry goods information tables, and great guest speakers.  This year is the most exciting speaker lineup yet, with notables such as Bob Fenner, Julian Sprung, and our own Tony Vargas.  Be sure to check out the website for more information and get there early as the eye candy tends to sell very quickly!

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Feeding Corals with Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet

coral feeding sustainable aquatics 300x169 Feeding Corals with Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery DietIf you are unfamiliar with the Tidal Gardens coral farm, much of our aquaculture process depends on the fast growth of our corals and the long-term health of our colonies. Coral nutrition is a major factor. We constantly experiment with different foods for our coral. Corals that are fed consistently have dramatically improved coloration and display much better polyp extension. It’s always interesting to see coral colonies that we have had for years sitting next to colonies we recently acquired. They look like completely different animals in many cases. As much as we like to stuff our corals with food, some corals are not as receptive to feeding as others. More: Feeding Corals with Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet

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Lawsuit for Nemo

Orange clownfish by CrisiRose Wikipedia 300x300 Lawsuit for NemoLast year this time, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a petition with the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect the Orange Clownfish and seven other reef fish under the Endangered Species Act. The Service failed to respond to the petition, and so this year, the Center filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Service for its failure to act. The reef fish in the petition include the orange clownfish, the yellowtail damselfish, the Hawaiian dascyllus, the blue-eye damselfish, the black-axil chromis, Dick’s damselfish, the reticulated damselfish and the blue-green damselfish. A grim reality is that climate change and increasing ocean acidity are damaging our coral reefs and threaten to destroy most coral reefs before mid-century.  All the petitioned fish are habitat specialists, relying on live MORE

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EcoTech Marine Allows Vendors to Drop Prices on Radion Fixtures

9a37EcoTech Marine Radion Sale EcoTech Marine Allows Vendors to Drop Prices on Radion Fixtures If you’ve been holding off on upgrading the lighting scheme over your aquarium, here’s a great opportunity to save a few bucks. EcoTech Marine is allowing various online vendors to sell their Radion XR30w and XR30w Pro LED fixtures at discounted prices. Normally, EcoTech employs a minimum advertised price (MAP) campaign that forces all retailers to sell their products at the same price, regardless of whether the store is online only or a brick-and-mortar. So, we were pleasantly surprised to see this price drop. Unfortunately, it won’t last forever. There’s no word on when it will end, but it has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and who knows when the prices will return to normal. The price drops on the XR30w and XR30w Pro are $100 and $150, respectively. If you’re looking to buy the fixture at the discounted rate, we recommend hitting up Bulk Reef Supply, who seems to be the most vocal about the sale, or our friends at Aquarium Specialty . Both companies offer a pionts based rewards program, so it’s a win win either way. MORE: EcoTech Marine Allows Vendors to Drop Prices on Radion Fixtures

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)

fish Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca pylei) One of the least likely fish to appear in your LFS is the Dr. Seuss fish. In fact, you will not find but an extremely limited amount of information about this particular species on the internet. Scuba divers are not even lucky enough to encounter these rare creatures without exceeding dangerous depths that require special equipment. The Dr. Seuss Fish actually lives with an amazing assortment of rare fish, some not yet identified! A colorful assortment of chromis, groupers, and even the extremely rare Peppermint Angelfish hang out down here with Belonoperca pylei. They say pictures speak a thousand words, well this fish speaks a thousand words that rhyme. Named after his cartoonish appearance, the Dr. More: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss Fish! (Belonoperca Pylei)

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Mauritius Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus piscilineatus)

mauritius flasher wrasse wm1 Mauritius Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus piscilineatus)MORE

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Lettuce Sea Slug, Elysia crispata, Sea Mollusk

39c4Sea Slug 457x305 Lettuce Sea Slug, Elysia crispata, Sea MolluskHi all, I have a beautiful little Lettuce Sea Slug, Elysia crispata for your viewing pleasure today. These gentle little sea creatures are only about 2-inches in length and are very common on the reefs in Curacao. This one here was found at Playa Piskado (means fish) next to Playa Forti and we found them in numbers all the way down to 70 feet! This is a new color I have never seen before and of course I had to stop and take it’s photo! As I swam around I noticed more and more of these and was not only shocked by the shear numbers but also by how many different colors I saw, may be going back there on Sunday so I will for sure get more photo examples! MORE: Lettuce Sea Slug, Elysia crispata, Sea Mollusk

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Mylar Jellyfish Lighting

mylar jellyfish Mylar Jellyfish Lighting
This set of mylar lamps was designed by Roxy Russell, named the Medusae Collection, shows various types of jellyfish, with some of them reaching three feet in height.  Check out the entire set HERE.

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