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The Calcium Reactor: A Device Well Worth its Salt

calcium reactor1 300x169 The Calcium Reactor: A Device Well Worth its SaltA hobby like reef keeping has its fair share of intimidating technologies. I suppose it doesn’t help to call certain technologies sterilizers, fractionators, or reactors, which further instills a sense of complexity. One such device is the calcium reactor, and while I am a big proponent of having as simple a system as possible, this component has proven its worth over the years. So what does a calcium reactor do? A calcium reactor maintains calcium and alkalinity in the reef aquarium and keeps the pH of the water high and stable. In a reef aquarium, maintaining calcium and alkalinity is one of the most important tasks, especially when stony corals are concerned. Even with no stony corals present, many organisms, ranging from calcareous algae to crustaceans and mollusks, rely on a consistent supply of both of these elements for growth and optimal health. More: The Calcium Reactor: A Device Well Worth its Salt

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AquaXplorer Live 3.0 Released by Puratek

dcc7ipad tablet smartphone AquaXplorer Live 3.0 Released by Puratek

via AquaXplorer Newsletter: Puratek is committed to introducing new and innovative products to the aquarium industry. With the latest release of our Aquarium Management software, AquaXplorer Live, you’ll see for yourself how our feature-rich platform will help you simplify and enhance your aquarium maintenance.  New Aquarium Dashboard Comprehensive and intuitive overview on a single page for simple monitoring and control New Extended Feature Set Calendar – Synchronize Insight Controller events and alarms to calendar or link calendar events to your personal Google Calendar and set schedules. Manual Chemistry Tracking – Configure any chemistry parameter you want to measure and trend. Set valid threshold limits and perform graphical trending to see history. Scheduler – Set up schedules to perform maintenance on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. Equipment Tracking – Keep an accurate list of all equipment in your system including manufacture, serial and model numbers, warranty period, attach receipts and user guides for safe keeping and more. Expense Tracking – Customize exactly how you want to track your expenses by setting up categories to log where and when you purchased things.

  MORE: AquaXplorer Live 3.0 Released by Puratek

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War Torn Iraq To Get It’s First Modern Public Aquarium

Iraq has been a war torn country for over a decade, with little if any safe leisure or recreational activities for families.
However, this week, an announcement was made that a new aquarium is to be built at al-Zawraa Park in central Baghdad, Iraq. 

Iraq Baghdad Skyline 2 War Torn Iraq To Get Its First Modern Public Aquarium

Baghdad Skyline


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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Seahorse Evolution

9f9dSeahorse vs normal fish evolution 600x347 The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Seahorse Evolution
Just how did seahorses make the leap from ordinary fish to extraordinary oddity? Damselfish photo by Klaus Stiefel When you look at a seahorse, it’s easy to wonder how such a bizarre creature could come to be. The seahorse’s behavior and appearance is so radically different from most other fish that one can’t help but ponder how they evolved into what we see today. With it’s unusual horse-like head, chameleon eyes, monkey tail, kangaroo pouch and insect-like armor; how did did it evolve to be so strange? To understand that, we need to look at some of the seahorses relatives. One issue we face with discovering how seahorses evolved is the lack of fossils. There are a few fossils that show some early seahorses, but like most sea-dwelling creatures, it’s a very limited number. More: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Seahorse Evolution

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Gobies Keep Fijian Reefs Clean

Georgia Tech biologist’s Mark Hay and Danielle Dixson study the unique relationship shared by gobies, algae and coral. Seaweed algae, unchecked, can overrun Coral Reefs. When a kind of spikey coral is threatened by seaweed, the coral releases a chemical compound that triggers the fish. 16736 Gobies Keep Fijian Reefs Clean
Within 15 minutes of contact with a toxin-making seaweed, an Acropora nasuta coral releases compounds that prompt goby fish to seek out and trim back the seaweed, Hay and Dixson report in the Nov. 9 Science.In reefs, corals and the seaweed algae that form lawns or shrubby thickets compete for light and space. As coral reefs decline from pollution, overfishing, climate change and other insults, biologists have seen swaths of  MORE

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Reef Threads Podcast #164

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #164 This week it’s Reef Threads Old School. We return to our roots and focus on threads this week, featuring a thread titled “You Know You’re a Reefneck If. . . We also talk about making a chaeto sandwich, tank malaise, and aquarium goals. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #164

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: This Little Piece is Worth It’s Weight In Gold

Sometimes the low-tech pieces of equipment can prevent the biggest disasters. I still cannot figure out why everyone doesn’t have one of these on their RODI system.  MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: This Little Piece is Worth It’s Weight In Gold

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EcoTech Marine Announces 3rd Generation Radion XR30w

156fEcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G3 EcoTech Marine Announces 3rd Generation Radion XR30w Here’s a bit of a surprise from EcoTech Marine. They just announced the imminent release of the 3rd generation of the wildly popular XR30w and XR30w Pro LED fixtures. The fixtures will be available to the public starting next week, via your favorite authorized retailer of course, and there are plenty of new features for us to gush over. The big updates come in both form and functionality. The XR30wG3 and XR30wG3Pro will come with an updated look that is sleeker than previous generations, and part of that visual updates is illuminated tactile buttons, which make them a lot easier to see. In terms of performance, the new generation Radion XR30w will now include indigo/UV LEDs that will allow for greater output and a wider spectrum. MORE: EcoTech Marine Announces 3rd Generation Radion XR30w

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