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New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap

518eIceCap Liquid Dosing Pump New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap The IceCap brand is continuing its expansion with the release of their new single channel dosing pump. Based on the popular peristaltic pump design, the IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump is great for adding all sorts of supplements to your aquarium, including two-part supplements, kalkwasser solutions, top off water, and pretty much any other type of liquid. The pump will be offered in the form of a master unit, seen above, and a slave unit that presumably lacks the onboard controls. Instead of those controls, it will receive all of its operating instructions from the master unit, and up to four units can be linked together. The Liquid Dosing Pump can dose anywhere from 1-99ml of solution per cycle, with a maximum of one cycle per hour and a minimum of one per nine days. As for other features, the dosing pumps have a Delayed Mode Operation which prevents the dispersal of liquid whenever the unit loses power, being especially useful when more than one dosed is being used. Additionally, the doser can be calibrated in order to keep up with its accuracy and it even has a service door latch that makes maintenance quick and easy. MORE: New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap

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Pederson Cleaner Shrimp with Eggs, Crustaceans

8ccfShrimp with Eggs 457x305 Pederson Cleaner Shrimp with Eggs, CrustaceansGood morning friends, it’s finally friday!!! Yesterday was busy around here. I did two dives, one for fun (playing with the baby squids) and one filming and photographing the submersible for a Dutch television program. One the first fun dive I found this very pregnant Pederson Cleaner Shrimp with a stomach FULL of Eggs, talk about cool! I’m sorry the photo is so small because the detail in the eggs is really amazing! The little momma shrimp never moved the whole time I was photographing her, she was completely fearless MORE

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Does Your Pet Suffer from Shark Envy?

image 1 300x173 Does Your Pet Suffer from Shark Envy?I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am about the upcoming “Shark Week” starting August 10th (Stefanie, I’m talking to you), but be aware of your four-legged friends whom are sure to feel a pang of jealousy as you stare longingly at your television screen. If you’re unable to mask your adoration for the large predators and your pup wants to join in on the fun, we’ve got a great solution for you, courtesy of Animal Planet! I’m not gonna lie, I spent the past hour browsing the costumes. The dinosaur ones are excellent! Halloween shall be fun this year, providing my pups cooperate. Not ones to miss out on all the Shark Madness, other creatures have joined to festivities in their own versions of the magical predator. Enjoy! image 2 225x300 Does Your Pet Suffer from Shark Envy?       image 3 Does Your Pet Suffer from Shark Envy?

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Harlequin Shrimps: Seeing Stars (On the Menu)

harlequin shrimp1 Harlequin Shrimps: Seeing Stars (On the Menu)Somewhat comical and cartoonish in both name and appearance, harlequin shrimps (Hymenocera picta) are not invertebrates to be purchased on a whim. Keeping these critters, as I’ll soon explain, demands an investment of cash and effort that not every marine aquarium hobbyist is willing to undertake. Not to mention, their very narrow feeding habits are not necessarily for the softhearted. A quick note on taxonomy Though here I’ll be referring to H. picta as the harlequin shrimp, be aware that some sources split these shrimps into more than one species. For example, you may come across references to H. elegans, and possibly others, in your research. I chose to stick with H. More: Harlequin Shrimps: Seeing Stars (On the Menu)

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Swimming with a School of Baby Reef Squids

bad4BAR0202 457x305 Swimming with a School of Baby Reef SquidsHi friends, yes, more squids!!!! Aimee stopped by this morning and joined me for a fun dive with the baby Caribbean Reef Squids which are still hanging out in our little secluded bay. Aimee took the Ikelite/GoPro setup to shoot some video and I took the Nikon D-800 SLR setup to take photos of her shooting video. We decided to leave the Ikelite Vegas (video strobes) on the dock as the sun was shining and we were only in 5 to 10 feet of water, meaning we had plenty of natural night. The squids are getting very used to me and the big camera and the continuous flash doesn’t seem to bother them. During our fun little photo shoot the squids swam right up to my camera, I think they could see their reflections in my wide angle dome. MORE

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And This, Ladies and Gents, Is Why You Must Properly Chew Your Sea Lion Snacks

BsxvLA4IUAE pza 300x225 And This, Ladies and Gents, Is Why You Must Properly Chew Your Sea Lion SnacksA hungry, hungry Great White off the coast of Australia had the (last) meal of a lifetime when he failed to fully chew his catch and instead attempted to swallow the large aquatic mammal. Stunned beachgoers watched in horror as the 13-foot apex predator washed ashore after hours of struggling trying to dislodge the obstruction. Well, I’m adding this to my list of “Ways I Hope I Never Die”. I suggest you all do the same – and CHEW, people! Article via NBC News can be found here.

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Interesting talks to be held at the National Aquarium

jean michel cousteau Interesting talks to be held at the National AquariumThe National Aquarium, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF), is hosting further talks as part of the 2014 Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series, themed “National Marine Sanctuaries: Special Ocean Places and Their Champions”. On Nov. 11, marine biologist Dr. David Wiley (Research Coordinator at NOAA’s Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary) will be presenting a lecture entitled “Uncovering the Underwater Lives of Humpback Whales.”  The lecture will investigate the advancement of shipping, fishing, and rescue equipment, and how it has been adapted to protect and conserve marine life. The final lecture of the series will take place on Dec. 3 with renowned maritime explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau presenting a lecture entitled “Building a Brighter Tomorrow through National Marine Sanctuaries.”  (There will be a charge for this lecture). All lectures begin at 7 p.m. at the National Aquarium, on 501 E. Pratt Street. For additional programming and ticketing information, please visit

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With LRS Foods, Hand Feeding Fish is a Plausible Option

 Admit it. You’ve tried (and failed) to feed your fish by hand more times than you would care to admit. Everyone does it at some point, but not every aquarist is successful in forming a special bond with their fish. Fortunately, for those looking to create that bond and nurture a heart warming connection with their aquatic pets, hand feeding might be a whole lot easier with LRS frozen foods. We’ve already discussed how happy we have been using the LRS foods, but this video by a user shows just how well his fish take to it, even letting him feed them by hand with food that hasn’t even thawed fully. While we aren’t surprised that a fish like a clownfish is so friendly and is pigging out on the food, we were taken aback by the fact that the copperband butterflyfish pretty much did the same thing. Copperbands, and most butterflyfish in general, are shy and usually are finicky eaters. More often than not, they don’t do well in aquarium life, starving from a lack of proper food or a desire to eat what’s available MORE: With LRS Foods, Hand Feeding Fish is a Plausible Option Video

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