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First Public Display Of Live Vampire Squid

 The Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium allows visitors to get up close to some rarely collected deep sea creatures, which would be otherwise very difficult to view in public aquariums. Some of the stars of the exhibit include a flapjack octopus, which is possibly a newly discovered species, and a vampire squid, which has never been on display before. The Aquarium has teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, in a collaborate effort between scientists and the husbandry specialists at the aquarium. MORE

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tumblr mm7s6vGhZg1qhxjfmo1 500 300x243 Lets Talk CEPHALOPODS!

Mainly, Cephalopods in Fashion. I love to think I’m extremely chic and avant-garde when it comes to my fashion sense, but if I’m being completely honest – I’m a basic black, white and grey kinda gal.  Every once in a while I’ll experiment with something I think is “really cool”, which is basically everyone else’s “really lame and dorky”. With that being said, I present you with this “really cool” OCTOPUS BACKPACK! I love a good backpack since I bike to work the majority of the time, and I lurve me some cephalopods. They’re beautiful, intelligent, cunning and deadly – all traits I aspire to. If you crave having an octopus hang off your back and (unlike me) don’t wish to have one permanently inked to oneself – I would suggest you pick up one of these – except you can’t. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece brought to you by Jen via her tumblr page which you can check out here: Hi Guys I Made Myself An Octopus Backpack

I feel strongly that these should be mass-produced as there’s no way I’m the only one who finds this fantastic! I reached out to Jen and offered her a fancy sum for my very own, but have yet to hear back.

Side note: Given my Octopus Back Tattoo, this would feel like an octopus giving an octopus a piggy-back ride. ‘Nough said.

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10 Most Expensive Tropical Fish Named

63e0Peppermint Angelfish Paracentropyge boylei1 10 Most Expensive Tropical Fish Named The internet has a severe obsession with lists, especially top “insert random number here” lists of whatever obscure parameter could be thought of. While we tend to avoid them like the plague, we do entertain them when it involves aquarium related stuff…like this list of the 10 most expensive tropical fishes. To no surprise, the list was almost completely comprised of marine fish, 8 out of 10 in fact, with just a couple of insanely expensive freshwater fish taking the top two slots. This list, like most others, isn’t completely accurate but it does include several holy grail level fish that very few of us could ever afford and continue to pay mortgages and car notes, or keep our spouses. On to the list. The bottom 8 fish on the list of the most expensive tropical fish include: 10. Candy Basslet – $1,000 9. Clarion Angelfish – $2,500 8 MORE: 10 Most Expensive Tropical Fish Named

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Interzoo 2014: Korallen Zucht Displays Incredible Corals

2014 05 interzoo norimberga 2014 korallen zucht 022 Interzoo 2014: Korallen Zucht Displays Incredible Corals The Korallen Zucht booth at Interzoo attracted a ton of attention. In fact Korallen Zucht is the company that invented the Zeovit method and always brings magnificent corals to events.  Read on for our report and some incredible SPS eye candy!  MORE

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Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium Style

reefs.comTBTJune5 300x223 Throw Back Thursday: Aquarium StyleThrow Back Thursday, or TBT, is an ever growing trend on social media networks that has old and young patrons alike sharing pictures of everything passed. In our little niche as aquarists, or specifically reef aquarists, we can look back upon inumerous topics, theories, trends, types of equipment, and anything else that starts with the letter “T”. All of which evokes laughter, tears and little smirks considering just how far we have come to keep these animals happy and thriving within the confines of our homes or businesses. From here on out, every Thursday we’ll be featuring a thing of the past regarding our beloved “hobby” – smirk. MORE

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Ecotech Marine Reeflink – Review

2014 05 ecotech marine reeflink 012 Ecotech Marine Reeflink   Review We have dreamed for so long and finally we have it in our hands. We’re talking about Ecotech Marine Reeflink, the digital hub for the aquarium introduced by EcoTech Marine. We had already talked about it after having seen it during Macna 2013 at Miami.MORE

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Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New Colors

3866Giesemann New T5HO Lamps Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New Colors
Much like everyone else at Interzoo, CoralVue and the product manufacturers for whom they distribute have been extremely busy with new product launches. Giesemann Aquaristic, who happens to be one of those companies, has released a new and improved line of their popular T5HO Powerchrome Lamps. Now in their 12th year of production, the PowerChrom lamps have been a popular choice amongst aquarium keepers, including yours truly. Despite being relatively unchanged over that span, for 2014 they will be seing some updates that will include several new colors. To keep the product line up to par, cheesy pun intended, Giesemann has incorporated the latest in fluorescent technology by using the newest advancements in Tri- and Penta-phosphor blending which is said to increase performance and coloration, as well as extend the life of the lamp. Color wise, the PowerChrome lamps will be introduced in seven new colors to replace the previous generation. These include two geared toward freshwater and five for saltwater. MORE: Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New Colors

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Seeing Red: The Colorful, Cantankerous Maroon Clownfish

maroon clownfish 300x169 Seeing Red: The Colorful, Cantankerous Maroon ClownfishMany of the clownfishes have a well-deserved reputation for feistiness. But there’s one clown that makes all the others seem like milquetoasts by comparison—the maroon clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus) from the Indo-West Pacific. Though it’s among the hardier and more strikingly colored clownfish species, P. biaculeatus definitely takes aggression to new heights, making tankmate compatibility the biggest issue in keeping this species successfully. One of a kind Of the 30 different clownfish species, 29 belong to the genus Amphiprion. The maroon clown gets the genus Premnas all to itself. It’s differentiated from all the Amphiprion clowns by the sharp spines on its gill covers, which give rise to another common name for this species—the spinecheek clownfish. More: Seeing Red: The Colorful, Cantankerous Maroon Clownfish

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