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The Cold, Dark, Deep Side of Reef-Building

jagosampleWhen it comes to reef-building down at the deepest, dankest depths of the sea, one would think nary a soul would care to coexist, let alone procreate. Given the tales that go around of deep-sea monsters, this is hardly a surprise, yet it’s actually quite the opposite (for coral, at least). Deep-sea coral species really get around. MORE

Man Climbs on Dead Whale Surrounded By Sharks

man on whale Here’s yet another bizarre story this weekend. A man in Perth, Australia decided it would be a good idea to swim to a Great White Shark infested rotting whale carcass, and ‘surf the whale.’ Harrison Williams was on a boat with his friends when they saw the deceased whale.boat This amazing video shows the young man jump from his boat and swim over to the whale. You have to admit that the guy is pretty brave and perhaps stupid. Luckily the man was not hurt and was picked up off the whale by the boat. Williams sums up his experience and states: “Definitely not (wouldn’t do it again) … I’ve done it, I don’t need to do it again. Definitely it was a stupid act, didn’t mean to disrespect anyone, mum thinks I’m an idiot, dad’s not too proud either.” MORE    

This Is Why I Love Technology – The Reactive Reef Project

tamaki-4One of many reasons, that is. Somewhere around Ofu Island in American Samoa, during the torrid days of the 2013 summer, an interdisciplinary coral reef imaging and mapping project was underway. The results were striking. Vivid, gorgeous panoramic images of what vibrant life flourishes beneath the surface.MORE

Amusing Coverage of a Really Not So Funny Situation in Reef Conservation

 This is some pretty seriously disturbing news. It would appear that the government’s draft 2050 Reef Plan for long-term sustainability is about as useful as tits on a bull. According to “The Roast”, the government is set to royally screw The Great Barrier Reef in its efforts to prevent “the world’s largest fish graveyard”. MORE

Preserving The Great Barrier Reef With… Sperm?

18iwuxnka8l1ljpgMore specifically, with a sperm bank. This goes without saying, I’m not talking about human sperm. The project has actually been around for a while. About four or so years ago, 70 Billion spermatozoa and 22 Billion coral embryos were collected and frozen by Australian scientists and tucked away into the sperm bank of Dubbo Zoo in hopes of renewing the staggering biodiversity of The Great Barrier Reef.  MORE

Man Shoves Fish Up His Butt

lungfishThe question is why? Why would anyone shove an animal, especially a lungfish, up their anus? Well I don’t judge and everyone has their fetish’s. A Brazilian man thought it was a good idea going up but I’m guessing he had second thoughts after that bright idea. A trip to the hospital was needed after the lungfish decided he was enjoying his new home and wouldn’t leave. I am not sure if I am more disturbed of the fact that this hospital trip was needed, or the fact that the hospital videotaped the whole event while laughing. However, there is a happy ending, as the foot-long fish was successfully removed, and we all get the pleasure of watching. It’s plausible that the fish survived, since lungfish can breathe air and survive out of water. MORE

The Triton method arrives in the United States

Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_22.46.32I was first introduced to the triton method a while back, while it was still gaining traction in Europe. As a reef aquarist, with a knowledge of natural reef ecosystems, I’ve always felt there was something fundamentally wrong with our approach to reef aquariums. Natural reef ecosystems are immensely stable, with very little fluctuations. In the reef aquarium hobby, we utilize water changes as a way to remove waste and replenish trace elements. I’m always looking for something new, and Triton offers an entirely fresh approach to keeping a reef aquarium. Until now, it’s been exclusively available in Europe. Thanks to one of my favorite reef entrepreneurs, Scott Fellman and Unique Corals, Triton has made its way to the United States. I simply cannot think of anyone better to introduce this method to America. What is Triton, take it straight from the horse’s mouth: MORE

New Double Cone 130 on the Way from Bubble King

MORE: New Double Cone 130 on the Way from Bubble King is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.