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Strange Deep Sea Fish Found In India

Apparently the first week of May was a worldwide week of catching unusual specimens. This find is just too interesting not to share.india3 Strange Deep Sea Fish Found In IndiaMORE

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Reef Threads Podcast #180

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #180

When the chemistry is right, corals show off all of their color and texture.It’s Reef Chemistry Week at Reef Threads and, to lead the discussion, we have with us one of the leading experts in reef-aquarium chemistry. Craig Bingman joins us to talk about the various aspects of saltwater chemistry, what happens to that chemistry in an aquarium, how to maintain proper chemical balance, and what techniques work best for different aquarium sizes. We hope you enjoy the discussion and are more than confident you’ll learn something, regardless of your experience level. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and Gary More: Reef Threads Podcast #180

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 In this episode of Tank Wars Jaiden’s 30 Gallon Reef Aquarium goes head to head with Tommy’s 30 Gallon Reef Tank. MORE

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Coronaster briareus, Deep Sea Creatures, Sea Stars

172411 Arm Starfish 457x305 Coronaster briareus, Deep Sea Creatures, Sea StarsGood morning friends, did you have a nice weekend out there?? Sorry about the no blog on Friday but I was swamped with diving and working on a multitude of tasks including photographing this new echinoid you see above. My weekend was like always, busy and fun and honestly I did so much I can hardly recall it all now! To top my weekend off I did a fun photo-shoot with our little supermodel Emma at Playa Kanoa last night. We took a surfboard and did all kinds of fun surfing type photos and other than the crazy wind everything was perfect. Our new find above was discovered at around 850 feet right here in front of the Substation MORE

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Rare Goblin Shark Caught In Gulf Of Mexico

A shrimp fisherman pulled in an unusual catch on April 19, while netting in 2000 feet of water, off the coast of Key West. When the net was pulled up, inside along with the shrimp, was an 18 ft (estimated length by fisherman Carl Moore) Goblin Shark.  Although the shark was caught on April 19, 2014 it wasn’t reported to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration until May 2, 2014. The report comes as great news to the scientific community, as very little is known about these sharks.goblin shark Rare Goblin Shark Caught In Gulf Of Mexicoshark 2 Rare Goblin Shark Caught In Gulf Of Mexico Goblin Shark’s are extremely rare. MORE

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Largest Nature Preserve On Earth Will Be In The South Pacific

At over 320 million acres, Le Parc Naturel de la Mer de Corail, or “the Natural Park of the Coral Sea,” in New Caledonia, a small island chain in the South Pacific, will be the largest protected area in the World. Largest Nature Preserve On Earth Will Be In The South Pacific The preserve will contain over 1.1 million million acres of coral reefs, 25 species of marine mammals, 48 shark species, 19 species of nesting birds and five species of sea turtles. The Press Release from Conservation International is below:
May 1, 2014
Noumea, New Caledonia / Arlington, Virginia, U.S. (1 May 2014) – An exemplary decision by the Government of New Caledonia to protect its natural wealth and create the world’s largest protected area on land or sea is a historic moment in marine conservation and sustainable development. 

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Art Aquarium Displays Goldfish In Japan

 Japan has taken artistic aquariums to a whole new level. In Fukuoka and Osaka this year, the Art Aquarium uses goldfish, innovative tanks and lighting to create a whole new experience in aquarium aq Art Aquarium Displays Goldfish In Japanart aq 2 Art Aquarium Displays Goldfish In Japanartaquarium3 Art Aquarium Displays Goldfish In Japan The exhibit was started by the artist and aquarium designer Kimura Hidetomo a couple of years ago, and seems to get better each year. MORE

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Parrotfish Teeth, Fish Teeth, Parrotfish Beak, Parrotfish

6a8dParrotfish teeth 457x305 Parrotfish Teeth, Fish Teeth, Parrotfish Beak, ParrotfishHey gang, sorry so late today, I had to go get my new island ID card called a sedula this morning and that took longer than expected. We used to have to get these cards every year but now that we have been here so long we only need to renew them now every 3 years.  Our island remains locked in wind and no rain, it is soooo dry!! Because of these conditions we continue to take water out to the desert for the birds each morning and by late afternoon it’s usually gone! We have a big black backpack that holds around 4-half gallon jugs plus we hand carry another a larger 2-gallon jug plus seed and fill our three bird baths. Yes, you could say it’s a lot of work but the reward is high, the birds and animals are loving it MORE

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