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A Real Fish Matrix

 Pressures like habitat loss and over fishing have been placing extreme pressures on wild fish stocks for decades. To help mitigate the pressure on wild fish stocks, man has increasingly turned to aquaculture. With the rising demand for aquacultured products, more money is being spent on researching more efficient production techniques.  A company called   Hawaii Ocean Technology, Inc. has created ‘The Oceansphere’ which is a whole new level of aquaculture. The Oceansphere allows fish farming to take place in the open ocean. The project has been underway for many years, and there has been a large amount of opposition and legal battles fought. Meant for deep ocean water, the design promotes responsible fish farming and can produce amounts of fish in quantities not currently matched in current fish farming. The design and complete protocol is still under development, but the Oceansphere should have its first harvest by 2017.  MORE

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Meanwhile, in the “Super Rare Mind Blowing Face Melting Anthias” Category…

10552530 920658207961343 1773818566119633674 n Meanwhile, in the Super Rare Mind Blowing Face Melting Anthias Category...Holanthias fuscipinnis has been long regarded as a Holy Grail Fish, but this super-flamboyant juvenile appears to top anything we’ve seen so far from this species. In an almost fantastical “can’t possibly be real” photographic capture, we’re left with mouths agape and drooling. Unfortunately, the species is incredibly rare – this may be as close as we all shall get to the sunny little guy. Discovered by Matthew Ross and photographed by Keoki & Yuko Stender of Hawaii, at the North Shore of O’ahu at about 120 feet (surprisingly shallow for the species, usually spotted between 300-400 feet) – we’re dying to see more.

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Sex On The Reef Under A Full Moon

coral Sex On The Reef Under A Full MoonIt’s that time of year again: coral spawning. Each year, many divers and snorkelers flock to the Keys in hopes to witness this rare and special event. Anyone who has seen mass coral spawning in the wild knows what I mean. It is an amazing site to see millions upon millions of organisms spawning almost simultaneously. Although this marvelous event cannot be predicted preciously, it is expected to take place on the August and September Full Moons, which are on August 10 and September 8 this year. MORE

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Wait, What? Giant, Tentacle-less Species of Irukandji Jellyfish Discovered Off Australian Coast

lead large 300x200 Wait, What? Giant, Tentacle less Species of Irukandji Jellyfish Discovered Off Australian CoastNormally no bigger than your fingernail, the Irukandji Jellyfish is infamous for being extremely venomous. The newly discovered Keensingia gigas, however, is peculiar in a number of ways - firstly in its extraordinary size (about an arm’s length) and secondly, it’s apparent lack of tentacles. While Keensingia was actually first observed and photographed in 1980, the first specimen was not captured until 2013 by John Keesing, from where the jellyfish gets its namesake. Lisa-ann Gershwin, the director of Marine Stinger Advisory Services, identified this particular Irukandji as a new species and is perplexed by it’s lack of tentacles. “Jellyfish always have tentacles … that’s how they catch their food,” she said. “The tentacles are where they concentrate their stinging cells”. Must be some hungry jellyfish – or maybe there’s a simple explanation. “I think more probably it does have tentacles but by random chance the specimens that we photographed and obtained don’t have them any more”. Sounds to me like these not-so-little guys have a decent sense of humor, “Silly humans can’t figure out what we do with our tentacles, mwahaha!”.      

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We’ve Waited All Year For This – Start Off Shark Week the Right Way!

10547933 10153021980773356 5171142473732675439 o 2 682x1024 Weve Waited All Year For This   Start Off Shark Week the Right Way!At least I have, and I have big plans for this year’s Shark Week Kick Off over at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center. If you’ve ever been to their past events, these guys really know how to treat their guests to an unforgettable and exciting experience.
“It’s almost here… SHARK WEEK! Join us as we kickoff the most fun week of all with a Family Fun Day on August 9th! We’ll have Discovery Channel and Optimum join us with games, prizes, face painting, a sneak preview of a new SHARK WEEK episode, a presentation by Emmy Award winning videographer and shark expert Andy Casagrande and more! Don’t miss the fun, it’s going to be Jaw-some!”
Hear that, guys? JAW-SOME!!! Bonus 30% off admission for Optimum Rewards Members (damn you, Verizon!) and if you hurry,  the first 27 families get in FREE! Yes, gratis - in honor of the 27th year of Shark Week. So if you’re local and still debating how to spend your “Shark Week”end, I highly suggest paying these guys a visit. If you’re tragically out of reach – I fully intend to do a shark dive in the near future and will share so you can live vicariously through my experience. Get ready for some Shark Post Overload!

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The Role of Magnesium in Marine Aquarium Chemistry

magnesium1 The Role of Magnesium in Marine Aquarium ChemistryOne of the big differences in moving from freshwater systems to saltwater systems is a greater emphasis on water chemistry. There is a pretty steep learning curve to get a handle on all the different chemical parameters, and it can be a source of frustration for many aspiring reef hobbyists. In aquariums with an abundance of stony corals, the levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium are important to monitor. This article will focus on magnesium, an important but often overlooked ion in reef chemistry. What is the role of magnesium in the reef aquarium? First off, it is the third most abundant ion in salt water. More: The Role of Magnesium in Marine Aquarium Chemistry

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Caribbean Reef Squids, Baby Reef Squids

a8d13 Squids Caribbean Reef Squids, Baby Reef SquidsHi gang, I have been busy getting my blue-light equipment ready for a night-dive tonight with Aimee. We usually wait till around 7:30 or 8:00 before we jump in the sea that way all the nocturnal creatures have time to crawl out giving us better odds of finding them. Tonight we are in search of a little fish (blenny or Goby) that hides in the open polyps of corals. Twice now we came back with photos and after viewing them on the computer realized that there is a fish in there as well, so tonight with Aimee’s help we will try to just find him and get a nice macro shot. As fun as the blue-light dives are they require a lot of additional work before the dive like setting up the camera, getting the yellow glasses and search lights ready and making sure the dive gear is good to go. Once underwater it’s always worth the effort and the dive itself goes by super fast MORE

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Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral

558dMegalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice Frag Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral We’ve seen some rather creative ways to mount fresh cut coral frags, but this one takes the cake. Where most aquarists would use a frag plug or even a magnetic frag plug, the crew at FX Charity Corals decided to use a dinosaur fossil…and not just any fossil, but the tooth of the greatest predator to ever roam the ocean, the Megalodon shark. Over on their Reef2Reef page they shared these images of their chalice, which they’ve named Megalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice, along with the humorous tag line “feast your eyes on this…” While the image above could easily pass for a frag encrusted over a piece of branching live rock, flipping the coral over reveals the epic awesomeness of this piece. You can see the tooth in full detail, with coral tissue encroaching on all sides. The chalice has been priced at $500 shipped, which is considerably affordable if you take the size of the coral and the Megalodon tooth into account. We aren’t sure if the tooth is legit or if it is a replica, but either way it is a very cool and unique way to grow out a piece of coral. MORE: Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral

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