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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: Strike A Pose And See Your Progress

Changes in your saltwater tank aren’t always easily noticeable. Here’s one way to make sure you don’t miss a thing  MORE: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: Strike A Pose And See Your Progress

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National Zoo Closing Invertebrate Exhibit This Sunday

invertebrete National Zoo Closing Invertebrate Exhibit This SundayHaving visited the National Zoo myself multiple times, the recent news that the Invertebrate exhibit is closing as quickly as this Sunday comes as a shock. The zoo’s reason for closing the exhibit is rising costs, funding and budget issues, which will allow staff and resources to be spent on other exhibits. This is extremely sad. Since the press release, there has been public outcry, including a petition to save the exhibit. The National Zoo released the following Press Release: MORE

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Apex Fusion Bus Tour

4845 ApexFusionTourBus 628x276 Apex Fusion Bus Tour
If you thought summertime is generally slow at the LFS, think again!  The expert marketing team at Neptune Systems decided to take their show on the road and bring their unified controller/monitor/automation solution to major cities in the US.  They’ll be liveblogging from the road all summer as they make their way cross country in this tricked out vehicle.  Check out the blog for the full schedule to see when they’ll be at your local shops and be sure to drop in and see everything first hand.

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Update On Katherine And Betsy

 Through Osearch, I have been following these two Great White Sharks since last year. Osearch tagged over a dozen sharks last year, as part of a research project to learn Great White migratory patterns. The website allows you to see where the Sharks are in real time. MORE

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Book Review! Dr. Ellen Prager’s “Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime”

seaslime excerpt  Book Review! Dr. Ellen Pragers Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime

Oh yea, it’s just as sexy as it sounds.

So I’ve had this book for a while but never got around to reading it. I picked it up when our local Border’s was going out of business (sniff, rest in peace physical bookstores where you could waste away a day) and they were pretty much giving books away. It jumped out at me right away, “Sex, Drugs”, and Sea Slime”, plus the added bonus of the octopus on the cover, it was a done deal. I skimmed the first few pages and put it back down. This was a book that deserved to be read properly. Over the weekend I finally decided to explore the Slimy Seas the best way possible – on the beach with a stiff drink, inches from the Blue Beast itself.

This book was definitely worth the wait – MORE

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Interzoo 2014: Tunze

2014 05 interzoo norimberga 2014 tunze 009 Interzoo 2014: Tunze
Let’s continue our trip inside Interzoo by stopping at Tunze booth in the hall number 4. As always, the Tunze booth was spacious and had so many new products to see. We like to see the things from a different angle. So, when we spoke about Sicce we started with their party, for Tunze we like to begin with Tunze’s first skimmer.  MORE

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MACNA 2014′s Academic Speakers

header academic programs MACNA 2014s Academic Speakers
Fresh off the press, the MACNA 2014 BOD just released their list of featured “Academic Speakers”.  The three speakers noted are Dr. Todd LaJeunesse, Dr. Charles Mazel, and Jamie Craggs.  Details on the speakers and their backgrounds after the MORE

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Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam Friendly

e7d6ESL Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam Friendly Announced just moments ago, EcoTech Marine is giving their EcoSmart Live (ESL) platform a huge update that will allow users more extensive control of the VorTech wireless pumps, give the entire interface a fresh new look, and even incorporate a webcam into the mix that will allow users to check on their tanks from a PC or smartphone. While still only in Beta testing, EcoTech Marine is offering up limited spots for everyday users to test out the updates and help them create a more polished and functional product. The ESL update will release today and all you have to do to be part of it is log into and check the “Participate in Beta Releases” checkbox from the Settings & Manage Account page. If you don’t make it into this beta release, more spots will be made available as time progresses. As for all of the new features coming with the EcoSmart Live update, take a look at these: All new web design provides quick and convenient access to your Radions, VorTechs, and device settings. VorTech control! Import pumps, upgrade them, schedule modes, adjust settings, and demo your VorTech pumps to dial in and wow friends, family and house guests from the website. Creating gyres has never been easier by pairing master and slave pumps visually in ESL. Create, preview, and save waves for your VorTechs. Call various saved waves with the click of a button MORE: Huge Update Coming to EcoSmart Live Includes Better VorTech Control and Webcam Friendly

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