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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Sharks Getting A New Home

Just moving from one home or apartment to another is a tedious thought for most of us. Think about how hard moving a whole aquarium is! The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is moving approximately 5000 animals to a new 24 million dollar facility, which was funded by donors, grants, corporate sponsors and financing, that will hold over 500,000 million gallons of water (information gathered from the Aquariums website).  The new 136,000-square-foot facility in Draper is scheduled to open March 25, 2014.  This  move will be no easy feat. MORE

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Reef Savvy Raising the Bar… Again

reefs.comRSpinstripe4 300x200 Reef Savvy Raising the Bar... AgainReef Savvy is at it again, blowing the doors (panes?) off the competition with little touches that exemplify perfection in each and every one of their builds. These new pictures recently shared by Reef Savvy on Facebook show an aquarium featuring a red pinstripe that intrigues one’s attention, yet is subtle enough to not draw focus away from the aquarium inhabitants. This aquarium is the first thing you see when walking into the offices of Reef Savvy… talk about making a first impression! MORE

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Free-diving with Dolphins, Snorkeling with Dolphins, Ikelite

d4bcAimee Ikelite 1 850 457x305 Free diving with Dolphins, Snorkeling with Dolphins, IkeliteGood morning from the Caribbean all!! I’m about as wiped out as a person can be this morning after a crazy busy, but super fun weekend! Saturday was all about the dogs!! I first took them for a three hour adventure on the trails overlooking Vaersenbaai and while I was there did some much needed trail cleaning to an area that never gets maintained. This is an area that has a wonderful mile and a half single-track trail way up high along the cliff overlooking the sea and is one of the prettiest trails in Curacao and few even know it’s there MORE

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Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs

A high resolution camera system, called the SVII camera, mounted on an underwater scooter will allow researchers at the University of Queensland to survey large portions of Filipino reefs more precisely than ever before.  The Seaview SVII Cameras were developed by the Catlin Seaview Survey team, to document a reefs Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs The researchers will survey reefs within the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in the Philippines. Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle, these reefs are spectacular examples of underwater biodiversity.tub 2 Underwater Scooter To Survey Health Of Filipino Reefs The reefs, however, are under grave threat due to over fishing, climate change and pollution. MORE

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Akula uks-180 Skimmer by Ultra Reef In Depth Review

2013 07 ultrareef skimmer uks180 001 Akula uks 180 Skimmer by Ultra Reef In Depth Review At the beginning of august, we began testing a pre-production version of the new skimmer by Ultra Reef, the uks-180 and we did it in a marine aquarium yet unreleased to the general public but that soon we will publish on our own pages. Ultra Reef is a relatively young italian company with great background built over industrial pumps, now it builds also skimmers, fluidized beds, calcium reactors and many other accessories for marine aquarium. Actually it’s sold only in Italy but, in a couple of month, it will be possible to found its products in USA and Europe as well. We know they’re searching for a worldwide distributor.  MORE

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Massive Glass Aquarium Cracks at Downtown Disney

Well it’s happened again. The T-Rex Cafe (part of Downtown Disney) in Buena Vista Florida had its dinner guests surprised as a massive saltwater tank burst Monday afternoon sending thousands of gallons of water onto the floor, leaving its fish high and dry. There were no reports of any injured guests and details on the break and the status of the fish are yet to be released.     

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Back Pain and the Big Marine Aquarium

water pour 300x169 Back Pain and the Big Marine AquariumSomewhere around age 40, I passed a point of no return with respect to bodily aches and pains. In my younger, carefree days, when the various jobs I worked demanded a lot of heavy lifting, I could pretty much tell my body what I wanted it to do and it would comply of necessity. Nowadays, the roles have reversed. If I try to override my body’s limitations and make it do what it doesn’t want to do, I’m sure to pay a heavy price. You see, I have a disc issue in my cervical spine that flares up from time to time, causing severe pain that radiates down my right arm. Chiropractic care and physical therapy have helped me keep the pain and nerve damage under control and stave off surgery, but the problem still puts limits on how well I can function—including my ability to perform routine maintenance, such as water changes, on my marine aquariums. More: Back Pain and the Big Marine Aquarium

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CORAL Video: Sulawesi Reef at Henry Doorly Zoo

 Tim Morrissey, Coral Aquarist at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, recently shared this wonderful extra-high definition video of the Sulawesi Reef at Henry Doorly. The system is around 20,000 gallons, with the actual display being about 10,000 of that total water volume. Morrissey filled us in that the system has been through a few renovations over the years; currently he is the lead aquarist in charge of this display, having taken over in the summer of 2013 when another aquarist departed the zoo. The 10,000 gallon display area houses hard coral, soft coral, clams, anemones and lots of fish. You’ll see a periodic surge that occurs during this feeding time video; Morrissey told us this is accomplished with a pneumatic valve operated by compressed air that opens and closes to dump water in the tank.  The display is lit with 1000w and 400w metal halides; calcium supplementation is done with kalkwasser. A special thanks to Tim Morrissey for filling in some of the details on this unique aquarium.  For those who are curious, Morrissey filmed this with a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. MORE: CORAL Video: Sulawesi Reef at Henry Doorly Zoo

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