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Reef Threads Podcast #209

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #2094693stocking 300x300 Reef Threads Podcast #209

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers lead off our annual list of stocking-stuffer ideas.

  It’s time for another podcast and we happen to have one. This week we announce our Where Do You Listen contest winner, offer some stocking stuffers, and play our version of 20 questions. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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RoboSnail Gets Generous Price Cut Just in Time for the Holidays

6aa0AquaGenesis RoboSnail RoboSnail Gets Generous Price Cut Just in Time for the Holidays Here’s some good news for you holiday shoppers. The RoboSnail is getting a really generous price cut just in time for the Christmas season. The RoboSnail from AquaGenesis is an automatic cleaner that acts pretty much like a Roomba for your aquarium. You simply place the docking station on the pane of glass or acrylic in which you want to clean and the robotic snail crawls across the tank, cleaning up any algae that has accumulated. MORE: RoboSnail Gets Generous Price Cut Just in Time for the Holidays

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Gorgonians Keep Growing In Acid Oceans

141208145751 large 300x200 Gorgonians Keep Growing In Acid Oceans A new study, undertaken by an international team of scientists, suggests that Caribbean gorgonians may be more resilient to the ocean acidification levels forecast by the end of the 21st century than previously thought. The team, which includes experts from the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, tested the effects of elevated CO2 concentrations on the growth and calcification rates of Eunicea fusca which is found throughout the Bahamas, Bermuda, South Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico. Although the species did show a negative response to calcification under elevated CO2 concentrations, growth and calcification did not actually completely stop under any of the CO2 levels used in the study. Specifically, the results also showed that although calcification dramatically declined at extremely high levels of CO2, this did not occur at moderately elevated levels.”Our results suggest that gorgonian corals may be more resilient than other reef-dwelling species to the ocean acidification changes that are expected to occur in the oceans as a result of climate change,” said Chris Langdon, UM Rosenstiel Professor and Director of the Coral Reefs and Climate Change Laboratory. “These findings will allow us to better predict the future composition of coral reef communities under the current “business-as-usual scenario.” More: Gorgonians Keep Growing In Acid Oceans

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5 Ways Holiday Parties Can Be Perilous for Marine Aquariums!

holiday party 5 Ways Holiday Parties Can Be Perilous for Marine Aquariums!When planning a holiday party, we tend to worry about things like an undercooked main entree, running out of “spirits” before the evening is over, lacking adequate seating for all the guests, little Billy’s tree nut allergy, etc., etc. What we may not fret over—but probably should—is what bizarre eventualities might befall our marine aquariums while the party is underway. Here are just some of the hazards holiday parties can pose to aquariums. Some of these may sound familiar, and you can probably add a few more based on your personal hosting experiences. #1: “Uncle Ed” Whether it’s Uncle Ed, Sister Susie, Brother John, or Auntie Gin, we all have that family member or friend who, after drinking too much eggnog, may decide to do a little freelance “vodka dosing” of the aquarium (and not in that good nitrate-reduction way, either) because, the fish and/or corals “look thirsty.” #2: Airborne toys For some reason, young kids don’t feel as though a toy has been truly played with until they’ve tested its aerodynamics. Once while hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party, I looked on in helpless horror from across the room as my then four-year-old nephew launched a hard plastic toy into the air, the arc of its trajectory ending right where my 125-gallon tank began. Watching this unfold in slow motion, all I could do was yell, hoping the shockwave of my voice would somehow alter the toy’s flight path. What came out was an incomprehensible “Myyyaaaaaa!” (My wife said she thought I was doing an Edward G More: 5 Ways Holiday Parties Can Be Perilous for Marine Aquariums!

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“Quirky, Quivery, Spindly, Spiky, Sticky, Stretchy…” A Deeper Look Into Susan Middleton’s ‘Spineless’

spineless p182.jpg  1072x0 q85 upscale 300x200 Quirky, Quivery, Spindly, Spiky, Sticky, Stretchy... A Deeper Look Into Susan Middletons Spineless“Beneath the ocean waves, hidden from our view, a spectacular profusion of life flourishes. The vast majority of marine creatures are invertebrates, animals without spines, and they embody some of nature’s most exquisite creations. They are nature’s fashion show, the haute couture of marine life.”MORE

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All I Want For Christmas Is This Paracentropyge Boylei

10628613 10205505397022719 4524282756182204369 n All I Want For Christmas Is This Paracentropyge Boylei
Ok, and a few dozen other incredible species, but check this out! Every now and then a photograph shows up that really just strikes you, capturing the incomparable, delicate beauty of a certain species. In this instance, this image of a robust Paracentropyge boylei, the candy cane striped specimen known lovingly as a Peppermint Angel, comes to us just in time for the holiday season from Chingchai Uekrongtham. MORE

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Freeze and repeat. What is a sustainable marine aquarium?

amazing coral reefs 12 300x225 Freeze and repeat. What is a sustainable marine aquarium?Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit these days. As America moved towards a “green” revolution a few years back, the word sustainable and green got tacked on to many things. Here where I live in Maryland, a local HV/AC provider started advertising that they offered a “green” way to heat or cool your home, tagging the slogan “sustainability you can count on” right to their service trucks. Nothing had changed, they still installed HV/AC systems based on whatever technology client’s selected. Clorox released a line of “green works” cleaners, the sustainable way to clean up your messes. Many other companies jumped on the bandwagon of green, and suddenly consumers were left wondering if these were truly sustainable products, or if it was all hype.  MORE

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Video: Red Sea REEFER™ systems get video lowdown

 Further to their recent announcement which we broke here on Digital-Reefs, Red Sea have just published a detailed video tour of their REEFER™ series on Youtube. You have to hand it to Red Sea, the presentation is very slick and gives plenty of useful information. The systems look great too and you can be sure we’ll be watching what hobbyists across the globe make of them in the coming months. More: Video: Red Sea REEFER™ systems get video lowdown

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