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The Return of the IceCap 660 Ballast

0ef9IceCap IC 660 Ballast The Return of the IceCap 660 Ballast
After a brief time away from the aquarium industry, IceCap is officially back in the game and they’re brining their most popular product back with them. The ever popular IceCap 660 ballast is the flagship product making its return to the lighting scene, and it will offer the same great quality and features that made it so popular to begin with. The 660 can fire VHO, PC or high output T5 light bulbs while running cooler than other ballasts while using 40% less electricity and burning 40% brighter. Single 660 ballast can run up to 4 lamps or 440watts and is fully dimmable for T12 style VHO bulbs. On top of that, the ballast is fully repairable and comes with a three year warranty. As for new features of the ballast, most things are unchanged from its predecessors, but will utilize higher quality, non lead “RoHS Compliant” integrated components that allow the ballast to run cooler, reduces the failure rate, and even makes them a little more environmentally friendly. Now, I do realize we stated that the ballast is making its return, but it should be noted that it really never quite went away. IceCap’s former VP Chris Conti went to CoralVue after the company shut it’s doors, and when he left, he took the IceCap 660 and other products with him. The 660 was rebranded under the CoralVue name, but it just wasn’t the same MORE: The Return of the IceCap 660 BallastMore:

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EcoTech Marine Celebrates Radion XR15w Launch by Giving One Away

0519Radion XR15w Pro Giveaway EcoTech Marine Celebrates Radion XR15w Launch by Giving One Away EcoTech Marine is generously giving away one of their brand new, just released Radion XR15w Pro LED fixtures to one lucky hobbyist in a Facebook promotional contest. To enter, all you have to do is click like, make a comment, and share the original contest announcement posted on their Facebook page. This will net you three entries ink the contest, and hopefully a brand new light fixture. The contest is open now until August 15th at midnight. Besides the light, the winner will also receive a free t-shirt and a bottle of EcoTech Elements Coral Glue. Continue below for the full announcement. In celebration of the release of the new Radion XR15w Pro LED fixture, we’re having a Radion Giveaway right here on Facebook! One lucky winner will receive an EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro! That’s not all, either… the winner of the contest will also receive a complimentary bottle of Elements Coral Glue and T-Shirt MORE: EcoTech Marine Celebrates Radion XR15w Launch by Giving One AwayMore:

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EcoTech Marine Announces Radion XR15w Pro LED Fixture

777bEcoTech Marine XR15w Pro EcoTech Marine Announces Radion XR15w Pro LED Fixture We’ve been dying to make this announcement for almost three weeks now, and the cat is finally out of the bag. EcoTech Marine is releasing their all new XR15w Pro, and as the lingo suggests, this version of the Radion is smaller than its XR30w brethren, offering up a single LED cluster but all of the same awesome features. A total of 21 LEDs fill out the lone cluster, and it features a full spectrum output with a touch of UV that has been optimized for coral growth. In terms of size, the new XR15 measures just 7″ x 7″ with an expected light spread of roughly 20″ x 20″. This spread is achieved by the standard issue 80 degree TIR lens, though a 120 degree TIR lens will also be available for those needing just a bit more. The wider lenses give the XR15 a 24″ x 24″ light spread. The maximum PAR levels are around 825 with a peak power consumption of 85 watts. In typical EcoTech fashion, the XR15w Pro will be equipped with the same wireless technology that is found in other products of the brand. The on-board RF Module makes compatibility and communication seamless, letting the light work with other lighting and flow products via the ReefLink and EcoSmart Live software. MORE: EcoTech Marine Announces Radion XR15w Pro LED FixtureMore:

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Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New Colors

3866Giesemann New T5HO Lamps Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New Colors
Much like everyone else at Interzoo, CoralVue and the product manufacturers for whom they distribute have been extremely busy with new product launches. Giesemann Aquaristic, who happens to be one of those companies, has released a new and improved line of their popular T5HO Powerchrome Lamps. Now in their 12th year of production, the PowerChrom lamps have been a popular choice amongst aquarium keepers, including yours truly. Despite being relatively unchanged over that span, for 2014 they will be seing some updates that will include several new colors. To keep the product line up to par, cheesy pun intended, Giesemann has incorporated the latest in fluorescent technology by using the newest advancements in Tri- and Penta-phosphor blending which is said to increase performance and coloration, as well as extend the life of the lamp. Color wise, the PowerChrome lamps will be introduced in seven new colors to replace the previous generation. These include two geared toward freshwater and five for saltwater. MORE: Giesemann Updates PowerChrome Lamps with Latest and Greatest T5HO Tech, Also Adds New ColorsMore:

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ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture

502cATI Srius X LED Fixture ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X Fixture ATI Aquaristik is no stranger to aquarium illumination. For many years, their Powermodule T5HO fixtures have topped the wishlists of many a hobbyist. But over the last few years, T5HO lighting has waned in popularity, giving way to LEDs. ATI seemed to have reisted the trend, as they slowly adopted LEDs into their lineup and only initially as supplemental lighting in their Powermodule hybrids. But, the times seem to be a changin’ and it appears that ATI is finally coming fully on board with LED technology as their latest light fixture sports nothing but tiny little emitter goodness. The ATI Sirius X LED fixtures sport an array of LED clusters, with each pulling about 75watts. The clusters are composed of 13 LEDs each, with the embedded colors being six Cree XPE Blue, two Luxeon M Royal Blue 450nm, two Luxeon M Cool White, two Cree XPE Red 620nm, and one Semileds Violet 420nm. This grouping of LEDs is further broken down into four independently controllable color channels, and to further play to our contol freak needs, the individual clusters themselves are independently programmable from others in the fixture MORE: ATI Finally Goes Full Fledged LED with New Sirius X FixtureMore:

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Ecoxotic Unveils Their Latest E-Series RGB Wireless LED Fixtures

040eEcoxotic E Series Full Spectrum LED Ecoxotic Unveils Their Latest E Series RGB Wireless LED Fixtures Ecoxotic is bringing a new product to the table, bolstering their LED striplights to now include a full spectrum model in the E-Series. This new series of striplights uses RGB technology, tossing in a daylight white LED to further beef up the spectrum to meet the needs of all your aquatic livestock as well as give more color options for fine tuning. Speaking of which, the fixture can be contolled wirelessly through an infrared remote, allowing for a huge assortment of colors and even simulated cloud cover, thunderstorms, a robust sunrise/sunset sequence, and an after hours moonlight. The LEDs are split across two channels, which Ecoxocit says was done to allow the color and growth capabilities to be separately tuned. Along with the RGB and wireless control, the E-Series features a sleek aluminum housing, polished reflector, 120 degree optics, and adjustable mounting arms that can be made to fit aquariums of various sizes. If mounting the lights directly on the tank aren’t an option, a set of canopy brackets is also included. The Ecoxotic E-Series lights are available in lengths of 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ with the prices starting at $140 and climbing to $330. The adjustable legs add another 6-12″ of reach depending on the light fixture. MORE: Ecoxotic Unveils Their Latest E-Series RGB Wireless LED FixturesMore:

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Kessil Unveils Spectral Controller for A360 LED Fixtures

1d7eKessil Spectral Controller Kessil Unveils Spectral Controller for A360 LED Fixtures Kessil is making headlines today with the recent announcement of their very own controller, called the Spectral Controller. This new device, which is said to be the size of a smartphone, is designed to work specifically with the Kessil A360 LED light and all future releases. It has the ability to control up to two different sets of lights via two separate 0-10V output ports, but don’t translate that as just two different lights. Instead, the Spectral Controller can program multiple lights spread across two separate “groups”. A prime example would be lights over two different aquariums or if you use a Kessil fixture for your refugium, you could change the lights over the display tank independently of the refugium light. Powering the controller is a micro-USB that can be plugged into a wall outlet or computer USB port. When not plugged in, the controller retains all programs and settings, so all of that hard work isn’t lost when the controller is taken offline. MORE: Kessil Unveils Spectral Controller for A360 LED FixturesMore:

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Giesemann Packs Robust Control Features Into New Matrix-II DIMTEC T5HO Fixtures

c296Matrix II DIMTEC Giesemann Packs Robust Control Features Into New Matrix II DIMTEC T5HO Fixtures Giesemann is one of the few companies out there that isn’t abandoning the tried and true T5HO technology, and in fact, they are still making groundbreaking strides that keep it totally relevant in a time dominated by LED light fixtures. Around a year ago, Giesemann revamped the look of their Matrixx T5HO fixtures to bring their aesthetics in line with their gorgeous Teszla and Futura LED products, and just a week ago they announced even more upgrades. The brand new Matrixx-II DIMTEC will share the same sleek look as its predecessor, but will also incorporate full Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to communicate with a variety of devices including personal computer, Macs, and Android powered devices. The user interface is provided by Giesemann’s own software package, which is very similar to the one used on the Futura LED system. The key selling features of the software include: Point to point multi-plot light cycle programming allowing smooth transitional lighting phases across an available 920 set points. Fully independent channel control over 2 – 4 channels dependent on light unit connected. Transitional color shift dependent on the mix of tubes across each channel. Fully adjustable cloud and weather simulations Fully adjustable lunar phases. Creation of dedicated user profiles MORE: Giesemann Packs Robust Control Features Into New Matrix-II DIMTEC T5HO FixturesMore:

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