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CORAL Interview: Ken Nedimyer

62edKen with a tray of corals CORAL Interview: Ken Nedimyer
In 1977, a major cold front struck the southeastern seaboard of the U.S. Snow fell in the Florida Keys and the water temperatures plunged in that normally tropical environment. Ken Nedimyer, a young reef fish collector from Key Largo, bore witness to the first of several events that, collectively, would drive the region’s most dominant species of coral to the brink of extinction. Over the next three decades, Nedimyer’s life and the lives of his state’s threatened coral reefs have been inexorably intertwined as he, and others who share his passion for Florida’s diverse reef environment, have struggled to make sense of the mass die-off of some of the Keys’ oldest and best-adapted aquatic residents. For Nedimyer, just understanding this new phenomenon was not enough. His objective from the outset was to use that understanding to stop and ultimately reverse this destructive process. “Ken Nedimyer is a real-life aquaculture action hero,” says Jeff Turner, head of Reef Aquaria Design, the creator of the Smithsonian Institution’s critically acclaimed new 1,500-gallon reef aquarium. “He is doing something for our reef systems every day. He is not just talking about it.” Dead Elkhorn Coral on Molasses Reef, which Nedimyer hopes to restore. Such praise for a marine fish and invertebrate collector is significant—especially in Florida, where such activities are often viewed with great skepticism. But for all who know him, Nedimyer is one of those special individuals who puts much more into preserving and restoring Florida’s fragile reef environment than he could ever remove as a commercial collector of marine organisms for the aquarium trade. Turner cites, as an example, Nedimyer’s establishment of one of the world’s first live-rock nurseries off Tavernier Key in 2001. Nedimyer was given state and federal permits to MORE: CORAL Interview: Ken NedimyerMore:

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Reef Threads Podcast #141

claytonpetfavia02 300x200 Reef Threads Podcast #141In this week’s podcast we talk about past-podcast downloads, MACNA, BAP 2013, the aquarium trade, reef animals as decorations, school science dissection, and a tank’s first birthday. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Christine and GaryMore:

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Stylophora pistillata – Hardy and B

resized stylo Stylophora pistillata   Hardy and B This beautiful Stylophora is one of Reef Gen’s captive grown varieties that has great survivability and color.  The Stylophora pistillata imported from the wild do not come in great numbers like other stoney corals, but are very much as beautiful and hardy as any.  The coral farmers and aquaculture facilities have been aware of this and many are now growing some very colorful morphs of this species.  The survivability and hardiness of this coral makes it a favorite within the science and research institutions, so a demand exists other than for the aquarium trade.  It is considered a Near Threatened (NT) species, which is a conservation status assigned to species or lower taxa that may be threatened in near future with extinction, although it does not currently qualify for the threatened status.… More:

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Preliminary Review of Miguel Tolosa’s Practical Coral Farming 2nd Ed.

6461Practical Coral Farming Preliminary Review of Miguel Tolosa’s Practical Coral Farming 2nd Ed. Recently, our mailbox greeted us with a pleasant surprise in the form of a new book, the 2nd edition of Practical Coral Farming by Miguel Tolosa. Admittedly, we haven’t read the book from cover to cover since we’ve only had it a couple of days, hence the reason why this is just a preliminary review, but in our limited hands on time, we’ve enjoyed both the flow of the text and the information it contains. As expected, the 141-page soft cover book is loaded down with info about corals and fragging techniques, but to our surprise it also has plenty of insider information that sort of lays out how many of the gears move within the industry. As with just about any coral centric book, Practical Coral Farming was full of images, most of which were taken by the author, which isn’t always the case in books these days. There were images from others in the aquarium trade, including several from Marc Levenson that focused on coral pests. But what we were blown away by was the quality of those images. There were plenty of times where we just stopped to look at the pictures, often bypassing much of the text as we excitedly flipped the pages. MORE: Preliminary Review of Miguel Tolosa’s Practical Coral Farming 2nd Ed.More:

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Our Favorite Fish That Made an Appearance in 2012

our favorite fish that made an appearance in  atno 0 Our Favorite Fish That Made an Appearance in 2012 Over the past 12 months, we have written all about new aquarium equipment releases from a whole bunch of different manufacturers, and we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about all of the exciting rare livestock that showed up this year. After all, it’s the livestock that is the driving force in this hobby. So, we’ve compiled a year long roundup of some of our favorite fish that we wrote about in 2012. Some of the fish in our list are showing up as one-of-a-kind aberrant individuals, while others are just so rare in the hobby that their presence is deserving of our attention. Either way, the list is full of fish that we’d only be lucky to see in a public aquarium or in a video online.  Read MoreMore:

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