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Tank Profile: Roy Seine’s Alluring 312-Gallon Reef

When I came across a full-tank shot of this large aquarium, I knew I had to learn more about the system and its owner. Great profiles, large coral colonies, showcase-size specimens, and a clean bare-bottom layout all collaborate to catch the eye of many an aquarist, including myself. So let’s dive in…just try not to splash! The Aquarist An interesting aspect of profiling aquariums that have drawn my gaze is finding out about the hobbyists behind them. Roy Seine, the aquarist responsible for the previously mentioned acrylic box reef, has been keeping marine aquariums since 1990. It’s not surprising to hear he favors small polyp stony (SPS) corals and giant clams, and that appreciation comes through in this salty display. During his two-plus decades in the hobby, Roy has maintained a number of aquariums ranging from 1 gallon all the way up to 500 gallons.

Fincasters Episode 46: New Desktop Aquariums From Fluval

Fincasters Episode 46 New Desktop Aquariums From Fluval Fluval is out with two cool new desktop aquariums that make keeping a small reef easier and more affordable than ever. From: fincasters Views: 3 0 ratingsTime: 04:20 More in Pets & Animals

Reef Threads Podcast #204

The lionfish appetizer as served at GW Fins in New Orleans.It’s time for podcast #204 and the Reef Evangelist is not happy. Before she blows off steam, we talk about eating lionfish, our “Where you listen contest,” and reef season. Then we talk about why it is that people are always making reef-aquarium keeping sound so difficult as we tackle the blog post “11 Hard Truths About Marine Aquariums. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine Hard truths?

Do You Need a Chiller for Your Marine Aquarium?

When temperatures rise, you should keep an eye on your aquarium.In a previous post titled “Turning Up the Heat on Tropical Saltwater Aquariums,” I explained that it’s important to maintain a stable water temperature somewhere in the range of 76° and 80°F in marine tanks, and that using a quality submersible heater will help prevent the temperature from dropping below that range. But what about the opposite extreme? What about preventing the water temperature from climbing too high and stressing the inhabitants in a tropical marine tank? Do you need to buy an aquarium chiller for that purpose? Well, the answer to that question is “possibly.” Here are some factors to consider in determining whether a chiller might be a sound investment for you and your saltwater critters: Summer highs in your area Summers here in Toledo, Ohio can be stiflingly hot, and it’s not unusual for the temperature to fluctuate by many degrees in a relatively short period—75°F one day, 95° the next, and 103° the following Sunday. If you live in an area that’s subject to similar scorching temps in summer or all year round, your marine livestock can really take a beating depending on how your home is cooled—which brings us to… Whether your home has AC Having central air conditioning in your home, or even a window air conditioner to cool the room that houses the aquarium, can eliminate the need to invest in a chiller.

Fistafiltration Teasing New Nano Reactor

IMG_0020Our friends at Fistafiltration are showing off their new Nano Reactor, which is designed to hold solid carbon biopellets for your reef aquarium.  The reactors can be configured to hold any type of media, including pellets and Purigen.  Manufactured in the UK and available in most of Europe, the reactor is rated for up to 100 liter aquariums and can very easily be set up as a Hang On Back (HOB) reactor.  If you’re interested in one of these units, contact David at Fista.… More:

Interzoo 2012: The Red Sea booth

Continuing in Hall 4, we also visited the Red Sea booth. What struck us most were undoubtedly the aquariums, modular, and complete, really well done.

They had shows three different sizes of aquariums, the largest of which was really nice also for animals contained.


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