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Heart beating in developing Banggai eggs

 Not much to say about this, except it is pretty cool. For more about breeding these fish check this out – http://packedhead.net/2008/breeding-the-banggai-cardinalfish/… More:

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CORAL Video: Spectacular Softies Reef

 No music and no Acropora, but this video shows an exceptional home “softie” coral tank with some huge, decades-old colonies. Watch for the Genicanthus pair that appears to be thriving in these surroundings. Credit Aaron Ro 240-gallon soft coral-dominated reef aquarium.
Most corals were moved in to this tank in 2006 from other tanks. The oldest pieces are clones of a 30-year-old toadstool, most others are 8-10 years old. Fish currently in the tank: Yellowtail Damsel, Mystery Wrasse, Japanese Masked Angel pair, Banggai Cardinal, Marine Betta. MORE: CORAL Video: Spectacular Softies ReefMore:

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Can unusual suspects reform the aquarium livestock trade?

650dRet Talbot 586x315 web1 Can unusual suspects reform the aquarium livestock trade?

CORAL Senior Editor Ret Talbot, lead author of THE BANGGAI CARDINALFISH, coming soon from the Banggai Rescue Project.

 Opinion By Ret Talbot Excerpt from CORAL, May/June 2013 I was having a conversation last night with a person who knows his way around the marine aquarium livestock trade and hobby. We were discussing the future of both trade and hobby in light of the increasing number of potential restrictions to keeping fishes and other marine animals. Any of these—the current NOAA proposal to list 66 species of coral under the Endangered Species Act or the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act, recently reintroduced in the U.S. Congress, for example—could end the aquarium trade as we know it. So could recent, well-funded efforts by, amongst others, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Defenders of Wildlife. I suppose the stunned outrage and anger with which some aquarists have responded to these threats—real and perceived—on social media and in online forums is understandable, but should we really be stunned or outraged? MORE: Can unusual suspects reform the aquarium livestock trade?More:
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Reef Threads Podcast #111

0c66rettalbot01 300x246 150x150 Reef Threads Podcast #111 Ret Talbot joins us this week to talk about fisheries developments and the Banggai Rescue project. This week we welcome back Ret Talbot to talk about recent activity in the Hawaiian fisheries, how those decisions are influencing global fisheries and supply chains, the Banggai Rescue project, and the potential impact of all of these developments on the future of our hobby. If you have any interest in the future of marine aquariums, we urge you to listen to this podcast, share it with your hobby friends, and post a link to the podcast in local club and hobby-wide forums. Our access to fish and corals is rapidly reaching a turning point and all hobbyists need to be informed and take action to protect the hobby we enjoy. A big thanks to Ret for dedication to covering these issues, balanced reporting, and generosity with his time. Download the podcast here , or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes . Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.— Gary and Christine Hawaii Contacts Testimony for the West Hawaii Regional Fishery Management Area rules package can be submitted via mail or email to the following addresses: Mail: Division of Aquatic Resources 74- 380B Kealakehe Pkwy. Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 Email: darkona@hawaiiantel.net Testimony for the Hawaii Administrative Rules for management of aquarium fish collecting on O’ahu can be submitted via mail or email to the following addresses: Mail: Division of Aquatic Resources 1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 330 Honolulu, HI 96813 Email: Alton.K.Miyasaka@hawaii.gov Support PIJAC PIJAC’s website is www.pijac.org

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Reef Threads Podcast #111More:

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