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Candy Bass, Candy Basslet, Liopropoma carmabi

Good morning gang, here is one of the hands down most beautiful fish in the Caribbean and sadly no diver will ever get to see it!! This colorful beauty is called a Candy Basslet, Liopropoma carmabi and lives at around 225 feet!! This is considered a Sea Bass in the Serranidae family and only grows to be about two inches in length! As you can see, these mini sea bass are boldly marked with stripes generally in shades of light brown to red-brown or yellow-brown alternating with red to maroon but stripes may be occasionally yellow to lavender or even blue as you see here!! They typically inhabit deep coral reefs and rubble slopes and are very reclusive and will remain hidden inside recesses until danger passes

Golden Basslet, Liopropoma aberrans, Eyestripe Bass

Good morning from the ABC Islands!! I have a real treat for you all today especially for my fish collectors out there. This is the mega-rare, Golden Basslet, Liopropoma aberrans or we call them here, the Eyestripe Bass. Your looking at one of the rarest, most beautiful fish ever brought up from the depths and to date we have only found and collected 10!! This is an adult male, the juveniles are completely yellow with just a faint orange glow on their bellies, as they get older they get more of this beautiful orangish-red color to their bodies. These are found and collected by our new 1000 foot submersible called the “Curasub” at www.substation-curacao.com We find these fish in little caves or parked next to solitary stones, never near the walls. They seem to love areas near sandy slopes or little rubble piles the most and are always found hidden behind rocks most likely so they can ambush prey. This species like other basslets is very shy and solitary, we sometimes will see two in one area but they are always spaced 10-15 feet apart.  They are found at depths between 450 and 800 feet and researchers are thinking there could be two or three different species yet to be found. Once brought to the surface which takes about a week, they are taken into our deep-water lab (it’s very cold in there) and fed live mysis (type of tiny shrimp) which they seem to love. Like other basslets they also feed on just about anything that moves and are very aggressive hunters. So if your reading this and all ready thinking, “I gotta have one”, be prepared to shell out around $6,000!!!  Yes, you read that right, in fact the first one brought up ended up selling for over five figures!!! I have been told that these fish can live a long time and they seem to do well in captivity, they just need plenty of places to hide and lots of live things to eat!! I am off to the sea, we have two sub runs today!! Have a wonderful day, Barry/www.coralreefphotos.com

Captive-bred Lipogramma klayi

Post-larval Lipogramma klayi You can now add the high-priced bicolor basslet, Lipogramma klayi, to the list of marine species that have been raised for the first time at the Long Island Aquarium.  Thanks to another generous donation from one of my biggest supporters, Forrest Young at Dynasty Marine Associates, I have had the privilege of conditioning a small broodstock (2 pairs) of L. klayi for the last couple of months.  Last week we were rewarded with our first glimpse of a newly settled bicolor basslet in one of our rearing tanks.  Now that we’ve seen their price plummet from… More:

It’s settled! First captive bred candy bass, Liopropoma carmabi

After a staggering larval period of 126-143 days, three of the candy bass larvae at the Long Island Aquarium have finally reached settlement. … More:

Rare basslet lands at Long Island pet shop

Banded basslet, Lipogramma evides at Country Critters

 Country Critter’s pet shop in Patchogue, NY has landed a specimen of the rare, deepwater basslet Lipogramma evides. This small reef fish from the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean is normally found at depths of 145-365m (480-1200ft)! Collecting fishes at these depths requires the use of mixed gas diving or submersibles and a decompression period of several days, which accounts for their rarity in the trade as well as their impressive price tag. Although we’ve seen this fish on reefbuilders in recent months when it showed up at a Japanese dealer, it’s likely that this banded basslet is currently the only one in the United States. At first glance, L. evides may just appear to be a… More:

Liopropoma Update

A 69-day-old larva

 It’s been more than two weeks since I posted news of the first settlement of a Liopropoma bass at the Long Island Aquarium.  I know at least a few of you are eager for an update, but there really hasn’t been anything new to report…until now.… More:

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