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The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months

IMG 2776web The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months
As an update to the feature on our test tank in issue 43 of UltraMarine magazine way back in December 2013, we thought it was high time we put together another of our ‘black tank updates’ as the system has also recently passed the minor milestone of 18 months old. Plenty has happened since we wrote that update for UltraMarine, let alone over the last 12 months since our last update on here, so let’s dive right in before anything else happens! OK, so in terms of equipment, without doubt the biggest change has been the installation of a new acrylic sump. We made this change because we wanted to try out a new skimmer and unfortunately the water level in the original sump was too high to allow for headroom of this new model, given the water depth required. So, after having used the Hydor Performer recirculating skimmer for a few months, we’ve now got a Vertex Omega 150 running on the system. Running smoothly for several months, this skimmer sits in a More: The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months.More:

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“6″ is a New Movie Exposing Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and Mass Extinction

 The production team that filmed “The Cove”, a popular documentary that brought to light the extreme dolphin slaughtering in Japan, is back with a brand new movie that will focus on the larger issues of illegal wildlife trafficking and the possibility of mass extinction that are both taking place in oceans and seas across the globe as we speak. Simply called “6″, this movie utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and undercover tactics to expose the black market trading of endangered species, such as products made from whale sharks, giant clams, and hundreds of others. The trailer for the movie, posted above, shows some of the guerrilla reporting tactics used by the team, as they scour the streets of various Asian communities exposing black market dealers, who obviously aren’t always thrilled to find out they’re being investigated by the production team. Also displayed in the brief promo is a more positive side effect of the team’s efforts…a public awareness campaign involving a mobile projector, a fast car, and one very talented NASCAR driver. The trailer shows Leilani Munter driving a Jaguar fitted with a video projector around various parts of what we presume to be cities in the United States. The projector blasts imagery of marine life onto surrounding buildings, no doubt captivating pedestrians and drivers alike. Since increasing public awareness about travesties such as those currently taking place on the black market is so paramount to sparking a change. MORE: “6″ is a New Movie Exposing Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and Mass ExtinctionMore:

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King Helmet, Cassis tuberosa, Queen Helmet

5c89Helmet 1 457x305 King Helmet, Cassis tuberosa, Queen HelmetHello friends, I was out in the water most of the morning and am finally back inside warming up. Our cool find today was a small, live 4-inch King Helmet, Cassis tuberoas shell. We don’t see these much around here mostly because they usually spend their days buried under the sand and only come out at night to feed. The top photo shows the bottom of the animal with it’s mantle and foot mostly retracted. The second photo shows our little King right side up, mantle/foot out and on the go leaving a trail of slime in his path, notice the cool operculum in the back. The third and fourth photos show his or her beautiful little eyes at the base of his tentacles. MOREMore:

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CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2014

GreenChromisSchool crop 2 CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2014
As soon as CORAL Magazine’s 2013 Captive-Bred Marine Fish Species List was published last year, new additions started to show up. Several species that were left off the 2013 list have now been added, as well as new species that were confirmed as being captive-bred during the year. More than 30 new species have been added to the list, bringing the total to over 250. While there haven’t been a lot of new species released commercially by the large aquaculture facilities this year, there have been some exciting developments. From ORA: Black Cardinalfish (Apogonichthyoides melas) Black Watchman Goby (Cryptocentrus fasciatus) Randall’s Assessor (Assessor randalli) From Bali Aquarich: Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) Maze Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus) From Rising Tide: Green Chromis (Chromis viridis) French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) One of the more exciting additions to the list is the Red-Striped Pipefish (Dunckerocampus baldwini) bred by Jim Welsh in Northern California. Welsh’s work with the species yielded market-sized offspring in less than six months from the beginning of the project. (A report on this project will appear in the March/April 2014 issue of CORAL.) Following up her success last year with Genicanthus watenabei, Karen Brittain in Hawaii has continued to pursue angelfish breeding projects. She started off revisiting Reef Culture Technology’s success with Centropyge interruptus as part of her “A Girlfriend for Fabio” IndieGoGo campaign, and promising progress was made in the second half of 2013 pursuing a species first with Paracentropyge venusta. Hopefully we will be able to put the Venustus Angelfish the list next year. During 2013, in an effort to narrow down the definition of “what is” a captive-bred marine fish (along with other trade jargon), Richard Ross dedicated an issue of his Skeptical Reefkeeping series to the subject. Ross, along with Kevin Erickson, has compiled a detailed list of terms and definitions used when referring to the origins of our marine livestock. MORE: CORAL Magazine’s Captive Bred Marine Fish Species List for 2014More:

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Overnight Sensation: New Captive-bred Reef Fish from ORA

Eastern Hulafish Web Overnight Sensation: New Captive bred Reef Fish from ORA
Meet the Eastern Hulafish, Trachinops taeniatus, the newest aquacultured fish for the reef aquarium and exclusively available from its breeder, ORA in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This sub-tropical species is from New South Wales off southeastern Australia  and is related to the Assessors and Comets, all in the family Plesiopidae. The fish is not unknown to marine aquarists and divers who study the reef fishes of Australia, but it comes from cooler temperate waters where little commercial collecting takes place. “The Eastern Hulafish is native to the southeast coastline of Australia where the MORE: Overnight Sensation: New Captive-bred Reef Fish from ORAMore:

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Endangered Corals, Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata

9bc8Elkhorn web 457x303 Endangered Corals, Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmataGood morning from the Caribbean. Sorry about the no-blog yesterday but since it was an all out island holiday I took the day off from anything involving a computer! We started our day off yesterday with a nice 2 hour walk with the dogs along the shore of Saint Joris Bay, we collected beach treasures, the dogs collected sand! My find of the morning was a new piece of driftwood that will be used for our existing “driftwood Christmas tree”, the old trunk on last years tree was curved and not tall enough, this one should be perfect. MORE: Endangered Corals, Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmataMore:

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Black Spotted Feather Dusters, Open and Closed

dce2Black Spotted FD 1 457x305 Black Spotted Feather Dusters, Open and ClosedHi all, how is your week treating you??? Tomorrow is an island holiday (Curacao Independence Day) and we have the day off. I think Stijn has the day off as well so we will most likely be diving or go snorkeling and in the evening we wanted to do a fun night dive.  Last night Aimee and I finally booked our flights to Peru!! We will be going there at the end of April 2014 through the middle of May, we just need to find someone to babysit our dogs!! MORE: Black Spotted Feather Dusters, Open and ClosedMore:

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A Modern Guide to Buying Seahorses

8ba6picking out a seahorse fish store 600x347 A Modern Guide to Buying Seahorses Are you considering purchasing seahorses but are unsure of where to start or afraid they are too difficult? Seahorses do need a specialized setup, but are not nearly as hard to keep as they once were. Advances in breeding have given us seahorses that are fully adapted to life in the aquarium. This buying guide covers what every aquarist needs to know about purchasing healthy seahorses before making that leap.  More: A Modern Guide to Buying SeahorsesMore:

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