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AquaIllumination Prime LED Aquarium Light Review

Ai Prime

Aquarium lighting has undergone a revolution in recent years, overwhelmingly because of the introduction of high power light emitting diodes, or LEDs. Being involved with high-end residential construction business, I’ve  witnessed LEDs “rise to dominance” in a relatively short period of time. While the aquarium and horticulture industries were among the first to adapt this new source of artificial light, home improvement businesses quickly followed, and went over and beyond with the introduction of home automation systems, where electronic devices are connected to a central hub and can be remotely accessed and controlled through an interface installed on computers and mobile devices. These days, a cellphone-controlled light bulb or an advanced smoke detector that sends text messages to home owners whenever it detects carbon monoxide are a reality within reach of the average consumer. Moreover, the technology changes so quickly, it drives prices down to the point that nowadays, an LED is a common technology most people come into contact with it in everyday life . Fish tank lighting manufacturers, trying to keep up with the trend, implemented at least some level of automation into their fixtures, most often through auxiliary controllers and wireless hubs that consumer had to pay extra for. Until now … … More:

MACNA 2012 Coverage: Aquaticlife new 3W Cree fixture and other LED lights

 Aquaticlife secured their brand as an aquarium light solutions manufacturer when they introduced a line of affordable T5 fluorescent fixtures. It turned out their lights were not only priced right, but also reliable and equipped with interesting features. For the 2012-13 season, AquaticLife tries to duplicate this win scenario by entering the LED craze. Their product catalog expanded, featuring three different lines of LED panels, from a low power SMD diodes light to a full blown fixture using 3W LEDs.… More:

Veritas Control LED

A company called Veritas Controls showed up at this year’s MACNA, presenting their range of LED fixtures for an aquarium hobby. Their booth had all three models targeted for different needs of fishkeeping enthusiasts. I’ve talked with the gentleman at the booth and he explained to me briefly what Veritas Control has to offer in terms of LED lighting.… More:

XP-G2-New LED emitter from Cree announced!

Good news for everyone interested in DIY LED lights- Cree, one of the best known corporations manufacturing high power LEDs, just went public announcing a new emitter. A successor for the greatly respected XP-G chipset, the new Xlamp XP-G2 ffers up to 20% brighter light and better lumen to dollar ratio. XP-G2 has identical to it’s older version dimensions, which means all the optics made for xp-g should work with the second generation without any problems. This move allows Cree to shorten the manufacturing process and release it to markets much faster. Quick look at the data sheet (you can download it as a pdf file here: ) reveals how powerful the new chipset is. The lumens output seems to be lower at the same current when compared to original XP-G, but the forward voltage on XP-G is lower at given current by approximately 0.1V, giving the new chipset higher actual lumens to watt ratio. It’s not revolutionary, but XP-G2 is clearly more energy efficient. The new dome lens gives a different light emission angle, 115 degrees instead of XP-G 125 degrees, making Cree’s XP-G2 a little narrower beam of light. The biggest advantage of the new XP-G2 is not the efficiency, but new materials used to built the chipset. Cree tried to lower the cost of LED manufacturing for a long time and with the use of silicone carbide as a build material, XP-G2 could be much more affordable than any previous high power LEDs. Cree didn’t publish any info about pricing yet, but if their claims prove to be true we can expect another LED revolution soon and a step forward for LEDs to replace other light sources in everyday use. I’ll keep you informed once I know more about the new LED. More:

DIY Reef Lighting: New color choices for DIY LED lights

Predictions were correct- high power light emitting diodes are overtaking the aquarium industry and starting to show up in everyday lighting solutions, replacing other conventional light sources. Our hobby is currently experiencing a true LED revolution- almost every respectable company has at least one model of light fixture featuring light emitting diodes, with many more still in the making. On top of that, the industry shifts it’s focus from PAR wars to products featuring more control-ability on consumer’s end and offering a broader spectrum of light. After all, we underestimated the LED chip light capabilities- a single diode delivers a massive amount of highly directional light that’s capable of growing almost any type of photosynthetic coral spiece.… More:

Cree Ups The Ante Again

Cree, considered by many to be one of the best producers of quality LEDs, has created a new super bulb.  It was created as part of a Department of Energy sponsored “L Prize” contest designed to create specifications for new “21st century bulbs”.  Cree’s entry not only crushed current bulb technology but created a new standard even for LEDs.  Cree has dubbed the unit “The 21st Century Lamp” and at just 8.7 watts with an output of more than 1,300 lumens it will be at least a little while before we see anyone knock this bulb off its throne.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.