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MACNA Coverage: Red Sea new line of large aquariums

 Red Sea plug-and-play family of aquariums grew with a whole new line of large systems called Max-S series and Red Sea’s MACNA booth had one on display. This beautiful, modern design aquarium comes in three sizes, 400l (110g), 500l(135g) and 650 (175g). Built of 1/2″ glass (5/8″ for the 650l) with low-iron glass front and side panels, the tank is a true head-turner.… More:

MACNA Coverage: Innovative Marine Nano tanks

Innovative Marine is a relatively new company on the US market, however they offer a wide range of products for reefkeeping enthusiasts. Their booth at 2012 MACNA in Dallas showcased, amongst other equipment, a line of nano/pico aquariums. The sleek looking, modern design fish tanks are offered in several sizes and configurations, all sharing some key features, like… More:

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