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MACNA Coverage: Reef Savvy booth

The South Florida-based aquarium manufacturer Reef Savvy came to MACNA with the intention to show their work and I must say they’ve had some great looking tanks at the conference’s floor.… More:

Veritas Control LED

A company called Veritas Controls showed up at this year’s MACNA, presenting their range of LED fixtures for an aquarium hobby. Their booth had all three models targeted for different needs of fishkeeping enthusiasts. I’ve talked with the gentleman at the booth and he explained to me briefly what Veritas Control has to offer in terms of LED lighting.… More:

MACNA Coverage: Robosnail

Tired of manually scraping the aquarium glass of unwanted algae? Wish there was something that would do it for you so you can have an unobstructed view of your little piece of ocean at all times? Enter the world of Robosnail, an automatic glass cleaner designed to free aquarists from an ardous task of algae scraping.… More:

MACNA Coverage: Fluval Prototype Nano Tanks

Fluval showed off their prototype nano aquariums line for the first time at this year’s MACNA in Dallas. I’ve been told they’re so new they don’t yet have a name for them. Following the recent trend for nano tanks, Fluval line featured three glass tanks of approximate volumes: 15, 24 and 35g standing on a modern wood stand.… More:

MACNA 2012 Coverage: Hikari brand new Herbivores Food

Hikari, a Japanese company known for their broad range of fish and invertebrate’s foods, showed full line of their products in Dallas and boy, with that many choices, there will be no fish (or shrimp, crab, anemone and anything in between) left behind. Sinking wafers, flakes, pellets, pills as well as frozen and freeze-dried specialties, you name it… With this amount of menu items it’s important to mention Hikari’s  new product- Seaweed Extreme wafers&pellets.… More:

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