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Fish Health Through Slime

fish slime1 Fish Health Through SlimeFish diseases—they are the meat of fish forums and the subject that takes up the most ink (or whatever causes words to form on a computer screen), so for today’s post, I am going to discuss fish immunity in relation to fish slime. Fish, like every organism, have an immune system that is specifically designed to function in the environment they live in, using as its source of energy the food that the creature is able to acquire through its intake devices, or mouth parts. The immune system is one of three parts of a fish that needs to be fueled to keep the fish operating at peak efficiency. The other two parts are growth and reproduction. If fish don’t take in enough food or get the wrong types of food, there will be less energy to fuel those systems properly and one or all will suffer. More: Fish Health Through SlimeMore:

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Anti-HIV Protein Found in Cnidarians

A recent chance discovery by scientists that were thumbing through the National Cancer Institute’s extract repository, has produced a possible anti-HIV protein from the coral phylum Cnidaria. The proteins discovered were then purified and tested on HIV cells and scientists found that these proteins attached themselves to HIV cells inhibiting the transfer into the human bodies T-cells (the most targeted cell by HIV). Senior investigator of this study Barry O’Keefe adds: “The natural products extract repository is a national treasure, you never know what you might find. Hopefully, discoveries like this will encourage more investigators to use this resource to identify extracts with activity against infectious disease.” Read more here!ElecMicro of HIV Retrovirus serum isolate Samp HM47 Anti HIV Protein Found in CnidariansMore:

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7 Guidelines for Mindful Medication of Marine Aquarium Fish

fish medication 300x169 7 Guidelines for Mindful Medication of Marine Aquarium FishLet’s face it, when a fish in our care exhibits symptoms that might suggest disease, we want to fix the problem and we want to fix it fast. What that usually means is running to the local fish store and frantically scanning the medication aisle for a product that seems to cover the condition in question and, even better, promises a quick, easy cure. But in our haste to dose the aquarium, it’s all too easy to overlook the fact that imprudent use of aquarium medications can actually be much more harmful to fish than the maladies they’re formulated to treat—in other words, if medications aren’t used properly, the cure can be worse than the disease. Before administering any medication to your marine aquarium fish, consider the following 7 guidelines: #1 Rule out environmental factors first An ammonia spike, inappropriate water chemistry or temperature, and excessive dissolved pollutants are just a few examples of environmental conditions that can cause fish to manifest physical or behavioral symptoms similar to those brought on by disease, such as: More: 7 Guidelines for Mindful Medication of Marine Aquarium FishMore:

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Interzoo 2012: The Prodibio booth

DSG 2876 Interzoo 2012: The Prodibio booth

Walking inside the Stand 4, we visited the small stand Prodibio that  seemed extremely interesting. I presume that you all know the Prodibio as one of the most important companies in the production of bacteria for aquarium, and that therefore many of you have used the mythical glass vials.

  During the show Prodibio presented a new protocol for the treatment of diseases in aquariumMore:

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