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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #100: Don’t Believe The Rumors

Cleaner shrimp make a flashy and useful addition to any saltwater tank. With their long antennae and their eye-catching colors, you (or your kids) will fall in love with them. While cleaner shrimp are great eye-candy, there is only one cleaning job you should trust them to do. P.S. Don’t miss the bonus section to this week’s tip! Tagged as: cleaner shrimp , friday am quick tip , ich , marine velvet

Get the Facts on Curing and Preventing Marine Fish Diseases

After my marine velvet outbreak where I lost 12 fish in 3 days, I set out to take the confusion out of treating and preventing fish diseases in saltwater tanks. I did it by reading the scientific papers to give you the straight (and easy to understand) facts and I partnered with a fish disease expert to bring you The No-Nonsense Guide to Marine Fish Disease, Treatment and Quarantine. Read more here Tagged as: fish disease , ich , marine velvet , quarantine fish , quarantine tank

Local Fish Stores vs. Local Reef Clubs: Is One Better Than Another?

In dealing with a dilemma, I had an interesting thought. Here’s the link to the video Tagged as: local fish club , local fish store

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