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Andrea’s Negusanti Italian Marine Aquarium

acquario marino andreanegu danireef 2 Andreas Negusanti Italian Marine Aquarium

Here we are to introduce and comment one of the most beautiful reef tanks I’ve ever seen. Most of all, we’d like to admire the skill of Andrea Negusanti, aka AndreaNegu, who was able to have as many as two of his tanks awarded as “tank of the month”. We’re also proud to have Andrea as the centerpiece of our italian-pizza-and-aquarium-lovers group “MagnaRomagna“.

Andrea’s tank was tailored in order to fit into his home environment and is based on a custom Elos tank (125x70x55) entirely made in extra clear glass 15 mm thick. The tank’s gross capacity is 480 liters, which is also the system’s overall capacity, also considering sump volumes.


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New Reef Keeper Module

controllers digital aquatics reefkeeper elite lite 300x135 New Reef Keeper Module Digital Aquatics has released yet another module in their long line of add-ons. It’s early on in the press of this one, but from what I can tell it is simply a multiple temperature probe hub. It will allow the user to have up to four temperature probes run from the same controller, and should monitor and control them all separately. This would mean that hobbyists with multiple systems could monitor them all from the same central system, and that some level of redundancy could also be built into a system with multiple probes on the same tank. This new module will connect to any Reef Keeper model. Pre-orders will be available in late August, so if this device interests you, look for that shortly. http://www.digitalaquatics.com/More:

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