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Elos Test Kit: Ca Calcium

Today I present to you the Elos water test kit for Calcium. The test kit consists of a good-sized box that contains a paper with instructions, a leaflet, one glass tube with the Elos symbol and its plastic cap, three small bottles containing the liquid reagent called A, C, and D, a B powder reagent, a syringe, and the classic Elos measuring spoon.… More:

Elos Water Test kit: Mg Magnesium

elos test magnesio mg
After presenting the Elos test kit alkalinity KH (you can read the article here), today I present the Elos test kit Mg Magnesium. As you can see from the photo, the test kit consists of a good-sized box that contains the folding paper with explanations, the leaflet, one glass tube with Elos symbol and its plastic cap, three small bottles containing the liquid reagent called A, B, D, a powder reagent C, a syringe and the classic Elos measuring spoon.… More:

Elos Water Test kit: KH alkalinity

elos test carbonati kh
I started talking about Elos test kits in 2007, and have been replacing them as I do every 6 months, I’d like to give you an overview of my experiences. Let’s start with the Elos Alkalinity test, or KH.

  As you can see from the photo, the test kit consists of a good-sized box that contains the folding paper with explanations, the leaflet, one glass tube with Elos symbol and its plastic cap, a small bottle containing the liquid reagent called KH and a syringe.… More:

Elos Planet PRO Debutes at MACNA with Loads of Wireless Features

MACNA is always a playground for new products, and the high end aquarium equipment manufacturers from Elos didn’t disappoint. Although their typical vehicle for new product releases has traditionally been the internationally renowned aquarium show, Interzoo, they treated MACNA attendees to their latest developments in the LED world. Elos unveiled their Plant PRO while shacking up with CoralVue in one sprawling booth. CoralVue recently took over exclusive distributorship of the entire Elos line for North America, hence the announcement at this year’s show, but I digress. The new Planet PRO is absolutely packed with features, including impressive modularity of the LED components, programmable NFC tags (a first for the aquarium industry as far as we are aware), an on-board timer, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth. It’s basically got all of the most popular methods of wireless control, and the fixture looks oh so sexy to boot. The new Elos Planet PRO comes packed with 24 LEDs, but that number can be tripled (up to 72 LEDs total) by swapping out the LED strips. With this option, users can not only customize the intensity of the fixture, but they can also pick and choose which colors to use to give you the most control over how the aquarium looks. The color options include white, red, blue, green and UV. The fixture comes stock with 120 degree lenses, but they can be easily exchanged with a variety of available lenses that include 15, 25, or 80 degree optics

CoralVue Sinks a Small Fortune Into MACNA Booth to Show Off Elos Products

When a wholesale company acquires exclusive rights to distribute a popular product, there’s generally a great deal of excitement to be had. Such is the case for CoralVue, who recently struck a deal with the high end aquarium equipment company, Elos. But CoralVue isn’t just sending out newsletters to celebrate their new relationship. Instead, they are rolling out the red carpet and sinking a bunch of money into their booth at the quickly approaching MACNA. From what we’ve been told, CoralVue has already spent in upwards of $30K on their booth, and the event is still a month away. The booth itself is actually a “quad” booth, meaing it essentially takes up the space of four smaller booths. On top of that, tons of Elos equipment will be flown in to be put on display, and if the tanks are set up even half as well as those from last year’s show, we are all going to be in for a huge treat. Additionally, an Elos rep has been flown in from Italy to hang out at the booth for the duration of the event. We’ve spoken to the guys at CoralVue a time or two over the phone regarding their new partnership with Elos, and we can safely tell you that they are ecstatic about it. Not to mention, they hinted at possible better prices and availability on the entire line thanks to their purchasing power.

Elos USA Liquidation Sale Has Many Items at Half Price or Better

With the recent transfer of exclusive distributorship of Elos products from Elos USA to CoralVue, there is an overabundance of leftover products at Elos USA that are in need of liquidation. The former distributors are now offering up deep discounts on their remaining stock, with most of those discounts exceeding 50%. The remaining products include a wide variety of aquarium equipment and foods, including protein skimmers, light fixtures, substrates, test kits, and more. The skimmers and light fixtures, in particular, are the most heavily discounted items. Of course, supplies are very limited, and they won’t be restocking any of those items. So, if you’re in the market for any of those products listed on the Elos USA liquidation site, you better act fast. That list is shrinking on a daily basis and once they’re gone they’re gone.

CoralVue Takes Over Distributorship of Elos Products

CoralVue, a distributor for popular aquarium products like Reef Octopus and Maxspect, is adding another brand to the ranks with the recent announcement that they will become the new North American distributor for Elos Aquarium products. Despite just gaining sole distributorship of the fine Italian products, they aren’t strangers to Elos by any meass. In fact, CoralVue started carrying the Elos line almost two years ago, but still had to compete with Elos USA and Proline Aquatics. Obviously that has all changed, and the announcement was just revealing enough for us to know that something went wrong behind the scenes. While we do not know the specifics, it was made very clear that Elos USA would no longer be involved and all open orders with them would become null and void. In the official email announcement that was sent out on Friday, CoralVue stated that one of their goals was to replenish Elos products to current customers and kindle any lost ones if possible. Though vague, it’s still pretty telling. We cautiously assume Elos USA dropped the ball in a significant way, allowing CoralVue to step in and prove themselves worthy of the task of being numero uno. We might be looking a bit too far into that statement, as the reasons could be far different, but CoralVue was there when Fin’s Reef fumbled the Maxspect product line and look what happened. Besides that little hint at distribution issues, the announcement also states that CoralVue took over as of June 1st and that consumable products (test kits and foods) will be available sometime this week. From CoralVue: We are proud to announce that as of June 1st CoralVue will become the new North American distributor for Elos Aquarium products. As the new Elos product distributor we will continue to provide the fine Italian line of aquarium products available to the North American aquarist. Our first goal is to replenish the Elos product to current Elos customers and kindle any lost ones if possible. Consumable products like aqua test kits and foods will be available as early as next week. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this arrangement, an Elos product or where to purchase please do not hesitate to contact CoralVue at the following phone numbers or email addresses.

Andrea’s Negusanti Italian Marine Aquarium

Here we are to introduce and comment one of the most beautiful reef tanks I’ve ever seen. Most of all, we’d like to admire the skill of Andrea Negusanti, aka AndreaNegu, who was able to have as many as two of his tanks awarded as “tank of the month”. We’re also proud to have Andrea as the centerpiece of our italian-pizza-and-aquarium-lovers group “MagnaRomagna“.

Andrea’s tank was tailored in order to fit into his home environment and is based on a custom Elos tank (125x70x55) entirely made in extra clear glass 15 mm thick. The tank’s gross capacity is 480 liters, which is also the system’s overall capacity, also considering sump volumes.


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