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New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap

518eIceCap Liquid Dosing Pump New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCap The IceCap brand is continuing its expansion with the release of their new single channel dosing pump. Based on the popular peristaltic pump design, the IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump is great for adding all sorts of supplements to your aquarium, including two-part supplements, kalkwasser solutions, top off water, and pretty much any other type of liquid. The pump will be offered in the form of a master unit, seen above, and a slave unit that presumably lacks the onboard controls. Instead of those controls, it will receive all of its operating instructions from the master unit, and up to four units can be linked together. The Liquid Dosing Pump can dose anywhere from 1-99ml of solution per cycle, with a maximum of one cycle per hour and a minimum of one per nine days. As for other features, the dosing pumps have a Delayed Mode Operation which prevents the dispersal of liquid whenever the unit loses power, being especially useful when more than one dosed is being used. Additionally, the doser can be calibrated in order to keep up with its accuracy and it even has a service door latch that makes maintenance quick and easy. MORE: New Dosing Pumps on the Way from IceCapMore:

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Tunze Shows Off New Care Magnet Algae Scraper

a221Tunze Care Magnet Tunze Shows Off New Care Magnet Algae Scraper More new products from Tunze today, as they’ve unveiled their magnetic algae scraper at Interzoo. Called the Care Magnet, this new scraper sports a thin, ergonomic handle to which plastic blades are attached at either end. This patented algae scraper has an inconspicuous profile within the aquarium, making it less obtrusive to the look of the tank while also letting it slip behind rocks, plants, and corals with ease. The Care Magnet’s patented features center around the scrapers themselves. It uses plastic blades of varying lengths, which place different pressures on the glass or acrylic during its use. This allows the narrow blade to remove tough algae, such as coralline, while the wide blade allows the magnet to tackle larger areas or places where the algae is easier to remove. This unique design allows the Care Magnet to work in tight corners and even on curved aquariums, while at the same time not scracthing up the inside of the tank. The inner magnet is said to be 3mm from the walls of the aquarium, which prevents sand from getting stuck between it and the glass. That said, the strenth of the magnets is said to make separation of the scraper “nearly impossible”. In addition to that, the blades on one end can be removed, effectively turning the Care Magnet into a handheld algae scraper MORE: Tunze Shows Off New Care Magnet Algae ScraperMore:

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Reef Threads Podcast #183

reefthreads1 Reef Threads Podcast #183

We return once again, this week to talk about Live Aquaria acclimation directions, fish acclimation, Habitattitude website, Reefs.com app, MACNA keynote Luiz Rocha, Steinhart Aquarium, Martin Moe’s updated book, price-per-polyp selling, and Diver’s Den soft corals. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine More: Reef Threads Podcast #183


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Not Long Now Until UK ReefFest

IMG 72381 300x199 Not Long Now Until UK ReefFest Outside of the Aqua trade show events which come up once every couple of years (and which are more ’general’ aquatics tradeshows anyway), reef hobbyists in the UK don’t really have too many events to look forward to beyond local club gatherings. However, this looks set to change in 2014 with the ReefFest event which is scheduled to be held at The Aquarium at Cockfields Farm over the weekend of 17-18 May. As one of the top UK stores, Cockfields promises to not only be rammed with some fabulous livestock for the weekend, but also various manufacturers will be in attendance and there should be a chance to snap-up some good deals. Cockfields are even offering attendees the option of camping overnight at the site and of course there are plenty of other activities lined up to keep the whole family entertained. As ever, keep it here for our summary of the event which will as ever feature a raft of high quality imagery, plus we’ll be taking time to grill our various trade contacts to bring you all the latest news and gadgetry. Who knows, we might even find time to come away with some new stock for the test tank. For more information check out their UltimateReef thread HERE. More: Not Long Now Until UK ReefFestMore:

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Innovative Marine’s New SkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer is Sure to Be a Crowd Pleaser

cfacSkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer Line Up Innovative Marine’s New SkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer is Sure to Be a Crowd Pleaser Innovative Marine is back with another ground breaking product for the world of all-in-one marine aquaria. Announced just yesterday, and in a far too subtle fashion in our opinions, the SkimMate Ghost is a new protein skimmer that looks to bring serious performance to IM’s AUQA GADGET lineup. The SkimMate Ghost is a drop-in skimmer that will be available in three distinct sizes, each of which will fit nicely into the rear chambers of the NUVO aquariums whose name they bare. For example, the SkimMate Ghost DeskTop skimmer is designed to function seamlessly with the DeskTop model of the NUVO aquariums, and so on. In terms of features, the Ghost will sport a compact design that recirculates bubbles passively to increase dwell time. Additionally, the skimmer has an enlarged inline air silencer box, a bubble diffusing plate, an adjustable air valve, and a needle wheel impeller. The design keeps the air line tubing neat and kink free, and the collection cup design isn’t all too different from other popular drop-in skimmers that have been around for a while. MORE: Innovative Marine’s New SkimMate Ghost Protein Skimmer is Sure to Be a Crowd PleaserMore:

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How to Reduce the Risk of Flooding with Hang-on-Back Overflows

hob flood 300x169 How to Reduce the Risk of Flooding with Hang on Back OverflowsMarine aquarium hobbyists whose tanks didn’t come with a built-in overflow or can’t be drilled to accommodate one (i.e., those made of tempered glass) sometimes choose to use a siphon-based hang-on-back (HOB) overflow to feed water from the aquarium to a sump. These overflows come in different designs, but they’re all more or less a variation on the same theme. In very simple terms, they consist of two chambers: a slotted box that is positioned inside the tank and skims water from the surface, and another box that hangs outside the tank. Water is drawn from the inside chamber to the external chamber via a siphon tube (or sometimes more than one tube). The water then flows under the influence of gravity out the bottom of the external chamber, through a hose, and down into the sump, where it’s pumped back to the main tank through a return hose. While this type of overflow can be a viable alternative to built-ins, it does have some possible drawbacks, not the least of which is the potential for flooding your fishroom in the event of a power outage, pump failure, or loss of siphon. More: How to Reduce the Risk of Flooding with Hang-on-Back OverflowsMore:

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Mini Maxi Spawning at Tidal Gardens

minimaxi2 300x189 Mini Maxi Spawning at Tidal GardensFor years now, we have been propagating mini maxi anemones. They are easy to propagate by cutting them in half and letting them heal for a month or two. Most aquacultured corals are asexually produced either by allowing them to split naturally or by propagation techniques such as cutting and remounting. It is very uncommon to see sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction in anemones is done by way of broadcast spawning, in which the anemones release both sperm and egg into the water column. Fertilized eggs later settle on the substrate and form new colonies. Coral and anemone spawning in home reef aquariums is not unheard of, but it is uncommon. The main reason coral spawning is uncommon in most home aquariums is the close tie between spawning and the lunar cycles. Anemones rely so much on the moon for sexual reproduction that there is no guarantee an egg will come in contact with sperm. If they mistime their release of gametes by as little as 15 minutes, the chance of successful fertilization occurring is greatly minimized. More: Mini Maxi Spawning at Tidal GardensMore:

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