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Fauna Marin in the U.S.

fauna marin products - reefsGermany’s Fauna Marin, a leader in the marine fish and coral food industry for over 20 years, has just announced the opening of their first U.S.-based warehouse! In April of this year, the company’s products became available in the U.S. through both Los Angeles-based Oculus Aquatics and internet giant Bulk Reef Supply, and the overwhelmingly positive customer response prompted Fauna Marin’s management to move forward with plans to open a permanent facility in the country. The company is also known for its line of premium tank supplements and additives, including Balling Method supplies. This daily-dosing regime involving calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness, and trace elements replaces the use of a calcium reactor for saltwater and reef tanks; Leonardo’s Reef has a great article explaining the method. The move will allow the company to improve product availability, bring in new products, and directly handle support questions as it distributes products wholesale to the trade. All North American dealers will now be able to order directly from “Fauna Marin USA”, located in West Haven, CT.  And if there is a specific product that you are looking for, the company encourages you to call them at (203) 871-1194 or send an email to sales@faunamarinusa.com, and someone will be happy to help you find the retailer closest to you.… More:

Dinoflagellates, how to solve the problem with Fauna Marin Ultra AlgeaX

dinoflagellati in acquario ed il suo rimedioThe dinoflagellates in the aquarium are a problem to be reckoned with, I did it and what you see above is the result… but how can you intervene in a case like this? The dinoflagellates are extremely small, almost microscopic, algae, equipped with flagellates, prone to reproduce themselves in an extremely fast. My infestation comes from far away, but with the previous LED ceiling light, the Sicce GNC AM466, after several months, it seemed that the problem had almost disappeared, while the transition to the new ceiling, the Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w, the problem has come back stronger than ever. At first I tried to keep the dKh high… More:

Andrea’s Negusanti Italian Marine Aquarium

Here we are to introduce and comment one of the most beautiful reef tanks I’ve ever seen. Most of all, we’d like to admire the skill of Andrea Negusanti, aka AndreaNegu, who was able to have as many as two of his tanks awarded as “tank of the month”. We’re also proud to have Andrea as the centerpiece of our italian-pizza-and-aquarium-lovers group “MagnaRomagna“.

Andrea’s tank was tailored in order to fit into his home environment and is based on a custom Elos tank (125x70x55) entirely made in extra clear glass 15 mm thick. The tank’s gross capacity is 480 liters, which is also the system’s overall capacity, also considering sump volumes.


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