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Checkin’ Out Will’s Mixed Reef Tank

Checkin' Out Will's Mixed Reef Tank I haven't done a tank video in a long time, mostly because I'm a hermit, but I did manage to get out of my pajamas and visit my friend Will. Will is a long-time customer of Tidal Gardens... From: tidalgardens Views: 0 0 ratingsTime: 07:16 More in Pets & Animals
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Don’t Get Burned by Flame Scallops!

Mention beautiful bivalves for the marine aquarium, and the various tridacnid clams (the so-called giant clams) will probably come to mind. Likely, the flame scallops of the genus Ctenoides will too. However, while the tridacnids have a fairly decent survival record in captivity if given proper care and a suitable environment, the flame scallops usually fare dismally in aquariums. The two usual suspects Based strictly on my personal observations, the two flame scallops you’re most likely to come across in the aquarium trade are C. Scaber (formerly Lima scabra), found in the Caribbean, and C. ales (formerly Lima ales), also known as the electric or disco flame scallop, from the Indo-Pacific. They range between 3 and 4 inches in diameter and have white shells and red to orange-red tissues. They also have long, tapering red, or sometimes white, tentacles extending from the mantle
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4 Marine Aquarium Problems That Sneak up on You

There’s an old saying that only bad things happen quickly in a marine aquarium. That’s certainly true enough, but it’s also important to keep in mind that some problems that can affect the health and wellbeing of livestock tend to develop very gradually and almost imperceptibly over time. Here’s a quick (but by no means exhaustive) list of some of the sneaky marine aquarium problems that we must be vigilant against: 1) Downward drift in pH Maintaining a stable pH in the desired range of 8.2 to 8.4 demands careful monitoring, conscientious livestock husbandry, and diligent maintenance. Neglect in any of these areas can cause your pH to drift off course, and the trend is usually (though not always) downward as a result of the natural biological processes going on in the tank. In addition to regular water testing, your best hedges against drifting pH are: Performing regular partial water changes Maintaining an appropriate alkalinity level (between 8 and 12 dKH) Providing turbulent water movement at the surface to drive off carbon dioxide Avoiding overstocking and overfeeding 2) Loss of light intensity The gradual loss of intensity in aging aquarium lamps isn’t necessarily a big deal for fish-only and FOWLR tanks, but it can lead to significant problems in a reef system. Not only will the inadequate light level stress your photosynthetic invertebrates, but if you’re not careful, they can also be shocked a second time by the sudden increase in light intensity when you finally replace the lamps. Don’t assume you’ll notice the difference in the output of your aquarium lighting because you won’t until it has grossly decreased. It’s best to replace your bulbs/tubes regularly according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer.
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FishEye Aquaculture Has Nifty New PearlEye Goldflakes on the Way

This seems to be the week of the designer clownfish. Besides the recently announced duo of DaVinci Clownfish from Sea & Reef Aquaculture, we find ourselves now gazing upon some rather amazing Goldflake Maroon Clowns from FishEye Aquaculture. Unlike the traditional goldflakes, however, these offer up something a little extra.
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The MochaVinci Clownfish is Another Nifty Designer Clown from Sea & Reef

Yesterday’s reveal of the brand new and totally awesome Black DaVinci clownfish wasn’t the only news from Sea & Reef Aquaculture. The marine ornamental breeders also unveiled another new object of our desire with the MochaVinci clown. While we don’t think it is anywhere close to the awesomeness of the Black DiVinci, we have our preferences, it’s an interesting fish in its own right. Like the Black DaVinci, the bars of the mocha variant blend together beautifully, though they seem to do so in a much smoother pattern
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Sleeping Parrotfish, Parrotfish Cocoon, Parrotfish

Good morning from wet Curacao!! The rains started at around 2:00 this morning and it’s still going, we have very overcast skies at the moment. Aimee took off out the desert early to feed the birds and to see if she could spot her little pigeon she released a few days ago but no “for sure” spotting. I did a fun night dive last night starting at around 8:00 and took the macro lens as my weapon of choice.
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The Black DaVinci Clownfish is Pretty Awesome

In a world full of designer clownfish, it’s easy to become a little numb to it all. Each company or hobbyist breeder has some wild and tricked out clownfish they offer, with the trends moving toward more polarizing fish with each and every pass. But every once in a while, a totally awesome fish results in all of the mixing and matching, and Sea & Reef Aquaculture have accomplished just that with this Black DaVinici ocellaris clownfish. Like the traditional Darwin Clownfish, a naturally occurring black and white ocellaris clown from Northern Australia, the Black DaVinci sports just the two sharply contrasting colors, but mixes them in with some pretty spectacular patterns
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Reef Threads Podcast #205

Support St. Jude research and give yourself a chance to win this reef system.We’re back again, this week to talk about our “Where Do You Listen” contest, the St. Jude/Reef Savvy reef system raffle, keeping sun corals, and five quarantine-tank myths. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine St. Jude raffle Quarantine myths
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