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Castaway Bathroom

octopus bath artRelease the Kracken!

A few simple touches can liven up the bath. How about a desert-island theme to give morning routines a taste of high-seas adventure?


Giant Barrel Sponge, Xestospongia muta

Good morning friends, this is for those of you just sitting around wondering what is the largest sponge species in the Caribbean. Well, it’s the beautiful “Giant Barrel sponge”, Xestospongia muta and no two are alike. I found this glowing red giant on wednesday at 90 feet east of the Substation and it stands about five feet tall, pretty incredible!! During the day the sponges are home to crabs and shrimps, and all kinds of fish swim in and out of them, they are truly one of my favorite sea creatures!

Banded Butterflyfish, Chaetodon striatus

Good morning all, remember back in January when I took off to the States to help test all the new mountain bikes for Outside Magazine?? Well the video I shot was finally released yesterday and I have it here for you to enjoy this morning. This is an annual event that is held in Tucson, Arizona and not only does one get to ride $12,000 bikes around, you get to ride with some of the best riders on the planet, talk about a blast!! http://www.outsideonline.com/featured-videos/gear-videos/bikes/2014-Outside-Bike-Test.html So, as you can imagine being back and trying to get into the groove of things is not as easy as we had hoped but slowly and surely we are trying, we just miss Peru!! I already started going through my thousands of images and picking out the best which will all go to our editor in Arizona and then eventually be for sale, so if you see something you like, please let me know. Aimee finally got all her Peruvian treasures unpacked, she bought beautiful blankets, hats of all kinds, scarfs, purses, gloves, belts, 3-alpaca stuffed animals and on and on, our house looks very colorful right now!

Free-diving with Dolphins, Snorkeling with Dolphins, Ikelite

Good morning from the Caribbean all!! I’m about as wiped out as a person can be this morning after a crazy busy, but super fun weekend! Saturday was all about the dogs!! I first took them for a three hour adventure on the trails overlooking Vaersenbaai and while I was there did some much needed trail cleaning to an area that never gets maintained. This is an area that has a wonderful mile and a half single-track trail way up high along the cliff overlooking the sea and is one of the prettiest trails in Curacao and few even know it’s there

Modular In-Wall And Peninsula Design Aquarium

SunnyX 225 When we dream of the perfect tank we often think of having an in-wall setup for the simple fact that it looks awesome. You don’t have ANY fish stuff in the room, not even a stand. In-wall setups keep the environment much more controllable and reduces unwanted tampering. This is a very nice setup for someone who does not plan on trying to sell their house for what it was worth before the In-Wall installation. Besides, the humidity often can cause localized water damage to certain materials and that can be a cause for long term damage. Most of us are somewhat mobile with the fluctuating economy. For those of you who know you will need to sell your house but still want that in-wall look there is a very easy alternative that could even be relocated or sold. First you need a tank. You can use any stand that can hold whatever tank you choose, but if it is possible to build one you will have a better time with customizing your access points and you won’t be as limited on sump size. I would have a sump as large as my swimming pool if I had the room for it

Jumping Dolphin, Baby Bottlenose Jumping

Hi all, I have a jumping baby dolphin shot for you all my dolphin lovers out there today. We are gearing up for a busy weekend starting with another blue-light night dive this evening. Tomorrow it’s trail work first thing in the morning followed by a dive, then a long walk with the dogs, a three hour bike ride Sunday morning and a long hike at Porto Mari in the afternoon! Stijn is being dropped off this afternoon at our house with his bike and will be spending the whole weekend with us for once, so while we are doing the blue-light photos tonight he will be looking for lionfish for dinner. Yesterday Aimee and I hauled our driftwood Christmas tree to the North coast and spent two hours setting it up on the sharp limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. The reason for all that work was to photograph it and use it as this years Christmas card which I will be posting soon, we hope you like it.

Snappers, Mahogany and Schoolmaster Snappers

Good morning one and all, how was your weekend?? We have really been watching the news lately and like you can’t believe the amount of storms that are hitting the World lately, this is global warming at it’s finest! Here in Curacao today it’s “dead calm”!!! The ocean is like a sheet of glass with not a ripple to be seen and I’m guessing it’s going to be crazy hot as well! The worst thing here is all the mosquitos that hatched during the last weeks of rain, we have been fighting them non-stop at the house!

Close-Up Gorgonian Polyps, Soft Coral Polyps

Good morning friends, sorry again about the NO Blog yesterday but with my better half gone I have double duty around the house now. So yesterday I took the day off because today, Saturday we have two sub dives, normally we are closed on the weekends. There is a big group of Marine Biologists here on the island right now having meeting and conferences almost every night and this morning some of those folks are going down in our deep-water submersible. Yesterday I started out the day by leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning with the dogs and working on a new mountain bike trail that will take months and months to finish but at least I finally got it started! We ended up only staying out there for two hours because of how hot it gets once the sun comes out and the dogs just can’t take it!! After breakfast I raced to the aquarium and picked up Carole Baldwin (Worlds top fish expert from the Smithsonian) and took her for an hour of beach combing, and it was a blast!

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