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Innovative Marine Adds Two Smaller Tanks to the Fusion Lineup

Innovative Marine is living up to their namesake this week with the announcement of the most well-equipped all-in-one nano aquariums on the market. They are bolstering their Nuvo Fusion lineup, going a little smaller to target those hobbyists who enjoy a beautiful yet insanely functional desktop sized aquarium. The new models will include the Fusion Nano 10 and 20, and despite their size, they will enjoy all of the same features of their larger brethren. That means a 10 and 20 gallon tank with low iron glass (an industry first as far as we know), mesh screen top to keep fish in, built-in overflows, a rubber leveling mat, and some impressive rear chamber filtration. And you know what the real shocker is…the tanks start at just $99. But the fun doesn’t stop there. As IM has done in the past with other aquariums, the lineup has been given access to some really awesome third-party upgrades.

Innovative Marine to Offer Mesh Screen Lids for NUVO Nano Aquariums

When Innovative Marine launched their NUVO Shallow Reef and Fusion series aquariums, they thought out the designs through eyes of aquarium keepers, adding specific accessories that would yield massive benefits. One of these features was the mesh screen that covered the tops of these aquariums, keeping jumpy fish from doing a little carpet surfing. While this screen comes stock with the two higher end systems, IM has decided to release a line of screens to fit many of their popular NUVO Nano aquariums. This upgrade consists of a lightweight mesh screen with a durable powder coated aluminum frame and will fit nicely over the NUVO Nano16, Micro30, and Mini38 aquariums. There are no tools required for the install, and since the screen comes preassembled, all you have to do is tear open the box and set it on your tank, simple as that. Here is a full model breakdown, which includes dimensions and suggested retail prices. -16 Gallon Screen Dims: 22.85” x 8” x 0.35” ($40 MSRP) -30 Gallon Screen Dims: 19” x 13.25” x 0.35” ($50 MSRP) -38 Gallon Screen Dims: 22.75” x 13.25” x 0.35” ($60 MSRP)

Innovative Marine NUVO SR Series Brings Beauty and Function to Large All-in-One Aquariums

For years, all-in-one aquariums have been limited to small volumes and insufficient out-of-the-box features. Most of tanks that saw mainstream success stayed around 30-gallons or less, with just about all of them coming with inadequate filtration for a fully functional reef aquarium. Even adding extra equipment proved to be difficult, as the rear chambers of these tanks were often too small and the built-in lid limited what you could put in the back. Innovative Marine changed all that when they introduced their NUVO line of aquariums. The sleek, open-top aquariums had huge rear chambers for additional equipment, and they even made solid performing protein skimmers and media reactors that could easily fit. After a couple of very successful years, IM has expanded their initial lineup to include the all new Shallow Reef (SR) series, which was designed specifically from a hobbyist standpoint. The new SR tanks come in three beefy sizes of 60, 80 and 120 gallons

Unboxing the Innovative Marine HydroFill ATO Controller System

Innovative Marine has really been rounding out their Auqa Gadget lineup with some very useful products this year, and one of their most anticpated pieces of equipment has been the HydroFill auto top off system. We’ve been covering their entire lineup rather extensively, and we recently had the opportunity to get some significant one-on-one time with this ATO. While we haven’t finished up all of our routine testing, we wanted to just take a minute to share our initial overview and unboxing of the HydroFill, as well as discuss all of the product’s potential uses. Perfect for tanks of any size, the HydroFill system is composed of two independent components, the HydroFill controller and the HydroFill ATO diaphragm pump. Both products are packaged separately and can be used independent of each other, allowing aquarists a little more freedom with pump selection and use. The controller has a single power outlet that has a 1000W, 8Amp/120V capacity. That’s a ton of power, which may seem a bit excessive, but it allows hobbyists to use virtually whatever pump they want to top off their aquariums.

Innovative Marine Adds CustomCaddy Media Baskets to Aqua Gadget Line

Innovative Marine is about to make swapping out filtration media in their Nuvo Aquariums a whole lot easier. They’re set to release a new AuqaGadget, called the CustomCaddy, which comes in three sizes and has removable shelves that can accommodate a variety of filter media or can even be converted into a refugium. The acrylic media holders also have a built-in arm that secure it in place within the rear chamber of an aquarium, with holes in each of the dividers to allow for ample water flow through the media. The CustomCaddy will be offered in three different sizes, with each targeting different Nuvo Aquariums. The CustomCaddy 38 fits the Nuvo Micro30 and Mini38, while the CustomCaddy 24 is designed for the Nuvo 24, and the CustomCaddy 16 for the Nuvo Pico4, Nano8 and Nano16 tanks. The price breakdown for the media caddies is $40, $30, and $20 respectively. Innovative Marine expects the CustomCaddy to start selling from authorized retailers next week.

Innovative Marine’s New MagnaFuge LED Refugium Lighting

The nano enthusiasts at Innovative Marine are continuing their pre-MACNA product announcements with one more addition to their Auqa Gadget lineup. The MagnaFuge LED light fixture, as its name so perfectly eludes to, is a refugium light for the all-in-one Nuvo aquariums. It mounts directly to the back of the tank via neodymium magnets, and after a little peeling off of the black film, illuminates the rear chambers of the tank so that beneficial algae like Chaetomorpha can be grown. It’s not wholly dissimilar from other refugium lights available for AIO nano tanks, but its magnet mounts and powerful LEDs make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of the major benefits of the MagnaFuge, besides supplying a thriving refugium with light, is the fact that it sits behind the tank, out of view. Lights mounted above a rear chamber refugium would be far too distracting, especially if the tank sits in your bedroom and prevents you from getting to sleep in a dark room. In terms of firepower, this low wattage and small stature fixture maximizes its function by using a total of six 1 watt LEDs and 120 degree optics. The output is around the 6500K spectrum, which is definitely a good color for growing algae. The retail price for the MagnaFuge is set at $99, and we’ll be getting plenty of one on one time with it at MACNA next week. Specifications: LED Watts: 6 x 1 Watt Kelvin: 6500K Optics: 120 Degree Lumens per Watt: 120 Current: 350mA 4 Rare earth neodymium magnets Fixture Dims: 4.09” x 0.82” x 7.24” Magnet Dims: 2.76” x 0.82” x 1.77” MAP: $99 embedded content

MiniMax Media Reactor Next Up From Innovative Marine

Today Innovative Marine is unveiling another product to be added to their ever expanding line of all-in-one tanks and accessories in the form of a small media reactor dubbed the MiniMax. Like the skimmer line that was released last year from IM, these reactors will be available in two different sizes which have been dubbed “Desktop,” and “Midsize.” Pricing will also be following along with the SkimMate protein skimmer line with the smaller, 150ml version fetching $99 and the larger, 350ml model retailing for $129.  … More:

Skimmate Desktop Protein Skimmer by Innovative Marine Reviewed

Recently, Innovative Marine released a new offering in the nano reef aquarium protein skimmer market that they dubbed the Skimmate which comes with a design that’s very familiar, until now, only with larger skimmers. Two sizes are available covering tanks up to either 25 gallons or all the way up to 65 gallons depending on which model is selected, and with needle wheel pumps powering both, they are sure to do the job well. 2013-01-11 19.41.27 Following the release of these skimmers, I was quick to jump on board. Being an early adopter of IM’s products, I already have an Innovative Marine 30 gallon Nuvo Aquarium set up and running, so the addition of the Skimmate Protein Skimmer seems all too natural. For my needs, I decided to go with the Desktop model, which is built for the 16 gallon Nuvo, but should fit my tank well.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.