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Interzoo 2014: Ecotech Marine and the Radion Mounting System

The Ecotech Marine booth was showing off the Radion Xr30w G3 PRO, the incredible ReefLink, and last but not least, the Radion Mounting System.… More:

Interzoo 2014: Thrive Aquatics Booth (featuring WaterLab)

We have met Thrive Aquatics during the last Interzoo, and also had the chance to meet them during Macna 2013 at Ft. Lauderdale and now we have met them again to fully understand the impressive WaterLab. Thrive Aquatics is well known in Italy since Interzoo 2012, for their wonderful coral plugs, and for the Tree 360 to contain all the plugs with a tree shape.… More:

Interzoo 2014: the Nyos booth with new Quantum skimmers

Two years ago Nyos shared their booth with Thrive Aquatics, but during this Interzoo they had a much bigger booth, which they shared with WhiteCorals, and has unveiled many other very interesting products.… More:

Interzoo 2014: WhiteCorals displays wonderful LPS corals!

2014_05_interzoo_norimberga_2014_white_corals_037WhiteCorals had the booth together with Nyos in the hall n. 3 of Interzoo, today we’ll speak about WhiteCorals and their corals, and in the next days we’ll speak about Nyos.… More:

Interzoo 2014: Tunze

Let’s continue our trip inside Interzoo by stopping at Tunze booth in the hall number 4. As always, the Tunze booth was spacious and had so many new products to see. We like to see the things from a different angle. So, when we spoke about Sicce we started with their party, for Tunze we like to begin with Tunze’s first skimmer.… More:

Epic Lego Reef Spied at Interzoo

Reef tanks and Legos. It’s an aquarium nerd’s match made in heaven. At this year’s Interzoo, there have been a lot of interesting and amazing reef aquariums, but this one takes the cake for originality. Tropical Marine Centre, like most companies in attendence, have a booth with a reef display. But they didn’t confine their love of reef fish and corals to just a glass box. Instead, they let their creativity take over and assembled an awesome looking Lego reef, copmlete with Lego fish, Lego corals, and Lego live rock. To top if off, they even have a Lego fish assembly area for anyone willing to test their building skills. As for the Lego reef, it is full of pure awesomeness

Interzoo 2014: Korallen Zucht Displays Incredible Corals

interzoo norimberga 2014 lo stand korallen zucht ed i suoi coralli The Korallen Zucht booth at Interzoo attracted a ton of attention. In fact Korallen Zucht is the company that invented the Zeovit method and always brings magnificent corals to events.  Read on for our report and some incredible SPS eye candy!… More:

Interzoo 2014 at Nuremberg, Germany – Our point of view

The 33rd Interzoo 2014 is now behind us. We are on the plane and we’re going home, the ideal time to write our usual point of view. This is the fifth time that I have the luck to be present at what is the largest trade fair in the world for pet supplies. And yet it is always as if it was for the first time.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.