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Fluval Marine & Reef LED 2.0 Review

fluval sea 2.0 Three years ago, I reviewed the Sea LED Light, Fluval’s first attempt to enter the reef-capable LED lights scene. At the time, it wasn’t a revolutionary light, nor was it a high end fixture. However, it had an attractive retail price, a large coverage area, a wide availability through chain pet stores, and it grew less-light-demanding corals just fine. The light became popular, and proved that low-power SMD (surface mounted diodes), when packed together tightly, can support growth of photosynthetic animals in a saltwater setup. The blog donated the light in 2012 to a struggling reefer who had lost his tank during Hurricane Sandy, and he still enjoys it to this day, growing zoanthids and leather corals in a 20g aquarium. A year ago, Fluval announced the second generation of its reef-oriented LED panels, consisting of the Fluval Halo Nano, the Fluval Sirius Reef (which never made it to the shelves), and the subject of my review today, a new version of the Sea LED, called the Marine & Reef Full Spectrum Performance LED 2.0.… More:

Orphek Atlantik P300 – first preview

2015 06 Plafoniera Orphek Atlantik P300 03Orphek recently presented a new LED pendant, the Atlantik P300. Designed specifically for large aquariums, it can successfully replace HQi 1000 watt lamps!… More:

SeaLife LED Aquarium Lighting Review

Sealife LEDI remember the excitement about ten years ago when LEDs first came on the market for reef aquariums. The energy savings and heat reduction of an LED light were the biggest selling points, but the available spectrum array was small. Fast forward a decade, and we’re seeing more and more advances in the quality, construction, and color array of lights on the market. I have had a great amount of success growing and maintaining good coral color with LEDs, and I am always on the lookout for the next step in lighting technology.   I was curious about them, and when The Coral Reef’s owner Johnathan offered me the Reefcrest 26” to review, I happily obliged. The store’s display tank, which I had the chance to peruse while picking up the (light) has terrific color, and is full of thriving Acropora, Montipora, and a multitude of other SPS and LPS coral. The display has been running for 6 months with the new lighting, and the color on the coral was what I would normally expect from species grown under 12-14K metal halides; with full fluorescence, and without any bleaching, which can be a problem when transitioning from halide to LED. 

LED Grown Red Goniopora

LED Grown Red Goniopora

 Armed with my latest toy, I returned to ReefGen headquarters and set up shop. I placed a large array of corals – Acropora, Montipora, Stylophora, and even Goniopora in a 36” by 24” trough, and positioned the light 12” from the top of the water.  Over the course of several weeks most of the coral exhibited the color I would expect at normal lighting levels with metal halide and T5 bulbs. Some of the Acropora on the top most rack, just 2 inches from the surface of the water did experience some initial bleaching, and when I tested the PAR with all the lights full blast the result was over 550. At the bottom of the tank, under 15”inches of water,  I had a reading in the mid 200’s, as strong as any halide.  After getting my high PAR reading I dialed back the intensity and… More:

Pacific Sun’s Cube Bridges the Gap Between Bluetooth and WiFi

For the longest time, Bluetooth technology was one of those highly touted bullet point features of multiple aquarium products offered from lots of different brands. It was supposed to revolutionize how hobbyists communicated with their aquarium equipment. The devices could be controlled wirelessly by all sorts of Bluetooth enabled devices, but due to its severely limited range, it was quickly overtaken by WiFi, which offered worldwide functionality via the internet. Thankfully, those Bluetooth products aren’t in any way obsolete thanks to a new device from Pacific Sun. Called the Cube, this simple little device acts as a bridge between Bluetooth and WiFi signals, allowing formerly Bluetooth only devices to connect to a wireless network and receive work direction from any place in the world.The Pacific Sun Cube will be available in 4Q 2014, which is less than a month away, and it will be compatible with all of their existing products like the LED/Hybrid fixture, T5HO fixtures, dosers, etc. A mobil and computer based app will accompany the release of the Cube, and all of the data will live in the cloud, another ever growing feature of the aquarium industry.Pricing will be announced upon the Cube’s release. In the meantime, check out these screen captures of the software. This entry was posted in Aquarium Equipment and tagged Aquarium Equipment, pacific sun, Pacific Sun Cube by Brandon Klaus. Bookmark the permalink.

Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium Lighting

Many marine aquarists illuminate their refugia with the most basic of lighting systems. These usually consist of an aluminum shop light and a compact fluorescent bulb, which isn’t exactly the most visually appealing arrangement. Eshopps is looking to change all that, however, with the upcoming release of their yet to be named LED refugium light. This sleek little fixture sports a razor thin design that sports the signature blue coloration that permeates thought the entire Eshopps lineup. It has a footprint of 5″ x 4″, with a thickness of just 5/16th of an inch. Helping the light to jut out over the water is a mounting bracket that blends right into the fixture and can affix to acrylic or glass of varying thickness thanks to nylon thumbscrews. Getting back to the fact that the refugium light is without a name, Eshopps is looking for a little help in the creativity department.

LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466 In depth review

DaniReef Marine Aquarium with Sicce GNC AM 466
After a long journey that began in January 2013 we are finally ready to talk in detail of the LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466.… More:

Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano Aquarium

New EcoPico Planted – Upgraded LEDs specific for the green thumbs Inspired by a few passionate green thumbs, the EcoPico Plant was created specifically for aquarists wanting a clean, modern freshwater planted biotope. No matter what your skill level the EcoPico’s simple and elegant design will compliment any room in your home, turning your planted aquascape into a piece of art. Upgraded to include two of our new 8,000K/6,500K white LED strips, you’ll be ready to keep even the most light-loving plants. Ecoxotic’s new EcoPico Planted Nano LED Aquarium System The EcoPico planted aquarium system includes 6mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 1-12000K white/blue and 2-8000K/6500K LED strips, 3-way splitter and step-by-step instructions. Features include: - 9 watts of LED lighting - Full spectrum: 8000K, 6500K, 12000K & a hint of blue - Modern, clean, artistic design - Delivers 90+ PAR at 6″, 40+ PAR at the bottom SOURCE: Ecoxotic.com Newsletter – 5/29/2013

MACNA 2012 Coverage: Aquaticlife new 3W Cree fixture and other LED lights

 Aquaticlife secured their brand as an aquarium light solutions manufacturer when they introduced a line of affordable T5 fluorescent fixtures. It turned out their lights were not only priced right, but also reliable and equipped with interesting features. For the 2012-13 season, AquaticLife tries to duplicate this win scenario by entering the LED craze. Their product catalog expanded, featuring three different lines of LED panels, from a low power SMD diodes light to a full blown fixture using 3W LEDs.… More:

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