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Making the T5 Changeup in Reef Aquarium Lighting

t5 lighting switch 300x169 Making the T5 Changeup in Reef Aquarium LightingRecently, Paul Grant from Advanced Reef Aquarium decided to switch up the lighting on his 240-gallon custom reef tank. Originally, five Aquaillumination Vega Color fixtures were used to power his SPS-dominated reef. He decided to make a changeover to an ATI Powermodule. The Powermodule is a T5-dominated lighting system with LED supplementation. Here’s a video of Paul’s tank with the new T5 lights: [embedded content] No spotlight effect The main reason for this changeover was the significant spotlighting from the LED fixtures. While point light sources are wonderful for the shimmer effect, they can also lead to dark spots in the reef. If those dark spots happen to be on a portion of an SPS colony, that spot may start a die-off that could threaten the whole colony. T5 lighting, in comparison, is much more evenly balanced across the entire length of the bulb, so much less spotlighting and shadowing occurs. Coral color enhancement In my greenhouse at Tidal Gardens, I light mainly with LEDs for aesthetics and energy savings. More: Making the T5 Changeup in Reef Aquarium LightingMore:

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Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium Lighting

c675Eshopps Refugium Light Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium Lighting
Many marine aquarists illuminate their refugia with the most basic of lighting systems. These usually consist of an aluminum shop light and a compact fluorescent bulb, which isn’t exactly the most visually appealing arrangement. Eshopps is looking to change all that, however, with the upcoming release of their yet to be named LED refugium light. This sleek little fixture sports a razor thin design that sports the signature blue coloration that permeates thought the entire Eshopps lineup. It has a footprint of 5″ x 4″, with a thickness of just 5/16th of an inch. Helping the light to jut out over the water is a mounting bracket that blends right into the fixture and can affix to acrylic or glass of varying thickness thanks to nylon thumbscrews. Getting back to the fact that the refugium light is without a name, Eshopps is looking for a little help in the creativity department. MORE: Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium LightingMore:

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LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466 In depth review

2013 10 acquario marino danireef danilo ronchi 103 LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466 In depth review
After a long journey that began in January 2013 we are finally ready to talk in detail of the LED fixture Sicce GNC AM 466.… More:

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Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano Aquarium

7980Banner1202 Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano Aquarium Inspired by a few passionate green thumbs, the EcoPico Plant was created specifically for aquarists wanting a clean, modern freshwater planted biotope. No matter what your skill level the EcoPico’s simple and elegant design will compliment any room in your home, turning your planted aquascape into a piece of art. Upgraded to include two of our new 8,000K/6,500K white LED strips, you’ll be ready to keep even the most light-loving plants. Ecoxotic’s new EcoPico Planted Nano LED Aquarium System The EcoPico planted aquarium system includes 6mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 1-12000K white/blue and 2-8000K/6500K LED strips, 3-way splitter and step-by-step instructions. Features include: – 9 watts of LED lighting – Full spectrum: 8000K, 6500K, 12000K & a hint of blue – Modern, clean, artistic design – Delivers 90+ PAR at 6″, 40+ PAR at the bottom. MORE: Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano AquariumMore:

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MACNA 2012 Coverage: Aquaticlife new 3W Cree fixture and other LED lights

featured11 MACNA 2012 Coverage: Aquaticlife new 3W Cree fixture and other LED lights Aquaticlife secured their brand as an aquarium light solutions manufacturer when they introduced a line of affordable T5 fluorescent fixtures. It turned out their lights were not only priced right, but also reliable and equipped with interesting features. For the 2012-13 season, AquaticLife tries to duplicate this win scenario by entering the LED craze. Their product catalog expanded, featuring three different lines of LED panels, from a low power SMD diodes light to a full blown fixture using 3W LEDs.… More:

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Interzoo 2012: The Aquatronica booth

DSC 2990 Interzoo 2012: The Aquatronica booth

During our trip inside Interzoo we could not miss an historical company for aquarium automation: Aquatronica, which we visited in Hall 2. It ‘s been a pleasure to meet again in person Massimo Brandi, second from left in photo, who strongly wanted Aquatronica and created from scratch.

Today Aquatronica it’s a global reality, and, as we had anticipated a few weeks ago (Aquatronica unveils the new Touch Screen!) the system has been updated with a brand new Touch Screen. I will not repeat what has already been highlighted in the article linked, but seeing it live is truly spectacular.


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Interzoo 2012: The CEAB booth

DSG 2937 Interzoo 2012: The CEAB booth

At booth number 7 we met the Italian CE.A.B., where we were greeted by an uncommon passion for lighting.

We then focused on the new led fixture called Aqua&Led that, in addition to being a fully modular design and assembled at will, may be accompanied by a wide range of LEDs.


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Editorial: the Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg

DSG 2750 Editorial: the Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg
We returned from Interzoo, we are tired but happy, and comments about the show have made their way inside us. This time we were many, a good group, each with its own individuality and each with their own ideas in mind, yet we try to analyze what has been Interzoo for us.

The show, as always, attacks you with its magnificence, the pavilions are many, full of objects to see. We had two days, that sounds like a lot, but eventually they were few. At least I was not able to visit all the stands because I stopped to talk wherever I could, to better understand the products and the individual corporate philosophies.… More:

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