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It’s the Pretty Skirts

Yes, the intense color is impressive but it’s the skirts that add an extra element of interest.

 Zoanthids and Palythoas are not corals that I keep. It’s not that I don’t like them; they simply don’t excite me. How I came to have a colony of Nuclear Green Palys has slipped from my memory, but I enjoy them nonetheless.
I’ve not always had success bringing out their vibrant green color. This time I got close. But it’s a new discovery that gets me excited about this image. Because my “focus” has always been on the intense green color and making that stand out in the image, I had not paid much attention to the “skirt” tentacles. Wow! They’re really attractive! They also do an excellent job of framing and visually containing the vibrant green.… More:

MACNA Corals Photographs Pt.1 (and free wallpaper, too!)

 All photographs by author 2012 MACNA in Dallas welcomed many coral&fish vendors from every part of United States and they didn’t disappoint show attendees by bringing some of the most beautiful and healthy marine creatures, including sponges, photosynthetic and non- photosynthetic corals, clams, anemones and other sessile invertebrates. I don’t know if you agree with me, but… More:

Reefs.com Wallpapers Polyp Extension

There is an ongoing debate about SPS corals polyp extension and how to make your corals show their shear beauty during the photo period time. While in the wild corals usually extend their polyps at night, it’s not rare to see SPS kept in captivity extending their polyps to feed in artificial sunlight we provide them.  … More:

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