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Attention: European Aquarists

Aquarium tank public domain 300x185 Attention: European AquaristsEurogroup for Animals (based in Brussels) is asking MEPs, ahead of the May elections, to sign a pledge to work towards banning the import of wild caught animals OATA (The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) Chief Executive Keith Davenport sees it as the hobby being under threat: “Taken to its logical conclusion this would mean if you want to keep tropical marine or freshwater fish, corals, soft corals or other invertebrates you might as well forget it. All of these are either wild-caught and/or exotic, which means they’re not native to the UK, so they would no longer be available to buy.” OATA is urging keen fish keepers to contact MEPs to urge them not to sign the Eurogroup for Animals pledge.  A special #handsoffmyhobby campaign has been launched to get passionate aquarium hobbyists to shout about what they love about keeping fish. We’re all for keeping the hobby going, but at what cost? Is this pledge not a step in the right direction?  Should exotics be included in the pledge?  Should they not rather say that all exotics should be captive bred?  Why not tell them what you think.  Have a look at: http://www.ornamentalfish.org for more.… More:

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Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis)

eda9122913 445 rainfordia1 Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis)
More: Flathead Perch (Rainfordia opercularis)More:

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Red Sea Mimic Blenny (Ecsenius gravieri)

c114escenius gravieri 102013 0551 Red Sea Mimic Blenny (Ecsenius gravieri) More: Red Sea Mimic Blenny (Ecsenius gravieri)More:

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Red Sea Exquisite Butterflyfish (Chaetodon austriacus)

6198butterflyfish chaetodon austriacus 102013 5611 Red Sea Exquisite Butterflyfish (Chaetodon austriacus)
More: Red Sea Exquisite Butterflyfish (Chaetodon austriacus)More:

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Wrought Iron Butterflyfish (Chaetodon daedalma)

fbd3iron bfly 061311 251 Wrought Iron Butterflyfish (Chaetodon daedalma)
A very challenging fish to photograph. More: Wrought Iron Butterflyfish (Chaetodon daedalma)More:

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Deepwater Rough Tongued Bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis)

03f9pronotogrammus martinicensis 104 Deepwater Rough Tongued Bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis)
More: Deepwater Rough Tongued Bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis)More:

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Long Island Collecting Log, Part 1: October Magic

045Seining for tropicalssm Long Island Collecting Log, Part 1: October Magic

Seining for tropicals on a cool October morning

 As the days shorten and the nights get colder in New York, the beach crowds and SCUBA divers give way to cold north winds and bundled-up fishermen, cashing in on the fall striped bass migration.  Between the less-than-favorable weather, and the need to return to winter routines, many tropical fish collectors around here have thrown in the towel for the season.  But we die-hards have a secret.  … More:
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CORAL Interview: Ken Nedimyer

62edKen with a tray of corals CORAL Interview: Ken Nedimyer
In 1977, a major cold front struck the southeastern seaboard of the U.S. Snow fell in the Florida Keys and the water temperatures plunged in that normally tropical environment. Ken Nedimyer, a young reef fish collector from Key Largo, bore witness to the first of several events that, collectively, would drive the region’s most dominant species of coral to the brink of extinction. Over the next three decades, Nedimyer’s life and the lives of his state’s threatened coral reefs have been inexorably intertwined as he, and others who share his passion for Florida’s diverse reef environment, have struggled to make sense of the mass die-off of some of the Keys’ oldest and best-adapted aquatic residents. For Nedimyer, just understanding this new phenomenon was not enough. His objective from the outset was to use that understanding to stop and ultimately reverse this destructive process. “Ken Nedimyer is a real-life aquaculture action hero,” says Jeff Turner, head of Reef Aquaria Design, the creator of the Smithsonian Institution’s critically acclaimed new 1,500-gallon reef aquarium. “He is doing something for our reef systems every day. He is not just talking about it.” Dead Elkhorn Coral on Molasses Reef, which Nedimyer hopes to restore. Such praise for a marine fish and invertebrate collector is significant—especially in Florida, where such activities are often viewed with great skepticism. But for all who know him, Nedimyer is one of those special individuals who puts much more into preserving and restoring Florida’s fragile reef environment than he could ever remove as a commercial collector of marine organisms for the aquarium trade. Turner cites, as an example, Nedimyer’s establishment of one of the world’s first live-rock nurseries off Tavernier Key in 2001. Nedimyer was given state and federal permits to MORE: CORAL Interview: Ken NedimyerMore:

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