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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #133: Fill That Test Kit Perfectly…Every Time

I might be one of the rare saltwater tank hobbyists that enjoys testing their aquarium on a regular basis. I’m happy testing my tank’s water until the test kit is missing that vital syringe that makes your testing more accurate. When the syringe doesn’t come with the test kit, here’s my easy solution to make testing fun again.

Links in this video: www.mrsaltwatertank.com/testkits

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #105: I’m White, Sticky And I’ll Hold Your Stuff For You

Doing work on your saltwater tank is fun or extremely frustrating if you can’t find the tools you are looking for. To make tool organization really easy, here’s how to kill two birds with one stone. Tagged as: friday am quick tip , tool organization

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the AquaIlluminations Wireless Controller

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are and continue to be very popular with saltwater tank hobbyists. Between the power savings, range of available colors and seemingly infinite controllability, LEDs are here to stay. AquaIlluminations released their wireless controller in an effort to bridge the gap between hobbyist’s wishes for wireless LED control and what’s available on the market. During my review of the controller, I’ve found it to be wireless with a catch and a big footnote. Tagged as: aquailluminations , fail safe , sol , Sol Nano , Vega , wireless LED controller

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a real drag not only for you, but also for people buying your gifts. Between wondering if the person will even like the gift and debating if you can really afford it, holiday shopping can be a real drag. To make shopping easier on you, i’ve put together my 2012 holiday gift guide full of great saltwater aquarium gifts that all cost less than $50 Links in this show: Tagged as: 150 gpd upgrade kit , holiday gift list , nori , screen top , test kit list , water testing

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 225 Gallon VIP Tank 1 Year Update

In the first year of a saltwater aquarium’s life, usually the owner either quits the hobby or has completely fallen in love with their tank. In the case of one of my VIP clients, he’ll readily admit that he has a new love in his life. Tagged as: ecotech marine , neptune systems , radion , stunning saltwater tank , VIP client tank build

Go Plus One: Bump it up a notch

unable to retrieve full-text contentA little overkill is a good thing when it comes to protein skimmer selection.

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Covers MACNA 2012

Each fall, the Marine Aquariums Conference of North American, aka “MACNA” roll around and each fall, reef junkie, reef enthusiasts and tank dabblers travel far and wide to attend.. Why would they do that? Because of the wide variety of vendors in the trade show halls, livestock on display and educational lectures as well. I was at MACNA 2012 to give a presentation on how move a saltwater tank, and to bring you full coverage of what I saw including a joke I played on two friends Tagged as: apex , build my LED , clownfish , ecoxotic , macna , MACNA 2012 , My Reef Creations , neptune systems , proaquatix , punk'd , Reefbrite , water on floor sensor

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #100: Don’t Believe The Rumors

Cleaner shrimp make a flashy and useful addition to any saltwater tank. With their long antennae and their eye-catching colors, you (or your kids) will fall in love with them. While cleaner shrimp are great eye-candy, there is only one cleaning job you should trust them to do. P.S. Don’t miss the bonus section to this week’s tip! Tagged as: cleaner shrimp , friday am quick tip , ich , marine velvet

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