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Nano Jellyfish Tank News

jellyfish tank 2 - reefs
Exciting news from Jellyfish Art!  The Florida company has more than surpassed its $50,000 Kickstarter goal (raising over $300,000 to date!) and will be shipping their new Jellyfish Cylinder Nano just in time for Christmas 2015. The first of its kind, the aquarium is a revolutionary 2 gallon all-inclusive jellyfish aquarium kit, and comes with everything you need to set up the aquarium, including jellyfish food and a voucher for three live Moon jellyfish. When the tank is ready for jellyfish, the vouchers can be redeemed at; the company will express-ship to your doorstep anywhere in the continental U.S..… More:

Sicce Syncra Nano: In Depth Review

Sicce Syncra Nano
 first presented the small Sicce Syncra Nano at the end of last year, and we are here today to present our review of this interesting, tiny product.… More:

Sicce Syncra Nano, a masterpiece of nanoengineering – preview

pompa sicce syncra nano

Sicce has just introduced three new pumps, which we are pleased to show you on The pumps are the new Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 and Sicce Voyager Nano 2000 and the double face Sicce Syncra Nano, which we will see in this preview.… More:

Skimmate Desktop Protein Skimmer by Innovative Marine Reviewed

Recently, Innovative Marine released a new offering in the nano reef aquarium protein skimmer market that they dubbed the Skimmate which comes with a design that’s very familiar, until now, only with larger skimmers. Two sizes are available covering tanks up to either 25 gallons or all the way up to 65 gallons depending on which model is selected, and with needle wheel pumps powering both, they are sure to do the job well. 2013-01-11 19.41.27 Following the release of these skimmers, I was quick to jump on board. Being an early adopter of IM’s products, I already have an Innovative Marine 30 gallon Nuvo Aquarium set up and running, so the addition of the Skimmate Protein Skimmer seems all too natural. For my needs, I decided to go with the Desktop model, which is built for the 16 gallon Nuvo, but should fit my tank well.… More:

Back to the Bubble; 30 days later and a LED

Just over one month ago I took on the opportunity to receive, set up and review the Gen 2 BioBubble Animal Habitat. During that time I asked for and received a the optional 10K LED designed to seat in the spot where the usual cap does. Has 30+ days changed my view of this unit? Read on inside to find out what I think today. … More:

BioBubble Premium Review

 Since it was released to the market in 2010, the BioBubble Animal Habitat has not undergone many changes in design with the exception of some minor tweaks to the filtration system and appearance. The Gen 2 model was unveiled during the Global Pet Expo last month and I was lucky enough to end up getting the opportunity to use and review one of these interesting multi-use pet systems. … More:

Sneak Peak of the New Bigger Fluval Edge

 The original Fluval Edge was a small 6 gallon that came with some big ideas in the way of design. These small tanks brought a gravity defying, new aged look to the aquarium world, but were missing a few features that us reef keepers would like to see. Today Fluval released a shot of their new, bigger Fluval edge, and hopefully with that size will come some refinement that will make these into reef ready aquariums. There doesn’t seem to be any word yet on size, price  or release date, but I’m sure details won’t be far behind this photo.  … More:

Knuckle Coral (“Walking Dendro”)

   It’s not every day that you get to see the rare knuckle coral, and even less often that you get a chance to buy one. One of our sponsors, That Fish Place, has some in stock now, so don’t pass up this opportunity to get yours. “The Walking Dendro is very new to the aquarium trade – only a few have every made it into the hobby so far. It resembles Whisker Corals (Dendrophyllia sp.) and Cup Corals (Balanophyllia sp.) but is actually a very different coral. The coral itself grows on one single head like the Cup Corals but is photosynthetic as opposed to the other two corals mentioned. It grows around a hole in its base where a worm species takes up residence. This worm gives the coral its “walking” reputation – as the worm moves around the tank, it takes the coral with it. The coral can however survive without its worm “transportation”.” -That Fish Place I’ve been lucky to come across a couple of these now and am still entertained every time I find them and study them. Both are kept in a 12 gallon JBJ nano tank, and even in there it’s always a hunt to see where they ran off to and what they’re up to. They have amazing coloration, and to date, have been very easy to take care of. The JBJ is upgraded with a Nano Customs LED retro, so lighting is increased quite a bit from stock. Feedings are very minimal in this little tank, because all that resides in it is a little sixline wrasse and trima goby. Knuckle corals are a great choice for beginners yet are more than interesting and rare enough for expert reef keepers. [stream provider=youtube flv=KQFIeZ_3woA embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /] They can be found for sale from That Fish Place at: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.