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Red Hind, Cleaner Fish, Epinephelus guttatus

Good morning from Curacao, how was your weekend out there?? We finally got a few little rain showers but to be honest it didn’t do much!! On my three hour mountain bike ride Sunday morning I was pretty shocked at how dry the island is looking, I hate the thought of another year of drought conditions! We found yet another bird (big pigeon) in need last night over at our neighbors house, it was just sitting on the steps and not moving very much. I watched for awhile from a distance and then towards dark went to check on him again and he was still there. I calmly walked up the steps, he didn’t move so I picked him up and took him home, he seems to have a bad foot or something, will take him to the vet on Wednesday

Honeycomb Cowfish, Acanthostracion polygonia

Good morning friends, I have a pair of Honeycomb Cowfish, Acanthostracion polygonia for you all today that I photographed just moments before sunset. Every day here on the Caribbean reef around dusk many species of fish set out to find a mate and spawn before sunset, it’s by far the best time to be out with a camera. These unique looking box shaped Cowfish usually spend the day by them selves but around dusk will set out to find a mate. Once found the Male (in front) usually starts the courtship ritual by bumping into the female, swimming fast circles around her and showing off his beautiful electric colors which they can change in the blink of an eye! These fish are fairly uncommon to see and I have never found a baby one, it’s on our top 10 hardest fish to find list

Reef Threads Podcast #212

These guys are not algae eaters.

It’s been a long break but we’re back for first 2015 show. To kick off the year, we talk about feeding algae to Copperbands (not), Bucket-Hand Syndrome, non-natives in Florida, giant clams, staghorn-coral fields of Florida coast, tank maturity, filter socks, and milk filter socks. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

Florida non-natives
First Report (and Removal) of Non-Native Surgeonfish Species in Florida, Ret Talbot, The Good Catch Blog

Staghorn forest discovery
Rare staghorn coral forests found off South Florida coast, Shane Graber, Advanced Aquarist

Reef multi-tools
Giant clams are the Swiss Army Knives of coral reefs, Leonard Ho, Advanced Aquarist

Filter-sock cleaning
When I use bleach to wash the filter sock, skimmer stops foaming, chercm, Reef Central

Deep Sea Stars, Linckia sp. Echinoderms

Good afternoon one and all, sorry about the late post but I have been in the deep-water labs all morning photographing a bunch of new specimens found by the Smithsonian Institution on their submersible dive yesterday. I spent the morning shooting a juvenile four inch toadfish found at around 800 feet, a beautiful hermit crab, two more slit-shells and this giant 12 inch tall sea star you see above. We think this is a Linckia sp. but until we know for sure I will just say “don’t quote me on that”. Unlike brittle stars that are so fragile and can move so fast, this sea star is hard and moves super slow

Blue Light Photos, Great Star Coral Polyps

Good morning all, it’s Black Friday!! I have been so busy this week with Holiday parties, work and cycling that my poor daily blog is just not getting done! I have a crazy beautiful colony of Great Star Coral, Montastraea cavernosa that we photographed the other night with our alien looking blue-lights. Shooting “OPEN POLYPS” like you see above has turned out to be a real challenge! Why you ask, go ahead ask why!!

Blue Light Leaf, Plate and Sheet Corals, Curacao

Good morning friends, I had a question sent in asking if leaf, plate and sheet corals react under blue-light and YES they do!! These thin very breakable stony corals are turning out to be one of our favorites on any given blue light dive and most of them react differently. The tiny star-like polyps (all the yellow spots) have this beautiful yellow glow to them and the rim of the coral is almost a fluorecent lime green, it’s so beautiful to see in person!

Orange Cup Corals Seen Under Blue-Light

Good morning amigo’s!! We had such a great blue-light night dive last night entering at around 7:30 and exiting around 9:00 with very little air left! I used my 28-70 lens that was sitting around collecting dust, I figured I would give the macro a little break and try something new. We had one of those dives that was just fun from start to finish. Aimee was the finder of things, she would signal me with her light, blinding me at times and I would rush over and see what she found, she kept me busy non-stop all night

Reef Threads Podcast #208

A b&w view of Trikentrion flabelliforme.

We’re back! This week we talk about Snorkel Bob’s Hawaii efforts and more beginner tips. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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