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Product Review: RapidLED new solderless LED kits

 Despite the falling prices of new LED lights coming out, DIY approach is still the most cost-effective solution along with the highest level of custom-ability and an unmeasurable amount of fun and pride of building something yourself. In one of my previous reviews I wrote about Rapid LED solderless kit (check it here LINK), an interesting solution for people who are eager to go the DIY route but don’t want to hassle with the soldering part of it. Recently, staff at RapidLED made few changes to their solderless kits and I received the redesigned package for review. Let’s see what’s new in this DIY kit…… More:

Product Review: RapidLED 12 LED Plug-n-Play Retrofit Kit

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been around for quite long in history of consumer electronics. Since the year 1962, when Nick Holonyak developed the first usable visible spectrum LED while working for General Electric , LEDs evolved dramatically and it’s hard to imagine a world without them.More:

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