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Interzoo 2012: The Vertex Aquaristik booth

We continue our trip inside Interzoo and into the hall number 4 to visit the stand of Vertex that welcomes us immediately with a statement of intent, with a list of all new products that were on the booth: Illumina, Cerebra, Mocean, Simplex, Vectra, Alpha and Libra.

Let’s proceed in order, and let’s start with one of the most acclaimed Vertex products, the LED lighting Illumina. Here were presented several innovations like the introduction of a different set of LEDs with other shades of color.


Interzoo 2012: The Coral Shop and booths

Our journey continues in Interzoo always in Hall 4, where we visited two stand closely related one to another, Coral Shop and

Let’s start talking about Coral Shop well known German distributor and magnificent corals retailer, distributor of beautiful products Didosy that we will see in the next pictures.


Interzoo 2012: The Aqua Bee Aquarientechnik booth

Still on the stand 4 we visited the Aqua Bee Aquarientechnik booth, where stood the new UP11000 Elektronic which, as the name, is capable of an output of 11,000 liters per hour and it is electronic.

The pump, being electronics, can vary the motor speed and thus is able to perform differently according to our regulations, and Aquabee had set up an aquarium where you could adjust the pump and in the same time to measure the maximum head, range and fuel consumption


Interzoo 2012: The Hydor booth

Moving to Hall 1 we find the Hydor, Italian brand famous because of pumps, but also skimmers, calcium reactors, and virtually able to meet a wide range of fresh and marine aquarium needs.

Hydor has presented a very useful accessory, economical and extremely well done: the Smart Level Control.… More:

Interzoo 2012: The Aquatronica booth

During our trip inside Interzoo we could not miss an historical company for aquarium automation: Aquatronica, which we visited in Hall 2. It ‘s been a pleasure to meet again in person Massimo Brandi, second from left in photo, who strongly wanted Aquatronica and created from scratch.

Today Aquatronica it’s a global reality, and, as we had anticipated a few weeks ago (Aquatronica unveils the new Touch Screen!) the system has been updated with a brand new Touch Screen. I will not repeat what has already been highlighted in the article linked, but seeing it live is truly spectacular.


Interzoo 2012: The Ecotech Marine booth

At booth number 9 we went to visit Ecotech Marine friends, a well known company specializing in aquarium movement pumps… “unconventional“, which for over a year now, it also presented a beautiful lighting LED.

Therefore we devote the first photo of our reportage to the MP-60, last born from VorTech family, an incredible pump capable of 28,000 liters per hour with a consumption of 60 watts.


Interzoo 2012: The CEAB booth

At booth number 7 we met the Italian CE.A.B., where we were greeted by an uncommon passion for lighting.

We then focused on the new led fixture called Aqua&Led that, in addition to being a fully modular design and assembled at will, may be accompanied by a wide range of LEDs.


Interzoo 2012: The Blau aquaristic booth

Moving between the halls of the fair we arrived at the stand of the German Blau Aquaristic, a well known company for the value for money of his products.

As we had anticipated a few days before Interzoo Blau presented their new and first LED lighting, Blau Lumina LED about which you can read all the features in this post: Blau is ready to present its first LED lighting: Blau Lumina LED

More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.