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Rossmont Mover MX 15200

2015_03_mover, mx 15200, rossmont_07 This beauty is the Rossmont Mover MX 15200. It is not an electronic pump; it has a fixed flow of 15.200 liters per hour, and a power consumption of only 24 watts. This pump was designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, and Rossmont has extended its warranty in Italy on the pumps to 36 months, one year more than the warranty period required by law.… More:

Ultrareef UCS 120 – In Depth Review

2014_05_reattore_di_calcio_ultrareef_ucs120_002I’m here today to tell you about the UltraReef UCS 120 Calcium Reactor, recommended for tanks up to 130 gallons, and tested on my 100 gallon reef tank. The reactor is equipped with a solid pump, the Sicce Syncra 1.5, which I tested in the past and found to be a great product (the review).… More:

Sicce Syncra Nano: In Depth Review

Sicce Syncra Nano
 first presented the small Sicce Syncra Nano at the end of last year, and we are here today to present our review of this interesting, tiny product.… More:

Our in-depth review of the Seneye Reef System

The Seneye system is a new control system just introduced on the market that stands out for being extremely cheap. We just tried the Seneye Reef which will be discussed in this review.

After quoting the price we have to start from it to understand how this system can be cheap. Seneye Reef is sold to the public at 133 € (albeit in Italy). But now let’s start our complete review.


Our in-depth review of the fluidized bed reactor LGMAquari FB2

We had for testing the new fluidized bed reactor LGMAquari FB2 by the manufacturer since January. After about seven months of use in the aquarium we hare here to write our in depth review.


Skimmer Elos PS2000: our in-depth review

The PS2000 is the new Elos skimmer dedicated to oversized marine aquariums, over 500 liters or smaller, but filled with fish and SPS corals.

  After more than six months of extensive testing we are ready to tell you about it extensively.… More:

Teco E-Chill: our complete review

The Teco-Chill is a complete system to lower the temperature in aquarium, developed by italian company Teco, and on the market since last summer. We have had a world premiere, we made a video explaining the installation and use, and after a whole summer full of tests and trials we are here for a complete and in depth review.

The Teco gave me the version with 2 fans that think the more balanced and less invasive for an aquarium like mine measuring 130x60x50(h) cm.


Sunshine Systems Aqua UFO

 As promised in my article on Sunshine System’s new line, it’s time for some hands on testing with the AquaUFO. Before I get started, I must admit that these tests are not based on scientific readings, so please take them as purely comparative tests. I received my black linkable unit today, and was all too excited to get it out of the box and running. There’s still not much information on the web about these fixtures, so here’s the run down of what the box claims. 

Extremely energy efficient-Replaces up to 800w MH Aquarium lighting
2 watt LED’s provide the intensity and spectral output for VIGOROUS coral growth
Spectacular underwater “shimmer” effect mimics the sun
50,000 hour life cycle-No replacement bulbs needed
Features massive 6500k daylight white and 430-460 nm Lunar Blue 2w LEDs
Runs cool-Virtually no heat emitted-No additional chilling equipment needed.

  Sounds like a recipe for fun. The biggest thing that caught my eye was the spectrum of the diodes. To date I can’t recall seeing any LED units that were sporting 6500k daylights for the whites, and I’m expecting to see some major power output because of this.  On to the fun part! The UFO comes neatly packed in custom fit Styrofoam, so shipping damage should be of no concern. It connects easily with included cord, but does not come with a built in switch, so an external timer will be needed. In my excitement I fired the unit up and began holding it over any body of water I could find. The first victim was a four foot by three foot coral flat. The optics seem to spread the light pretty far, so only about three feet between the water and light were needed to illuminate the entire flat. This flat normally operates on: 2-250w halides, 4-four foot actinic T5’s, and two four foot Reefbrites, and I have to admit the AquaUFO was comparable! Next I wanted to see some penetration, so I held the UFO up over a 90 gallon bowfront. This tank is just about as deep as the common hobbyist’s tank gets, and still it appears as bright at the bottom as at the top. This was enough fun to curb my enthusiasm for a little bit, so I headed off for a display to test it on.  For my first test I naturally selected my home aquarium.… More: is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.