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Chiller Teco Tank TK 150: in depth review

2014 07 refrigeratore teco tank tk 150 by danireef 02 Last year at the Nuremberg Interzoo, Teco launched its new chiller, the Teco TK 150, part of its new Tank Chiller Line. Teco had already given us a preview during a visit to their office, where we had the chance to see it alongside the other chillers, one of which, the Teco TK 500, we reviewed a few months ago here.More:

Teco Tank TK 500: The King of Chillers

2014_05_teco_tank_tk_034 I tried and tested the new chiller from Teco‘s new Tank ChillerLine – the Teco TK 500 –  throughout last summer and winter, and I hereby proclaim it the king of chillers.Teco previewed its new line of refrigerators at its offices last year, and on that occasion we left with two very different chillers to try, the Teco TK 500, the subject of this review, and Teco TK 150 , the subject of a forthcoming review.… More:

Interzoo 2014: Teco booth with new Tank Chiller Line

The Teco booth was ready to show us all the brand new chillers in their Tank Chiller Line, that we had the pleasure to introduce some weeks ago. After so many years with all chillers using the same design, the new Tank Chiller Line is a great option for reef aquariums.… More:

Tank Chiller Line from Teco

2014_05_teco_tank_tk_034During Interzoo in Nuremberg, Tecohas unveiledthenew Tank Chiller Line, anew range of revolutionary chillers. Todaywe present to youthe video presentation.Yesterday theInterzooexhibition opened in Nurembergand, during this fair, Tecofinally revealsto the publicitsnew range ofchillers, the seriesTankChillerLine.More:

New Chiller line from Teco, the Teco Tank

Chiller Line Teco Tank Teco has just unveiled a new series of chillers; Teco Tank. The new chillers have been completely redesigned, have a highly improved efficiency compared to older models and contain many new interesting features. A few days ago we were guests at the new Teco factory, which is based in Ravenna, Italy, where the new chillers will been built.… More:

Andrea’s Negusanti Italian Marine Aquarium

Here we are to introduce and comment one of the most beautiful reef tanks I’ve ever seen. Most of all, we’d like to admire the skill of Andrea Negusanti, aka AndreaNegu, who was able to have as many as two of his tanks awarded as “tank of the month”. We’re also proud to have Andrea as the centerpiece of our italian-pizza-and-aquarium-lovers group “MagnaRomagna“.

Andrea’s tank was tailored in order to fit into his home environment and is based on a custom Elos tank (125x70x55) entirely made in extra clear glass 15 mm thick. The tank’s gross capacity is 480 liters, which is also the system’s overall capacity, also considering sump volumes.


Teco E-Chill: our complete review

The Teco-Chill is a complete system to lower the temperature in aquarium, developed by italian company Teco, and on the market since last summer. We have had a world premiere, we made a video explaining the installation and use, and after a whole summer full of tests and trials we are here for a complete and in depth review.

The Teco gave me the version with 2 fans that think the more balanced and less invasive for an aquarium like mine measuring 130x60x50(h) cm.


Interzoo 2012: The Teco booth

Continuing in Hall 4, we visited the Teco, an Italy company specializing in aquarium refrigeration. In truth, I really think is the only company specialized in this area, given that we have not seen any other.

We immediately started talking about Echill, presented two years ago and in the production and sale since last year, a product that we loved, that we had a preview on our website (World premiere: The Teco E-Chill is here. How setting in this incredible video by DaniReef) and we will release shortly a very complete review.


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