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Our in-depth review of the Seneye Reef System

The Seneye system is a new control system just introduced on the market that stands out for being extremely cheap. We just tried the Seneye Reef which will be discussed in this review.

After quoting the price we have to start from it to understand how this system can be cheap. Seneye Reef is sold to the public at 133 € (albeit in Italy). But now let’s start our complete review.


New Tunze electronic pump 1073.050 put to the test

After the test we did recently on Tunze pumps, we had commented about return pump electronic Tunze 1073.050, a pump with incredible skills, had not been impressed us with data we measured. After promptly contacted the company in conjunction with the publication of the article of the test, the same Tunze assured us that she would soon provide a new pump to redo all of our tests, since the values we measured were not consistent with their measurements, making us think of a pump obviously defective in our possession.

The new pump to be tested is finally here and soon we will recreate the conditions of the test to measure its performance.

If you want to read what we tested, like we had done and especially what we got, you can do so by reading the following article: Tunze Silence pumps 1073.020 – 1073.040 – 1073.050: The Total Comparative Test

   … More:

Our in-depth review of the fluidized bed reactor LGMAquari FB2

We had for testing the new fluidized bed reactor LGMAquari FB2 by the manufacturer since January. After about seven months of use in the aquarium we hare here to write our in depth review.


Teco E-Chill: our complete review

The Teco-Chill is a complete system to lower the temperature in aquarium, developed by italian company Teco, and on the market since last summer. We have had a world premiere, we made a video explaining the installation and use, and after a whole summer full of tests and trials we are here for a complete and in depth review.

The Teco gave me the version with 2 fans that think the more balanced and less invasive for an aquarium like mine measuring 130x60x50(h) cm.


Return Pumps: tests and real measurements compared

The project of the return pumps is now old and started with the previous article “return pumps: calculating the flow” that I invite you to read, and where I proposed an excel file, downloadable, editable with most of the pumps on the market, which were often recommended as return pumps in the forums and among hobbyists. The file made possible from the data of the pumps and the prevalence of each tank, get a pump flow rate calculated for each individual pump.

Although the file would be updated by anyone, I was always curious to know how pumps would behave in reality as well as declared by individual manufacturers.

During the Zoomark held in Bologna, Italy last year, we decided to contact some companies in the aquarium industry to do a comparative test of the pumps.

Some have enthusiastically joined, in true alphabetical order, Eheim, Tunzeand Sicce, and they have provided the pumps subject of our comprensive test.… More:

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