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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #105: I’m White, Sticky And I’ll Hold Your Stuff For You

Doing work on your saltwater tank is fun or extremely frustrating if you can’t find the tools you are looking for. To make tool organization really easy, here’s how to kill two birds with one stone. Tagged as: friday am quick tip , tool organization

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the AquaIlluminations Wireless Controller

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are and continue to be very popular with saltwater tank hobbyists. Between the power savings, range of available colors and seemingly infinite controllability, LEDs are here to stay. AquaIlluminations released their wireless controller in an effort to bridge the gap between hobbyist’s wishes for wireless LED control and what’s available on the market. During my review of the controller, I’ve found it to be wireless with a catch and a big footnote. Tagged as: aquailluminations , fail safe , sol , Sol Nano , Vega , wireless LED controller

From the Archive: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #28: Thinking of Switching?

Every single saltwater tank needs salt and if you are going to change the source of your salt, make sure you follow this tip. Tagged as: friday am quick tip , salt mix

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #99: Ask Before You Buy

If your new finned friend came from a hyposalinity environment, you need to raise the salinity slowly over the course of a week of more.

Get the Facts on Curing and Preventing Marine Fish Diseases

After my marine velvet outbreak where I lost 12 fish in 3 days, I set out to take the confusion out of treating and preventing fish diseases in saltwater tanks. I did it by reading the scientific papers to give you the straight (and easy to understand) facts and I partnered with a fish disease expert to bring you The No-Nonsense Guide to Marine Fish Disease, Treatment and Quarantine. Read more here Tagged as: fish disease , ich , marine velvet , quarantine fish , quarantine tank

Local Fish Stores vs. Local Reef Clubs: Is One Better Than Another?

In dealing with a dilemma, I had an interesting thought. Here’s the link to the video Tagged as: local fish club , local fish store

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #97: Check the Date and Prosper

Bananas, uncooked meat and whiny girlfriends…all items that expire after a certain amount of time.

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #95: Clip, Write, and Be in the Know

Navigating the maze (and tangles) of electrical cords around your saltwater tank is not fun.

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