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Fish of MACNA (and free reefs.com wallpaper!)

Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (or MACNA as we called) in Dallas welcomed some exciting new announcements from leading aquarium industry companies, but as you may suspect, MACNA is not only about new equipment. There were many beautiful tanks teeming with reef life on display and this two part photo article  aim to show you some of the most remarkable fish and invertebrates I managed to capture at the show. Plus, there’s a little freebie for reefs.com blog readers at the end of this article. Enjoy! … More:

Reefs.com Wallpapers Polyp Extension

There is an ongoing debate about SPS corals polyp extension and how to make your corals show their shear beauty during the photo period time. While in the wild corals usually extend their polyps at night, it’s not rare to see SPS kept in captivity extending their polyps to feed in artificial sunlight we provide them.  … More:

Aquascaping’s Golden Ratio

In his MACNA 2011 Reefer’s Corner presentation, Scott Fellman discusses how to use the Golden Ratio to create an appealing aquascape.—Gary www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU24udKWX6M

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