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Top 10 Zoanthids and Palythoas for Reef Tanks

My FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/coralfish12g http://reefertees.com/ In this CoralFish video I am going to be giving you my list of the top 10 Zoanthids and Palythoas for reef aquariums. I tried my best to base this list of popularity, price and input I researched online. If I used one of your pictures in the video let me know in the comments so I can thank you!

Why are Zoanthids So Expensive? The Zoanthid Debate

My FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/coralfish12g In this coralfish12g video I am going to be talking about the great Zoanthid debate. There are always fads in the hobby and right now one of the biggest is the selling, trading, buying, and collecting of rare Zoanthids. Some people are sick of other hobbyists creating rare sounding names to match barely different color variations. They don’t understand this craze for Zoas with special names. Others love that aspect of Zoanthids becoming collectors who can sell them to create additional revenue from their reef aquariums. So what do YOU think about this debate?

Picture of the Week, Gold Maul Palythoa

MORE: Picture of the Week, Gold Maul PalythoaMore:

The Polyp Craze, a Look at Why Zoanthids and Palythoas are So Popular Even After All These Years

Sunny delight Zoas, Photo Credit: ReefKoi Corals In this hobby we see coral and invert phases come and go. From clams to chalices and even maxi mini anemones, it seems like they all go through a lot of initial hype then slowly decline in popularity. One of the mainstays in the hobby have been zoanthids and palythoas, which have been the craze for quite a while now. They have been in demand for what seems like an eternity and they do not appear to be getting less popular. Instead, it seems like they’re constantly on the rise. Zoas and palys are highly favored in the hobby by both beginner and expert reefers alike. They don’t require much in terms of care like other specimens and they grow under many types of lighting from T5s to LEDs. Polyps grow at the bottom of the sand bed or on your highest rock. They don’t necessarily need to be target fed like other corals and they also do not require us to dose things like calcium.

Fauna Marin Zoanthid and Ricordea pellet food

Fauna Marin Zoanthid and Ricordea pellet food In this video we try some new Fauna Marin pellet food designed specifically for feeding Zoanthids and Ricordea. Zoanthids and Ricordea are generally consider... From: tidalgardens Views: 3046 67 ratings Time: 03:56 More in Pets & Animals

Crazy Zoanthids

These insane zoanthids just appeared at Detroit Coral Farms.  Name them in the comments section!… More:

Large Zoanthid Colonies Needed

In recent Reef Threads podcasts Christine and I have discussed the unique beauty of soft-coral aquariums and how they should be viewed with more enthusiasm by hobbyists. As part of our discussions we’ve talked about how uncommon it is to see decent-sized zoanthid colonies. Most zoanthid collectors tend to have a lot of small clusters on frag plugs rather than mature colonies that play a notable role in their overall coralscapes.… More:

Something is Missing and Something Took Its Place: An Update on Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235 Gallon Tank

The dog days of summer are over and after a summer of avoiding a chiller for my saltwater tank, it is time to bring you up to speed on my 235 gallon mixed reef tank. Grab some popcorn and see what’s gone on in terms of coral, fish, fish on the fringe and saltwater tank equipment. Tagged as: 235 gallon tank , hydor skimmer , My Reef Creations , sump , triggerfish

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