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Aquatronica Video Guides on Youtube

I reviewed Aquatronica’s Aquarium Controller when it first launched, and reported that it was a great product. It still is a very useful review (in Italian), and I recommend that you read it if you can. Today I am here to talk about Aquatronica, and to bring you some new news. Aquatronica’s brand is still going strong, and now the company has created and published a set of informational videos to show us how their new controller system works. For the past few years, the name Aquatronica has been associated with LED lighting, but I feel that its strength lies in their MORE

The Green Brittle Star: Little Fishy, Beware!

Green brittle star (Ophiarachna incrassata)“Voracious predator” is not a term one commonly associates with brittle stars—that is, of course, unless the brittle star in question happens to be Ophiarachna incrassata, or the green brittle star (aka “the green death”). This bold species has a well-earned reputation for not merely scavenging deceased small fish and motile invertebrates, as one might assume, but also for actively hunting and capturing these animals while they’re still alive and kicking. Physical appearanceO. incrassata, as its common name implies, is muted green overall with lighter colored dots forming a radial pattern on the central disc. Whitish to yellowish spines line either side of each arm. Specimens can reach a rather prodigious size of around 20 inches in diameter (arm tip to arm tip, that is). Feeding This brittle star is not a finicky eater. It will accept pretty much any foods offered to fish as well as consume detritus MORE

Unpleasant Ocean Encounter Saves Man’s Life

This is a story that you just don’t hear every day. And while really it has nothing to do with shark attacks, its a pleasant twist on an otherwise unlucky brush with fate. Eugene Finney, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts,  beautiful-ocean-wallpapers-freewas visiting his parents in Huntington Beach California this past July. He took the family for a day at the beach, and while swimming in the water, Finney was hit very hard on his back. “I was hit in the back hard. Really hard. I’ve never been hit that hard in my life,” Finney said. Luckily, he was able to swim to the shore, and obtain getting out of the water, was asked by his daughter why his back was bleeding. MORE

Fluval Sea Nano Halo LED Unboxing

Fluval Halo
Fluval, part of Rolf C. Hagen Group, is a well known Canadian company started by three German immigrants. They has been manufacturing products for the aquarium industry since 1959, and their recent brand redesign has resulted in a generation of products for individual aquarists’ specific needs. Fluval Sea is a branch of the company that makes items targeted for the saltwater side of the hobby, and includes products like salt mixes and additives, as well as electrical equipment such as protein skimmers, return pumps, powerheads, and light fixtures. The final category is making a comeback with a slew of second-generation LED lights, targeted for wide range of fish tank environments. MORE

Reef Threads Podcast #248

reefthreads It’s time for another podcast. This week we are excited to have Alex Rose join us, after a long absence, to talk about the Elysium Artists for the Arctic expedition. Don’t miss this one. It’s a tremendous story about the expedition itself but, more important, what global warming is doing to an extremely important ecosystem. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

Winners of the 2015 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

3049688756 The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) 2015 brought in over 2,545 entries from 69 counties around the world. This is one epic aquascaping competition! Aquascaping is an art form that takes talent, patience and creativity. In this year’s competition, Japan was number one, and China took second, third, and fifth place! Brazil came in fourth. And you can see the rest of the rankings on IAPLC’s website. Takayuki Fukada from Japan took first place with his aquarium titled ‘Longing’. MORE

CAD Lights Aquarium Disaster

reefs.comCADfailureEvery aquarists worst nightmare is having their tank fail. Unfortunately this reefer just experienced it first hand. While I don’t enjoy reporting such cases, it’s important that aquarium manufacturers take responsibility in such instances, and the public is made aware that not all aquariums are created equal. According to this hobbyist, CAD Lights Aquariums is not. CAD Lights is mostly known for small all-in-one aquariums, skimmers, and reactors. However they also offer custom aquariums in large sizes. MORE

The Harlequin Bass: An Exceptionally Hardy, Beginner-Friendly Marine Fish

Harlequin Bass (Serranus tigrinus)

 Prized for its striking patterning, modest adult size, exceptional hardiness, and overall adaptability, the harlequin bass (Serranus tigrinus), denizen of the tropical western Atlantic and Caribbean, makes an excellent choice for the novice marine aquarist and experienced hobbyist alike. (In fact, just try to stop Caribbean Chris from keeping one!) Physical traits:  This fascinating dwarf seabass is white to gray overall, with meandering black bands forming tiger stripes on its flanks and smaller black spots speckling the rest of its body, dorsal fin, and caudal fin. A yellowish tinge may also be evident on the ventral half of the body. The eyes are positioned high on the head, and the snout is long and tapers to form a point. Maximum size for this species is around 4 inches. Feeding: A carnivore that, in nature, feeds primarily on small crustaceans, S. tigrinus will accept a wide range of small, meaty foods in captivity, such as frozen mysids and plankton, finely chopped crustacean or mollusk meat, various frozen commercial formulations for small predators (e.g., Fish Frenzy®), and so forth. Most specimens take to feeding in captivity with little difficulty, and once- or twice-daily feedings are recommended MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.