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Aqamai – the new brand for lighting, pumps, and more

Aqamai-Teaser   Aqamai is a totally new brand that will be unveiled during Nuremberg’s Interzoo. The brand will be focused on the more advanced segments of the marine aquarium market. The word Aqamai comes from hawaiian word Ah-kah-mai that means smart, clever, advanced. Aqamai will be showing some new, advanced equipment at the show, with unique study, performance, and care features, and all the objects will be controlled through one common application.  MORE

Swimmers Warned To Watch Out For Lampreys In Britain’s Rivers And Lakes

Boca_de_lamprea.1_-_Aquarium_FinisterraeLampreys are eel-like, jaw-less fish that could easily star in the next horror film. These ‘vampire fish’ have a row of sharp teeth which they use to kill other fish and literally suck out their blood. There are three different species, brook, river and sea lampreys, with sea lampreys growing up to a terrifying three feet in length. Lampreys are currently at record high numbers in Britain, and swimmers are being warned to stay out of rivers and lakes. The numbers of lampreys were dwindling in recent years due to the use of man made barriers which prevented the lampreys from swimming to their breeding grounds. Recent conservation efforts created passes which allowed the lampreys to swim through the barriers and their numbers have dramatically increased. These prehistoric creatures date back to before the time of dinosaurs, and are said to be the oldest living vertebrates. MORE

A Field Guide To Scooter Dragonets (Synchiropus)

An undescribed Scooter Dragonet from Izu, Japan. Credit: Shinjiro Imazeki

An undescribed Scooter Dragonet from Izu, Japan. Credit: Shinjiro Imazeki

 Despite their considerable popularity amongst aquarists, the Scooter Dragonets remain some of the most frequently misidentified and misunderstood of marine fishes. Even the group’s common name in the aquarium trade—“Scooter Blennies”—is a misnomer, as these fishes are most assuredly not blennies (though, to be fair, it was only recently that the scientific community settled on precisely who these confounding creatures are actually related to—seahorses and pipefishes). The confusion even extends into how these fishes should be classified at the genus level, as two competing views on the matter have existed for the last thirty years. In total, this is a group in serious need of review…MORE

European rules have made UK waters safer, says Conservation Organisation

7363329272_f275be2f84_kHere in the UK (and I guess the rest of Europe), we are becoming more and more focused on the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum; on June 23, 2016, UK citizens will vote to decide whether they should remain a member of or leave the European Union. The proponents of leaving, or “brexit” (known as the Brexiteers) say the EU is holding the UK back with unnecessary legislation. Unsurprisingly, the ‘remain’ side sees it differently.

Featured Coral of the Week – GB Avatar Chalice

gb avatar chalice - reefsThis weeks featured coral comes to us from our sponsor, Joe Knows Reefs. The GB Avatar Chalice looks incredibly similar to a coral I once had that I picked up from Fishy Business in Columbia, SC called the FB Blue Ghost. The blue ghost chalice is a relatively easy chalice to care for and it prefers lower light and low to moderate indirect flow so I think it’s safe to assume Joey’s specimen would prefer the same conditions. At the time of this article writing, Joe Knows Reefs only has 1 of these WYSIWYG corals in stock and at $159.99 the price is right for this fast growing chalice. MORE

Scrawled Filefish

Good afternoon, I just got out of some really rough seas making the entry and exit a bit sketchy, I’m sure my mother would not approve! While searching the reef for the lionfish I came across these two beautiful Scrawled Filefish and what I believe is a male and a female.
Usually these fish quietly swim away if I get too close, but today they were either so into each other or so intent on something to eat that they paid very little attention to me and just did their thing. Not sure you can see the insane patterns these fish have because of the small photos but trust me it’s amazing! These fish have the ability to change colors in the blink of an eye and have a long spine on top of their heads that can be raised or lowered depending on how they are feeling. MORE

Hybrid Butterflyfishes From the Philippines

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 A couple interesting butterflyfish hybrids have turned up in the Philippines, giving us the opportunity to guess the parentage behind these strange genetic amalgamations. You might want to take a moment to come up with your own hypothesis before clicking to see what I’ve come up with for these peculiar piscines.MORE

Reefs In Decline

reefs-decline-kauai - reefs

Kauai, Hawaii coastline taken during a helicopter tour

I have been lucky in my life to have had the opportunity to dive in some of the prettiest and most diverse underwater habitats on earth. Without exception, the nicest dive sites are far from civilization, which stands to reason. But today I want to talk about the places that are in trouble, biologically speaking. Last year, I went to some of the outer Hawaiian Islands for a nice vacation and, of course, to dive. My wife and I went to Hawaii on our wedding anniversary 44 years ago, and I dove then too, so I had an opportunity to assess the place decades later. The diving then was good, plenty of varied life with a smattering of sharks. MORE is the world's leading destination for sustainable coral reef farming and the aquarium hobby. We offer a free open forum and reef related news and data to better educate aquarists and further our goals of sustainable reef management.