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Hi! I’m looking for a new house for them: 1 clownfish , 1 bangaii cardinalfish. Pick up only. I’m in Long Island city. Hunters point.


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72 gallons bow front reef tank $100 please text 6469962487


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So not fish stuff but my daughter has this kitchen set that she no longer uses. If you want it and willing to come pick it up then it's yours, if you happen to want to throw me a frag of zoa or something I wouldn't turn it down but not needed.


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Healthy Powder brown tang has to go. I had him for 4 months. It Eats everything from seaweed to clams. About 4”, It’s Real healthy, vibrant colors but it’s to aggressive and antagonistic for my tank.


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how old is the reef octopus return pump? Do you have any pictures and what part of staten island?
it is 2 years old. used for 6 months. i do have pictures, text me, 347 322 0275, West Brighton

Just got back into hobby. Nice to meet you. I was wondering if the 32 Biocube will be for sale? I'm really interested.

thank you
Welcome back, at this point I'm not sure. My brother may want it, if not then I'll probably sell it. I still have the stock hood that was used for maybe a month before I got my AI. If I do sell it would be some time in late May, not sure how that works with your timeline.

I'm New, well, sort of. Was a member back in 2006, maybe. Don't remember exact year. But had a blast going to shows and buiking tanks.

How or when can I start to post or do I need permission form and admin?

Best way to say hello to the members?

How are you?